Friday, February 12, 2010

body and blood

"Lovers' Embrace" by Gary Benfield

in the deepest hour of night
i float in that pleasure of
being aroused in the midst of sleep
and the sounds of silence
deliver themselves to me
as if to a secret lover
too much
never enough
and i deliver myself to you
i am a tuft of fire that burns steadily
and my skin is dark with wanting
and my lips are raw with impatience
this is my anticipation you hear
drumming a rhythm that is only for you
look into my eyes my body
my love
and you will feel my ache my need
calling out to yours
i want to graze the erotic fantasy
i want to enter the mystical kingdom
i want to drink and consume
the sacramental host
white bread purple wine
you are my dark sanctuary
you are my pornographic desire
you are my violent beast
and before you
i am naked wet defenseless
here are my lips
my love
for you to suck with mouth and tongue
and here are my eyelids
for you to dazzle with whispers of lust
and here are my breasts
for you to caress with lips and fingertips
and here is a live shred of the flesh of my heart
i beg you my love
untie me
free me from this silk and lace
undo me
loosen my hair that it may sweep across my face
knead me
shoulders and arms and fingers
and stomach and legs and toes
lay me
spread me upon the floor
and lose your hands inside my hair
and then my love
lift me to your mouth warm like sun in spring
that it may taste the wetness and sweetness
that flow for you
let there be no shyness or caution or shame
but only desire white-hot and strong
and then my love
lick me
eyes and lips and sex
lick me without touching me
if you can if you must
and then my love
taste me
tears and sweat and white musk
thrust your fingers inside me
and savor my love from your fingertips
thrust and then caress
that heat may burrow inside my belly
and then my love
ravish me with your audacious teeth
bite me eat me relish me
dark and lovely as the clouded moon
and then my love
after you have tasted my paradise
give me a taste of your hell
one demon and i am blessed forever
i dance in the tightness of myself
while you move in unimaginable ways
a contortionist my love
you are and you are
over me under me beside me
the waxen purity of your face
melting into an arabesque
and i am lips and hips apart
gather me my love
and stretch me out
into flambés of liquid fire
lift me
impale me
inject me with your love
possess me with your demon
slide in penetrate release
slide out regenerate start again
we drown in a swelter of flesh
moistness and swollen lips and tender flanks
not knowing where one of us ends
and the other begins
and i drink from you
and you drink from me
our kisses shrouded in clouds of steam
our words suspended in the soft night breeze
and you move me in a graceful dance
arms beckoning
waist swaying
breasts murmuring
stomach undulating
legs tingling
feet drumming
sex humming
right there
right there
passion unto nausea
and ecstasy
and our bodies jump
silvered by the glow of the moon
and our cries smite the obsidian air
and you say tell me you love me bruja
and i say i love you i love you i love you
and we rest in our oneness with one another
sated flesh soft and dewy
crimsoned by our exchanged caresses
ravished blood magnificent and triumphant
purpled by our voracious kisses
we have grazed the erotic fantasy
we have entered the mystical kingdom
we have drunk and consumed
the sacramental host
white bread purple wine

this is my body
this is my blood


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Everybody!!!


  2. OMG
    THAt is love, that is LUST
    That what I want, loads , for a lifetime...

    That is My Nevine at her best
    Who wouldn't love L.O.V.E after all this love...?

    Genuine poem
    Yours are always worth at least ten reads

    HAppy Valentines' to you too!


  3. oh my God .....
    i am dizzy here.....

    let me pretend i am normal and say :
    Happy Valentine's day for you too Nevine !!

    and as you said there on Mein Welt , let's sing and laugh together !!

  4. holyholyholyholy...

    Nevine, no one comes close to you at this. Truly. This is beyond erotic. You have dusted our bodies with your words, and let the wine tantalize our tongues. I don't know that I've ever read anything that lifts the curtain on that mystical kingdom like this gorgeous immersion of yours. You have outdone yourself!!

    It is a sacred kind of love that knows this desire.

    I'd say more, but I'm feeling the need for a cigarette...

