Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lady Grey with a Lemon Twist

Good vs. Evil by BlueBlack

Hello, my dear. Air kisses. Pregnant smiles. Please, come in. Make yourself comfortable. My house is open. My heart is open. My walls are down. Shall I take your mask? Come. Come to my kitchen table. It’s all set and ready for us. I’ve decorated it with flowers. Calla lilies. Your favorite. I bought them because I knew you were coming. Shall we sit on opposite ends so we can see each other better? Oh, the phone is ringing. Let me unplug it. There. Now we can chat in peace. And openly. We can brush all of the smoking embers inside our hearts away and watch the grey ash flutter through the air. Put your car keys on the table. Right here. Beside the vase with the lilies I bought because I knew you were coming. And let’s talk. Your life. My life. Outside these walls is the chaos of real life. But here, it’s just the two of us. We can smile. And pretend. Are you uncomfortable? Shall we leave our chairs and sit on the cushions I’ve thrown on the floor? It might make us more at ease in one another’s presence. There’s a shaft of sunlight streaming through the open blind. Let’s sit in its warmth and talk. You talk first. And I will listen. Tell me about his betrayals. Tell me everything. And let diamond after diamond drip from your eyes. I will listen carefully. I will watch the flicker of your lashes, the dance of your lips. Out of admiration, yes. But also for lies. I will listen to what you are not saying. Shall we drink coffee? I can read your fortune in your coffee grounds. Oh, please do let me play gypsy. Please do let me prophesy. You know I will say all the things you want to hear. There is a journey in your near future, I will say. And on this journey you will meet a man. A handsome man who will shower you with flowers and a ring. And you will begin to create fragments of this phantom lover in your imagination. You will do this though I will be saying other things that you should hear. I will be saying, Beware a woman with a painted face who will try to take him away from you. But you will have stopped listening. You will be dreaming of your phantom lover. In your waking dreams, you will be telling him, Eat my love. Drink my devotion. And he will be flicking his tongue over your face. So gently. So smoothly. And I will be saying, Beware the lash of his tongue. But you will not hear this. You will shut your eyes over the sublimeness of the imagined moment. And you will shut your ears to what I am saying. So you will not hear that the journey will be to a pit of fire. You will not hear that the flowers will be dead and the ring will have no diamond. You will not hear the part about the man’s tongue. And you will not hear the part about the other woman, either. We only hear from the gypsy what we want to hear, my dear. So you will sit there with an idiotic smile on your face. And I will smirk at you in my waking dreams. And I will smile as I deliver goodbye air kisses and shut my door upon your departure. And then I will laugh at you. I will go back to my kitchen table and clear it of vase and lilies and drained coffee cups. I will make myself a fresh pot of tea. I will drink the tea from my porcelain teacup – Lady Grey with a lemon twist. I will drink my teacup to the bottom. But all of this is in my waking dreams. In the here and now I say, Shall we drink coffee? And you say, I don’t want coffee; it makes me tremble. Can we have tea instead? And I say, Of course. How about Lady Grey with a lemon twist? I’ll make a fresh pot. We drink the tea – Lady Grey with a lemon twist – from our porcelain teacups. We drink our teacups to the bottom. I ask if you want more. But it seems my teapot was filled with a potion of silence. I reach for it – my porcelain teapot, handpainted with wild roses. A hairline fissure appears – a hairline fissure that cracks the pot from rim to base. And the pot splits open. And my hands burn red with steaming tea dribbling black over my startled fingers. You rise from your chair like a somnambulist. You rise, and the sun outside dives behind a cloud. I watch as you walk to the door. Silently. As if you don’t want to draw attention to yourself. As if I don’t already see you. The gypsy in me wants to tell you more. But you cover your ears. There is a fire in your face, and I want to tell you how lush you look in the colors of flame. I want to tell you I can almost smell the sulfur burning in your insides. I come closer. You strike blindly. The closer I come, the blinder you strike back. I see you know my glance knows. But you also know my glance is your salvation – if – it is colored with acceptance, painted with love. You need that assurance, don’t you? But you don’t tell me this. You don’t dare. You are afraid I will think less of you for being so needy. Oh, how elegantly we wear our façades, so nonchalant and sophisticated! But on the inside we are trembling children. Oh, this timeless charade! I dare you to remove your mask. I dare me to remove mine. I dare you to unveil your darkness. I dare me to unveil mine. I dare us to uncover ourselves. You. Me. Your life. My life. Air bullets. Loaded hearts.

This is what happens when two ladies meet for tea.


  1. This reminds me oh of so many situations: me her, she me, and viceverssa..... friends and witches... you see her present and her future but she will not accept that cruel reality,

    ... and viceversa.

