Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Via Somniorum

Viaggio, Gianni de Conno

This, too, was a dream:

the eyeless grasp of limbs
to the beckoning window frame

the alchemy of finding and
grounding the unexplored

our bellies like fluttering moths
our palms drunken with vision

your breath all over my shoulders
my teeth all over your spine

the crossing of
squares of solitude

the dancing of
lanterns on water

the . . . oh, but
i no longer know what to say
without betraying myself

whose poetries are these that
hover above this canyon of light?

i’ll leave my sighs
at the doorstep, my love

i’ll fall in love with you
just one gasp more

i am filled with arrows

not suffering, my love
but refuge

not blood
nor wound
nor scar, my love
but delivery

not . . . must i say more?
whose poetries are these?

let my voice rest inside
the coils of this insolent silence

but know this . . .
i cannot turn away from you

so many anchors leap from your eyes
i seek you inside the as yet unwitnessed

the ink glistens at the tip of the pen
the dream swims at the lip of desire

whose poetries…?

my mouth will never desert this page