Saturday, March 14, 2015

Gravity and Grace

Art by Dan-Ah Kim

Oh, breathing body—
What stillness you reap!

Together, you and I…
Together, we creep deeper
into our unbroken communion.

I open...


.:: i am shadow ::.
.:: i am echo ::.


Moments of quietude.
Moments of clear space.
Moments of pure being.
Moments of transparency.

There is no content.
The chambers of the spirit are wide open.

Nothing stirs.
All is still.

I rest inside this place of no mind.
The ground beneath my feet is pearlescent.

Here, the hush of broken ice.
A diamond emerges from the rubble.

Nothing can eclipse this brightness!

.:: i am flame ::.
.:: i am wilderness ::.
.:: i am flight ::.

Oh, long-awaited response
to this body’s unanswered plea—
How you startle me into attendance!