  5. Oh, but I will say this: Happy Valentine's Day!! I hope you and your husband have a wonderful day. :)

  6. "after you have tasted my paradise
    give me a taste of your hell"

    Oui! C'est le paradis et l'enfer à la fois!
    C'est l'éruption d'un volcan dans une mer d'huile!
    Very inspiring, I'm going to bed right now;)
    You deserve the best Valentine's Day!

    Bisous et des étoiles de bonheur dans tes yeux*******

  7. white bread purple wineyou are my dark sanctuaryyou are my pornographic desireyou are my violent beast.............

    ONE word....WOW!

  8. Dear Nevine:

    All I want to say after reading this piece is: "I want every bit of it."
    "you are my pornographic desire" -- This line stirred me as my fantasies always have this line.

    A lovely Valentine's to you and your husband dear Nevine.

    Joy always,

  9. Nevine, This has to be one of your best!
    That is a very powerful poem!
    ...after you 've tasted my paradise give me a taste of your hell!!..WOW!!!
    I felt every single word as I read it;
    The culmination of love and lust!!!
    Betty Hugs! xx

  10. A powerful piece Nevine. The weight of desire, floating, raw-nerved, as light as life. Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. I want it to be like that for me again! I am making my boyfriend read this with me when he wakes up. It is a fantastic expression of desire, the best I've ever read.


  12. Nevine, I haven't had a chance to read this yet but I wanted to let you know that I awarded you with a Sugar Doll Award at my blog. You can collect your award here:

    Enjoy and Happy Valentines Day!


  13. Geez, how often does a couple of lines invoke a feeling of longings and touch? A downright higher class of poetry which tangled with every sense in my body and took me overboard. Lascivious and provocative. Totally adored.

  14. Dulce – Loads for a lifetime… Yum, huh? Thank you, Dulce. You write the best erotic poetry, and I always feel like I’m fumbling with this style more than with any other, so really, thank you. Hugs, my dear!

    Caio – The dizziness that comes from desire is the best kind. We just want to stay right inside it… forever and ever and ever!

    Sarah – I really have to thank you for that sweet comment. Whenever I reread an erotic piece I’ve written, it just feels flat to me. But I publish it anyway, because I’m trying to get over those inhibitions, right? ;-) So, when such a skilled writer as you tells me I’ve outdone myself, I just have to smile and think I’ve done something right. I hope you enjoyed your cigarette… he he he. And I do wish you and your husband a beautiful Valentine’s, as well!

    Crémilde – Tu l’as dit, exactement: le paradis et l’enfer à la fois. I hope you enjoyed your “sleep”! ;-) Et, comme tu sais, j’adore toujours les étoiles que tu me rends. Merci, mon amie. Je te souhaite la Valentine de tes rêves!

    Steven – Thank you! :-)

    Susan – I wish you every bit of it. And aren’t pornographic fantasies everybody’s fantasies? ;-)

    Gerry – Why, thank you!

    Betty – Your comment made my heart just sing. :-)

    Martin – I’m very pleased that you liked this piece. And Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

    Secretia – Yeah, make him read it! ;-) I know you know your “desire” stuff, Secretia, so thank you!

    Jai – Well, thank you for that award! You are so very kind. :-)

    Fareed – I’m smiling that this piece of writing had that effect for you. So happy you enjoyed it. And thank you.

  15. oh, dear nevine - we come to the mountain to worship today! divine! sublime!

    no need for mere words from me!

  16. I like the measure of your words and the momentum here. Very well written. I hope you don't mind me saying but I think you and I share a sensibility when it comes to the weight of the erotic in our writing.
    A Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.

  17. Jenean - Well, then, worship away. And I will worship with you. There is no better goddess to worship than Aphrodite, now, is there? ;-)

    Khulud - Thank you so very much. :-) I like to dabble in this style every now and then... you know, on special occasions.

    Simone - Why would I mind your saying such a thing? In fact, coming from the lady that writes such delicious and subtle erotica, I'm quite floored. And I hope you have a lovely Valentine's, too!

  18. Damn!
    yeah that was alot there Nevy. Maybe more than two people present in that poem?

  19. That was beautify steamy. I loved this piece.

  20. "we drown in a swelter of flesh" and at the same time, "we have drunk and consumed
    the sacramental host." Wow. What a juxtaposition. This poem is not only in keeping with Valentine's Day but is indicative always of your genuine gift that plumbs sensual emotional depths and brings them to the surface where your readers can delight in the images and sensations.