    No matter how much good advice you give them, no one learns lessons from others' experiences...
    I guess this is what It is about... if it's not, never mind. It has given me food for thought> that way.

    you are great my dearest Queen

    Hugs all across the Ocean just to YOU

  2. Nevine, you have this ability to get to the heart of every matter, making it impossible for your readers not to be deeply affected by your work. This piece really disturbs me because I imagine that this is how many women really do view "friendship". But it is not how I am or have ever been. It plays to my fears, making me want to stay disconnected in an attempt to keep from betraying my vulnerabilities to those who are unworthy.

  3. Love, love this post, Nevine!
    What a delight to read!
    Brilliant and genius, full of images and refreshing!
    Absolutely a thought-provoking post! It goes to show the dark side of woman friendship/mentality.
    Love and Hugs!!
    B xx

    P.S. Missing you!

  4. I am a man. So from that perspective, here was what I shouted, just as I viewed the picture: "WATCH OUT FOR THE SCISSORS!"

    Next I enjoyed reading the Exposition, Development, and Reprise--and finding some of the simple mind-games we play...some by men as well.

    Then, I must tell you my ending thought was:

    Nevine, you are a master at what you do. I wonder at what else you might achieve, because people so gifted--as you are--ALWAYS have more than one special method of communicating with the Universe.


  5. this gives a entire new measning to ladys who didnt think it possible, but once again my friend you have taken me there, I felt like I was in the room, maybe on a sofa, pretending to sleep, listing...watching....

    perfectly done.

  6. ...but if we die without sharing ever our defects, our "warts", our shortcomings (the ones you don't know about) well, we have not yet LIVED the full life. Because we ARE all alike.

    Just felt like adding that....OK?

  7. You had me from "Hello,my dear" and never let me go until "Loaded hearts" ended the enchantment. You have such a gift for drawing one into a world, both palpable and elusive. Well done, Nevine.

  8. Nevine, Sweet Nevine,

    Betrayals has its bitterness....
    Oh yes, its better to drink tea, hoping its bitterness in will make us feel better.

    Mouth is a violent zone, thats where the teeth are, to gnaw and tear,it can tear down empires with a mere word, The mouth and the mind alone is enough to torture us and others.

    The vampires in our words can drainout both, anything living and inanimate.

    But if i ever sip a cup of tea with you, then it will be to look at the tempest in the oceans of your eyes,

    Ou, peut être regarder les scarabéés dans les sables brûlant.

    Quelques soit les choses....les choses sont parfait telle que ils sont, entre nous, notre monde.....on se contentra avec ce gôut divin de thé dans notre bouches.

  9. Wow. This was one of my favorite things you've ever written. It reminds me of meetings I used to have with a friend long ago, before she disappeared. Sorry I am out of intelligent things to say today. I just want you to know this was brilliant.

  10. Troubling... terribly troubling...

    But it is a pleasure to be troubled by you...

    An almost sinfully good pleasure...

    . .

  11. You're spot on with the duplicity of female friendships. I have a few, but rarely close. I find it easier to be friends with men as women rarely seem to have honest words to share.

  12. Sweet Nevine,

    So many emotions so many scenarios i don't know which to start with first. But lets start somewhere from a woman to woman, you're best friends and maybe lovers as well. You admire her she reminds you so much of yourself and you confide all in her. There's not much she doesn't know about you and you're so eager to keep her happy and content with you. Having some tea (Lady Gray with the lemon twist), this is just to make time pass faster. You want more so much more and you want her to take the lead. All she has to do is remove the mask she's wearing and you will both accomplish what you want of each other.

    The man's point of view, you love him will do absolutely anything for him. He makes you nervous and a little weak in the knees even in simple situations. Will he realize how much you need him?

    However am sticking with the woman part more of as it's also a reflection of yourself, thank you for this piece darling :)

  13. "You know I will say all the things you want to hear"

    Well dear Nevine! It rings a bell;o)

    Ton texte est superbement bien écrit, et comme Judith Mercado, dès que j'ai commencé à lire j'ai du aller jusqu'au bout, sans prendre le temps de respirer, presque! Waou!

    Gros bisous et une très belle semaine*******

  14. "how elegantly we wear our façades"

    The last line of the narrative which was the writer's note shook me and commented "I knew this all the while" as men cannot sit like this. What if they did sit and talk. It would be how Spain won the World Cup -- analysing why the goal came so very late. Women, blessed women, analyse as well -- the heart, the unseen, the unsaid, the ones to come, the ones that happened, tea, coffee, love, life, nails and what not. We cry! We sniffle! We move on! We dream.

    I see this as a tribute to the power that is contained in a 'woman-to-woman conversation.'

    And Nevine, who can say it better than you!

    Now I yearn for a nice conversation.

