Sunday, July 29, 2012

Year Three

Three years ago today, I launched Dreams, Deliriums, and Other Mind Talk. I created this blog because I love to write, and I wanted to share random pieces of my writing with the random visitor in a space made just for that. In the interim, I’ve had my ups and downs with the whole blogging experience. I’ve had moments where I felt mesmerized and enriched by it. And, I’ve had moments where I felt exhausted, bored, and distracted from my main purpose. To be honest, it’s the social networking bit that continues to challenge me. Social networking is just not my forte. If it were, I’d at least be on Facebook by now.

My friends are all, almost without exception, on Facebook. And whenever the topic comes up (often!), and I have to gently remind them of my ‘Not on Facebook’ status, they look at me as if to say, Really, Nevine? What rock are you hibernating under? And I never look back as if to say, Friending one another on Facebook doesn’t really make us friends. I just say it! And, let’s see… what else is out there? Oh yes… Twitter! To be quite honest, I’d rather amputate my right thumb than join Twitter. When I’m as famous as Kate Middleton, and I’m certain that everyone in creation is keen on being notified every time I brush my teeth, I’ll start a Twitter account.

That having been said, I must admit that, in the three years I’ve been blogging, I’ve met some pretty awesome people online, and I really mean that. There is no shortage whatsoever of creativity, kindness, uniqueness, giving, and sharing in Blogland. This is why I keep blogging; it really is the perfect social networking medium for social-networking-challenged me. On the other hand, I’m currently entangled in the womblike quicksand of a furiously demanding doctoral program. This means that while I do continue to maintain a blogging presence, it tends to be a rather sparse and ghostlike presence.

Nevertheless, I’m still here, and I’m not going to be leaving anytime soon! So I’ll continue to post… and visit… as time and the spirit allow. And to those of you who have been faithful readers of Dreams, and also to the occasional wanderer who pauses for a small respite, I offer my deepest gratitude. Thank you for your undying support… and here’s to another year!

* * * * * * * * *

NOTE: I’m going on my summer vacay in a few days. When I return, I’ll be relaxed, refreshed, bursting with Vitamin D… and anxious to hit that “Publish” button once again! My best… and coolest… summer wishes to all of you!!!


  1. Hi Nevine! Congratulations on three great years. It is a lot of work and it does take quite a bit of energy. I'm down to posting only once a week myself these days. I just wanted you to know that although I don't always comment, I'm still her and I'm still reading and loving your beautiful writing. Take care and enjoy your vacation...

    1. Hey, Pat! It's great to see you here. It seems like quite a few people have slowed down with blogging, these days. Thanks for swinging by!

  2. nevine ~ well, this is lovely. that first paragraph pulled me right in—so there is one other person out there in the world between the ages of 13 and 82 who is not on facebook. (oh, wait, i know one other person, so there are three of us...) I think we should start our own society. oh but i guess that's where blogging comes in.

    i love to write, too...if only i could dream and write all day...

    i've followed you—but i am a wretched commenter—and then forgot about you a little because you don't post a lot...hope to see you in my reader more often....maybe?

    1. Hello Mignon. I must admit I've become a bit of a poor commenter myself, lately. I also very much doubt you'll be seeing me in your reader more frequently. As it is, I'm really enjoying this slow pace. It gives me time to miss the whole blogging experience, and to appreciate it more fully when I come back to it. Thank you for stopping in and leaving your thoughts.

  3. I'll raise a shy hand: I am on Facebook and not finding it as gratifying as this blog. I find myself reflected in Nevine´s precise words, not so much in the clicks and shares that I often "contribute." But I found Nevine in one of those clicks. To one that is relationships-challenged, all these new venues are giving me options to connect.
    I can only imagine the load and complexity of Doctoral work. Fortunately it has an ending date and sooner than later you will have more time to pursue your other dreams.
    However little, your blogging is so rich. And quantity has never been a substitute for quality, but I am greedy.
    Your novels are just around the corner, gestating in the fertile womb of your mind, feelings, soul. Nurturing from all those experiences that you distill in your very unique chemistry.
    Three years are young for some wines. But these espirits are so crisp.
    Cheers to you!