  21. I think we all need one of those moments in our lives. I shall await mine keenly :)

  22. Nevine, can you think of any reason why I am not allowed to comment on your post? The normal (Ha! normal???--grin!) way? If so, please let me know?

    Thank you. I've been trying at lease six times, for days now....

    Steve E

  23. HEY I AM SO HAPPY! GOT it to go I can mail my comment:

    Sadly for me, I have not been reading the blogs

    Gladly for me, a little bird strongly suggested to read Nevine tonight.

    Thank You, God! I can now die, for I have had a glimpse of heavene,
    and I L.O.V.E. it!

    And thank you Soooo much Nevine, for baring your...ahhhh...soul, and
    sharing with any who might visit, your Valentine thoughts. Certainly
    these are thoughts of any who love, but have not the communication
    skills necessary to write a "Masterpiece" as "BODY AND BLOOD". You
    win the prize!

    Love, and PEACE!
    Steve E

    Also by now it V. Day, so HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to YOU and YOURS!!!

  24. Deep, deep passion. Intriguing how it steals into the room in the quiet dark. Like a locked-away memory.

  25. communion. how wonderful for this day of love.

  26. Something so sexy about the photo, and even more with the words. I love it

  27. Dusty - Hey, if more than two people is what makes your imagination rock, then by all means go for it!

    Eva - Steam and love is definitely the name of the game for Valentine's. I'm happy you liked it!

    Judith - I have to tell you I feel relieved to read your comment because like I mentioned to some of my other readers, I always feel a bit out of sorts working with this form. I'm never sure about how the balance will work out in the end. So, thank you for the reassurance. You know how much I value your opinion.

    Mme. DeFarge - Sometimes the waiting and the anticipation are the most delicious part!

    Steve - I'm so sorry to hear you were having trouble writing a comment. I'm not sure what the problem was, but I'm thrilled that it worked itself out. Steveroni, you know how special you are, right? I've missed you since you left the blogging world, and your intermittent visits to me are treasured so greatly. That having been said, I'm also happy you liked this piece. Your comment made me smile and just bubble up inside. No pressure, Steve, but you can visit whenever you want. It makes me so happy to see your little violin on my comments page! :-)

    Jason - Passion does have a way of sometimes presenting itself, unannounced. I think that's when it registers best... like you mentioned like a locked-away memory... that hits us and falls on us like rain.

    Kim - Yes, Kim! You said the right word. In fact, I was going to call this piece "communion" but then I refrained because I wanted the reader to just try and figure that out. You've done it!

    MissNeira - Welcome, and thank you for the visit. Thank you also for the lovely, much appreciated, comment! I hope to see you again!

  28. First of all, happy Valentine's Day, belatedly.

    Secondly, there's so much passion running through this piece. It's exceptional, there's a lot of doing and undoing. Just what I like: chaos.

    Absolutely fantastic.

    Greetings from London.

  29. This is a fantastic poem, Nevine! The religion of bodily love... Brings to my mind the Song of Songs. Brilliant!

    I hope your Valentine's Day measured up to this... ;-)

  30. Cuban - Don't we all love chaos? We pretend we love order, but it's the excitement of chaos that we all seek... Thank you, Cuban!

    Vesper - "The religion of bodily love"... I love that! And thanks a million!!!

  31. ...and then she woke up. Just kidding.
    Shit, Dude. I'm all over this. mmm..the finger tasting. so much drinking.tuft of fire. The stretching and the moist is what stays with me. Wonderful, Nevine! ~rick

  32. Fabulously, fabulously well done, Nevine!

  33. Rick - Hey, leave it to you to try and spoil the fun! He he he... And if finger tasting isn't part of the deal then forget it! And I'm stopping right here before this sinks further into the gutter...

    Rick - Thank you. I'm flattered, mostly because I didn't think this genre would appeal to you much. But I suppose erotica would appeal to most... I guess. :-)

  34. the body & blood - lust & love - only really work if they one. fantastic.