    Joy always,

  15. I am in awe! I don't even have the words for a comment! I would so, so love to have your talent!

  16. Dulce – I think we’re a complicated species. We don’t usually want to learn from others, and prefer to take our own experiences and learn from them, as painful as they might be. And what this is about is what it means for you, Dulce. Writing is a personal experience for me, and reading is an even more personal experience. I know that the writer writes something from his or her imagination, but what I the reader make of it is mine to keep… and nobody can mess with that. ;-)

    Felicitas – It really is a sad thing but there are so many so-called friendships that look just like this. Believe me, I have friendships that have lasted for years, and are as solid as granite mountains. I feel lucky to have these relationships and I hope they will last forever. But I have also learned to keep my enemies close… and my “friends” closer. I try to be as open as I can be, but some take that as a weakness, and take advantage. Maybe it’s not so necessary to remain disconnected, but to just be alert. But I’m sure you trust your instincts just as much as I trust mine. My instincts have never failed me…

  17. Betty – It’s too wonderful for words to see you here! I hope you’re enjoying every blissful moment of your break. And I’m very happy and feel extra special that you broke it for a few minutes to stop in for a visit and leave me your thoughts… and such nice words! Love and hugs back to you! And I hope you will be back soon… but don’t pressure yourself! ;-)

    Steveroni – “Watch out for the scissors!” I just love that! And those mind games… yes… that’s what I try to engage in when I write these pieces. I try to go inside the minds of imaginary people and wonder what they would think, and play mind games between them. And it’s only natural that you saw that ending coming. And you’ve filled my heart with warmth at your kind words, Steveroni… always so inspiring and wonderful. As for our dying without sharing our defects, that might me the most brutal death of all. There is liberation in humility.

    Steven – I think many men are often surprised at just how wiley and crafty women can be. I am a woman! I know!!! And it’s nice to know you felt a little bit like the voyeur, here… I bet you did enjoy that part!

  18. Judith – I just smile when I read comments like yours. What does a writer wish for more fervently than any other thing? To draw the reader into their world. Happy to have delivered!

    COL – You certainly have a way of breaking things down into their individual parts. Talk about analysis! And I agree with you about the mouth being a violent zone. With our mouths we can create, and we can destroy. And unfortunately for us, we don’t always realize that things are perfect as they are… so we try to make things better… sometimes with tragic results. Maybe I am just the fatalist, COL. I try so hard not to be… but sometimes when we fight things… they come back and haunt us. BTW, it’s so good to see you here.

  19. Eva – If my writing brought back real memories for you, then I have done something right… though it sounds like the memories were unpleasant. But, I daresay that even amongst friends, we have all at some point experienced such thoughts. So, just know that your memories are likely shared by many.

    Owen – “… sinfully good pleasure…” Well, if you like to be troubled so, then that is fine, Owen. Come back for more… ;-) But wait, I do have one question. What is this:

    . .



    I’m trying to take some guesses, but my mind is drawing a blank. I still haven’t quite stepped into the technology age with the emoticons and all that. I tend to keep myself to :-) and ;-) and such…

  20. Mme. DeFarge – “I find it easier to be friends with men…” I used to be the same way… until I discovered that men have their own brand of duplicity… which they reserve for one another. Not so innocent, those boys…

    Wild Rose – What an analysis! And wait… this is fiction. Before anything else… this is fiction. So, I have never actually experienced this exact scenario before… it is merely the working of my sick imagination. You are new around my site, Wild Rose, so I think you’re still unaware as to how dark my mind can get, sometimes. I just like to plunge inside the human mind and emotion pool, go to the very bottom, and disturb the mud that is resting there… ;-)

  21. Cremilde – Yes, I figured it would ring a bell for you. And it was so my hope that this narrative would grab readers and not let them go, so I am happy to know it had this effect on you as well. Une bonne semaine, mon amie! Bises!!!

    Susan – No, men don’t usually talk deeply like women do. We have a way of opening up ourselves to one another. And when we don’t, scenarios like this one tend to happen. Some women are resentful, I think, of the fact that other women are like clams… shut tight and very hard to open. I think, too, the trust factor is a major issue. How to know who you can trust? But I think our instincts guide us in that department. And I agree about the crying and sniffling… but do we really move on? I feel that, more often than not, we carry grudges… and they weigh us down and bring out the negative even more. Like you, I yearn for a nice and simple conversation over a warm and delicious cup of tea… with no ugly thoughts held in the back of the mind while we smile at one another and sip our Lady Grey and nibble at our crumpets. Susan, as always, you have opened up other dimensions for thought… and I always appreciate and value that!

  22. Pauline – I do so appreciate these kind words you have left here. They are beautiful. And I wish I had your talent with a camera…

    Lou – It’s such a pleasure to see you here. “Air kiss” back… a sincere one! ;-)

  23. Nevine you are just remarkable...

    you are a gemstone to me.....

  24. You have crafted a wonderfully visual piece, Nevine - I can see these "friends" dancing around each other in carefully orchestrated movements.

