Saturday, September 22, 2012


Unknown Artist

On the eve of autumn equinox,
Something in my core…

The dwindle of summer, woven
Into pigments of yellow,
Red, and gold.

The crisp nip of air, coiled
Between feeble blades of grass.

The hollow vault of nightfall.

(do you remember?)

I am depleted… and I rest,
Surrendering my body to a thin slumber
Inked with spectral dreams.

I awaken drenched, confused,
Seeking your eyes…
My lit candles in every darkness.

My tongue hunts the
Throbbing skeleton of dawn
Through a slit of curtain, and
Lingers on the windowsill,

Awaiting the rise of
Morning, craving the wild.

The world

My lips part.

(i do)

Fall spills
With shuddering decadence.

(thank you)

I did not find this sweet libation.
It found me.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Photo by Katie Barnes

I collect these treasures, one
by one, miniature breaths
culled from a vast ether:

The flaming sunset smeared on the sky
like so many dazzling watercolors,

The swelling intimation of clouds—
threatless but fearless,

The scarlet sway of the ocean,
The cursive tilt of your mouth,

The fiery urgency of your fingers
braided between my salt-crusted ribs.

My lungs are

Or is it the air that is too bright,
choking me with too much life?

Oh, angels of excess and overflow, hear
my prayers. Bless me with yet more
abundance and plenty.

Inside the cup of grace,
there is no space for emptiness.