    "let there be no shyness or caution or shame
    but only desire white-hot and strong" - you embodied that as a writer, and the result is - as you put it - "magnificent and triumphant". truly.

  35. Joaquin - I always say that I started this blog to try and break through my inhibitions as a writer... and I'm trying. I'm always a bit shy posting erotic pieces, but I'm learning... to let go. I'm thrilled you liked this, Joaquin. Completely thrilled! Thank you.

  36. Gorgeously sensual, Nevine. A circular poem
    of passion that dazzles. Reminds of the
    surrealist poet's love poetry.

  37. Cynthia, how I love surrealist poetry. It leaves my mind spinning in all directions. So, I am very touched and flattered by your very kind comment. I truly appreciate it!

  38. Oh STOP! How am I supposed to maintain my monastic existence with the likes of this kind of writing passing before my eyes. Oh heck now I'm going to have to go out into the world and find...this. Because this is exactly what I want. Every single divine word of it. :-) Oh your writing is...

  39. "in the deepest hour of night
    i float in that pleasure of
    being aroused in the midst of sleep
    and the sounds of silence
    deliver themselves to me
    as if to a secret lover
    too much
    never enough
    and i deliver myself to you
    i am a tuft of fire that burns steadily
    and my skin is dark with wanting..." I love this.

    This is too good even for Eros. A beautiful seduction of interwoven intimacy. A dance of nectar dripping from the fruits of passion.

    It's me, Sharla! I had to open a new profile to comment. But I will stop by from time-to-time when life allows.

    Hope all is well on your end Nevine. Never stop writing~

  40. Cat - Oh my God, you're so crazy. Monastic existence... my ass. Listen, go out and find it. I'm telling you. Hey, isn't this what we all want? Sure we do. Who the hell wouldn't? I swear, sometimes I can just hear your voice, Cat. I mean that!

    Sharla - What on earth games are you playing, woman? Where in this world did you go? Did you ask me before you just disappeared again? No, you didn't. But really, Sharla. I know the demands of school can be killer, and I so understand your disappearing... I really do. And you can't even begin to imagine how much I appreciate your dropping in to comment. But I just miss reading your beautiful poetry so much. Please say you'll be back full force when school is done... with your writing, I mean. And like I said before, please don't feel pressured to comment here. Really... only when you have the time. I hope you're doing well, and I wish you all the luck in the world. Take care, and warm hugs.

  41. LOL, no games here Nevine. I've retired from the blogging world permanently. I stop by because I like reading blogs and commenting occasionally. Posting and keeping up with my own blog is like having another child and I already have 4 :)

    Thank you for your wonderful compliment. Take care.

  42. I'm sorry to hear you won't be blogging anymore, Sharla. I truly am. At the same time, I do understand that it is a demanding process... sometimes I feel like quitting, myself. But, I don't have 4 children... so I have an excuse to keep going. At any rate, I do wish you all the best with everything, and I will miss you... so yes, please do stop in and say hello every once in a while, but only when you have the time. Deal? Deal!

  43. The dusk in your words brings the right tone. Yummy, Yummily...gosh how i love erotic poems especially when its wriiten by a woman, passionately written, without any hangups....delicious, succulent, pheromones playing and arrousing the ocean.....and here comes the torrential rain and storms!!!

    All my senses awaken ready for the deluge of feelings to carry me away in this fleet of phrases....Its beautiful Nevine!!!
    We need more poems like this to free ourselves....what a lovely path it is to the body, into the body, into worship.....
    thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

  44. COL - Wow! I'm so happy about your reaction to this piece. I'm always a bit hesitant when I'm posting erotic poetry, and really, I haven't written many, I think only 2 or 3. But it's always encouraging to get responses like yours. I forced myself to release my inhibitions with the writing of this piece, and I guess it worked. I know you are so in touch with your feelings, Joseph, so your comment is especially touching and meaningful. Thank YOU, and hugs, my very dear friend!


  45. How erotic was that!
    Just loved the way u wrote everything.
    Covers all the aspects of LOVE, Desire, sex, lust and emotions.
    Truly awesome!!



  46. Nipun - You are ever so sweet, to even go back and read my older stuff. I truly thank you for that. :-)


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