    Contrary to popular belief, however, I believe this also happens with men, only over beers, not tea, and after we get the latest sports highlights out of the way and get down to talking about business and family.

  25. A cup of tea and crumpets :) Any time, dear Nevine and with you for company I'm sure the mind will unfold and revel !!!!

    Joy and cheers to the wonderful mode of comments.

    Happiness and passion always,

  26. Nevine...Oh my!
    There are too many incredible lines to single out just a few. The "story" and subject matter are amazing. To me, however, your genius is the style and format you use when writing.

    When you write in this style, without breaks, I truly do have to concentrate on breathing.

    A breath or even a blink of the eyes, interupts the breakneck speed at which the story unfolds.

  27. It was supposed to be sort of a face, but the spaces went out of it, and skewed it to the left, I didn't recognize it either, so perhaps best to remain with...


    In response to your comment on Amande's photo, if you'd like I can send you a larger copy of it, the ones that get posted are minimum size for screen use, and her head shaking in a blur was cropped out of a larger image... if you drop me an email to owenmart333 at, I'll be happy to send you the original...

  28. Talk of betrayals and diamond tears. That is great stuff. :)

  29. Sir Thomas – Now that’s really sweet! :-)

    ConTemplate – I agree with you that this happens with men, though I don’t think the exchanges between men are as silent or as vicious. Yes, I know guys are not so innocent after all. ;-) Those beer sessions probably pack their fair share of drama… Sometimes I wish I was a fly on the wall.

    Susan – You have a way of just making me smile from ear to ear… so sweet!

  30. Pat – Thank you! That’s just the effect I hope to create with these block paragraph pieces… so glad to hear it works.

    Owen – Okay, I see. And yes, I will email you. I do have to tell you, though… I am allergic to cats… and dogs… and a host of other furry animals… though I’m not allergic to fur coats… ;-) But I do love cats and dogs both… just from far away. If I get too close it’s achoo and itch itch itch… for endless hours and days.

    Mark – Thank you a bunch!

  31. you are a very good writer,it is my first visit here,saw you at m,y friend's blog wild rose,and i don't think it will be the last,so love your style!
    cheers Nevine ..nice to read you and Enjoying it :)

  32. Amazing! I just read that you are a fan of Anais Nin's diaries. This makes sense to me as you both share a fluid, breathless style with a powerful understanding of behaviour and emotion. Full of observation and poetry.

    "But it seems my teapot was filled with a potion of silence." I adore this. Keeps hands and mind busy, creating the illusion (or hope) that it is tea that is preventing thought purges. Distraction is potion, but fear and anger are even more potent.

  33. Nevine you nailed it.

    This scene was so well captured and brought to my mind so many things, not just two women meeting for tea, but two strangers, two friends, two people who want to know each other but can't.

    It was so vivid to me. Thank you.


  34. Just when I think I've got you pinned down, that your style is such and such, you come up with... another masterpiece. By the way, I was joking before. There's no way anyone can pin you down. You're unique. That soliloquy works wonders as a play. Really, Nevine, if you have a friend who is a theatre director, I would strongly advise you to pass this tale on to him. With you behind the script and she or he leading the actress, this is a monologue I would pay to see. The tone is a mix of pity and sarcasm, with some condescension thrown in for good measure.

    Many thanks for such a beautifully crafted piece of art. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  35. "There is a fire in your face, and I want to tell you how lush you look in the colors of flame." Just one of many mesmerising lines.

  36. Desert Rose - Welcome, and thank you for the very sweet comment. Looking forward to your future visits...

    Ashley - I am a HUGE Anais Nin fan. That lady knew something not only about women, but about men... and people... and life. And fear and anger are huge distractions. I think they're just downright crippling, actually. We can choose to be angry and resentful and just negative in general, or we can lighten up and get on with life... I think I prefer the latter. ;-)

    Jai - Happy you enjoyed!

    Cuban - I actually wrote this piece while thinking "soliloquoy". The narrator doesn't really allow for much talking from the other, and whatever talking the other does is in her head and delivered from her own voice. It's so nice that you read it like that... yippee! And thanks for the extra pump of ego-boosting words. Always appreciated!

    Martin - Thank you for sharing one of the "mesmerising lines".

  37. Came by to wish you a fantastic weekend my beautiful sweet delight, was nice to see you as always ~:)

    Wild Rose~

  38. i will not attempt to say what has already been said in 100 different beautiful ways nevine - what i will say is this:

    would you care for a cup of tea? lady grey lemon twist? the pot's on at my campfire -
    the gypsy

  39. Wild Rose - Thank you so much! You are ever sweet and kind... Lovely weekend wishes to you!

    Jenean - I will be coming by for a cup of tea at your campfire. I haven't visited in a while. Yes, I will be there so we can drink and enjoy... Thank you for dropping in, Jenean.


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