    1. Why a shy hand, Adriana? We all have different preferences for communication, but we still all communicate, somehow. I just happen to prefer this medium, that's all. And thank you so very much for your sweet presence here. You have been a regular reader since the earlier days of this very humble writing space, and I have truly appreciated your thoughts and your interest in my writing. It has been a pleasure to share this journey with you, so far, and I look forward to more in the future. Thanks again, dear!

  4. Thank you for sharing your beautiful unique voice with us.

  5. Of course you're a Paolo Conte fan! :-) You had to be. Enjoy your summer break. You deserve it. Your blog's one of the reasons why I keep blogging. Because I get to meet writers like you and enjoy their talent. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  6. Oh, ma belle Nevine, longue vie à toi, mon amie, et longue vie à ton blog aussi!
    Désolée d'arriver en retard, (on est très occupés avec les travaux dans la cuisine!) mais c'est avec tout mon coeur que je te félicite et que je te remercie pour tous les merveilleux écrits que tu as partagé avec nous au cours de ces trois années... qui ont passé à la vitesse de la lumière!
    Merci pour le partage aussi des belles images et musiques dont tu agrémentes si joliment tes billets.
    Et Paolo Conté, j'adore! He he he! Ce morceau, "via con me", et "un gelato al limon" et "sotto le stelle del jazz" sont mes préférés. J'ai le disque à la maison et cela faisait un moment que je ne l'avais pas écouté. Alors merci tout plein mon amie de l'avoir ramené à ma mémoire. Je vais l'écouter demain matin en intégralité (ce soir il est un peu tard pour mettre de la musique à fond. Hi hi hi hi hi;o)
    En ce qui concerne "Facebook" et "Twitter", j'avoue que j'ai eu un compte sur "Facebook" pour faire comme les copines, et puis ça m'a énervé d'avoir tout le temps des demandes de la part de gens que je ne connaissais pas pour "faire ami", alors pfft, supprimé!
    Si ça sert juste à voir combien de gens font partie de ton cercle de soit disant "amis", et pour voir qui fréquente qui et qui fait quoi, cela ne m'intéresse pas!
    Voilà, je termine en te souhaitant de super vacances avec le plein de rires et de sourires. Des vacances pendant lesquelles tous tes sens seront à la fête, mon amie!
    Reviens-nous avec le plein d'énergie et d'inspiration. Tu me manques déjà!

    Gros bisous et à bientôt, Nevine *Et un grand bonjour à qui tu sais***

  7. ...ciao Nevine, finalmente da oggi posso avere un po' più di tempo per seguire il tuo meraviglioso blog. Sono in vacanza fino alla fine di Agosto. Il tuo modo di scrivere è divino. Riesco a comprenderti bene anche col traduttore. Anche i tuoi versi poetici riescono a penetrare dentro la mia anima...quando ti leggo percepisco in te una grande sensibilità accompagnata da una forte immaginazione, e questo fa del tuo pensiero, il facile percorso che
    conduce verso un buon intuito; e l’intelligenza del tuo cuore si avvale di tutto questo...spero tu possa avere una buona traduzione...ti auguro di conseguire tutti i tuoi progetti e sogni...ciao Sergio

  8. Je passe te souhaiter un très bon weekend!

    BISOUS, ma belle amie****

  9. Thank you all for your very kind comments. I really appreciate every word and thought. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful readers. Thank you! :-)

  10. Dearest Nevine:

    I must admit that I am also not quite online as I used to be, life always comes in the way and today when I came here after a long time, I am delighted to read the posts which I haven't read.

    Congrats on your 3 and I am happy that I was part of your journey in parts. Great to be around, dear Nevine.

    And I am equally happier to have stumbled across you in this Blogland. You are one in a million.

    Cheers to the future!

    Joy always,


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