Friday, July 29, 2011

Year Two

The time between Year One and Year Two seems to have passed so quickly. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been as present on Dreams, these past few months? For that matter, I really haven’t been present in Blogland, period. How life changes! And how our priorities change with it!

Since my Year One post, I’ve left teaching and gone back to finish the last leg of my journey with my own education. To say that graduate school is eating up my time is to be making an understatement. And to think that when I’m finished with my Ph.D. I’ll be finished with education forever is to be kidding myself. I’ve come to the realization (as if I never knew!) that the field I’ve chosen requires me to be the eternal student, even beyond the Ph.D. But I’m not complaining. Really, I’m not. I’m drowning in clinical mental health and I love every breathless, gasping moment!

Yet, in the process, my blogging time has been cut down to . . . what . . . ? maybe a third of what it used to be? In all honesty, though, I can’t blame this entirely on school. Real life is right here, after all, begging to be loved—and lived—in all of her glory, and with full engagement. And I can't deny her.

Dreams is a quieter space now than it has been in a while. Having tried both the clamor and the quiet, I have to say I like the quiet a lot better. It’s simpler, more honest, and more me. And though I have been a terribly sporadic blogging friend these past few months, some of you continue to swing by Dreams, ever so graciously. What can I say to your kind, dedicated, and much appreciated presence, except . . . Thank you!

Here’s to another year!

* * * NOTE: I’m off to my summer vacation in a couple of days. Woohoo!!! I’ll see you all when I return. Take care. :-)


  1. Ah, Nevine, I sometimes feel that having decided not to study for a PhD, my academic career is incomplete. I know it's never too late, but I have other commitments these days. Perhaps one day, in the future.

    Every good wish for success in your chosen field. Have a lovely holiday, too.

  2. Ypou are missed, but when youn do pop up you always bring sunshine :)

    hugs and enjoy your vaca my dear friend

  3. Like you I've been much quieter in my second year and it's been because of life and whatnot. But I'm glad that despite life, we've both stuck with it!

    Congrats on making it this far and best wishes for another year!


  4. Sometimes less is more Nevine. And here is hoping we are never finished with education. Very best wishes for the completion of your PhD.

  5. it's true, as you say, nevine, life is here - HERE - waiting to be lived and loved and lived and loved even more - and while blogland does have a life of its own, it is just that - its own - and as that, offers those things that are basic to it alone - and i have also begun to shorten my blogdays and bloghours with longer and more frequent trips out into the sunshine - or into the rain - with a child or one of their children - or a lover - or alone with me - so go out into your own life and live it and love it and know that your bloglife awaits you when you return - with much affection - jenean

  6. Dear Nevine,
    I am very happy for three facts: that you continue blogging, that you are pursuing your education and that you are going on vacation!
    I really benefit from your writing, many will benefit from your studies and you benefit from your vacation, so we all win! (and ain't I selfish!)

  7. "WooHoo!" In the long distant past--on the farm--was "YIPEEE!" --grin!

    I have a friend--church music director--with a voice to die for. She is scheduled to wear her Masters cap in October--major: "Clinical Mental Health"...we discuss it periodically. She is intrigued that (my) definition of the 'ism' in alcohol-ism is often insane behavior which is NEVER cured by simply putting the cork in the bottle. It takes a lifetime of following a way of life. NOTE: She plans--at age 50--to go for the PhD after brief holiday!

    Have a JOYFUL summer vacation, Nevine.
    Hugs. Blessings. PEACE!

  8. Nevine, live every breathless gasping moment to its fullest. We're happy to have you whenever you find a moment to dip your toes into the blogosphere again.

  9. Dear Nevine, real life is no match for anything else. I'm glad that you have your priorities set. PhD has its own demands and I'm glad that you are taking it in your sride.

    I wish you a lovely holiday. Holidays are wonderful to refill the zest and energy that was spent.

    Be well and happy.

    Shall be looking out for your posts, as always.

    Joy and life unlimited,

  10. Well you've blogged a heck of a lot more than me! LOL! But I've been coming back to it a bit 'with boundaries'. Blogging and online life in general can eat up your life, your mental health and your physical health too, and that's just wrong.

    I'm excited to learn that you're back in school! That's wonderful Nevine!

  11. After having sipped the nectar of Dreams & Deliriums, one can hardly go back to ordinary like un-touched, just as one cannot imagine not coming back here each time a new flower blooms to admire, to wallow in the wonders of language as spun by... you... and your muse...

    As much or as little as you can or care to give, will always be enough for this traveller...

  12. Have fun on your vacation! And good luck in your studies! I haven't been reading your blog that long but I have enjoyed my time here thus far! All the best :)

  13. Me too, i've taken up my studies,
    especially when you want to start something you had left behind at a certain time of your life now gives you joy doing it,
    One of the other reasons i blog less.
    i'm glad you're doing what you're doing, enjoying learning....
    it will be only one more marvellous thing for someone who is passionate in everything she does!
    Wonderful holidays to you....
    many,many hugs

  14. Ah heck, I just came back to see if you responded to my comment and see that my comment didn't make it in here! Anyway, I said then, and I'll say again, that you have blogged MUCH more than I over the last year, though I'm trying it again a bit as of late, but 'with boundaries' so as not to burn out. And I'll also say again that I'm so thrilled that you are going to school again! That is wonderful news! And I hope you can drop it all when you become a best selling author. ;-) Hugz 2 you.

  15. Longue vie à cet espace et à sa belle créatrice!
    Et merci pour toute la beauté que tu y répands!
    Et que ta vie soit toujours aussi remplie! Sans doute y puiseras-tu la matière nécessaire à tes belles créations;o)
    Je te souhaite de merveilleuses vacances bien ressourçantes, mon amie!
    ¤ Gros BIZZZOUZZZ et à bientôt ¤

  16. TO ALL - Thank you so much for stopping in and leaving your thoughts. I'm back (have been for a couple of days) and I'm just trying to get back into my proper gears before I hit the blogosphere again. I'll be swinging by... just as soon as I've got myself back on regular time. Thanks to all of you, again! Talk to you soon...

  17. Cheers - A belated congrats and a welcome back.

    Look forward to more of you soon!

  18. best wishes for another productive year in blogging and the real life as well! (as persuing your studies/education is really awesome!)
    hats off to you!

    ..and a heartfelt belated congrats on making it this far.

    wish you all the best,

    your friend~always,
    betty xx


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