Saturday, June 25, 2011


Detail from Docile Bodies by Patricia Arnillas

if… when you go
something remains of you
besides the glimmering absence
of your voice
carried like stardust
on the air
of a warm and calming
summer night

if… i mean to say
something remains of you
besides the skeletal shudder
of my half-opened windows
agitated like a ghost
in the gust
of a cold and biting
winter storm

if... something
and only if

i’ll know that
absent as you are
you are yet here


the clack of shoes
on the pavement
the glide of rain
on the ground
the caress of a lock’s tongue
to its housing


my breathless wait
for the flame of the candle
to spark
at the sound of your key
twisting inside the door


anticipation of your voice
to enter
to cast
its beloved shadow
in hushed whispers
upon the whitewashed walls
of my expectant heart

Friday, June 17, 2011

Back Story for "Strings"

Puppet Master by Chiara Fersini

Remember my short story, “Strings,” published in the Spring Edition of Rose and Thorn Journal? If you read the story and you’re interested in reading the back story for how “Strings” all came together, please visit Back Story: Strings by Nevine Sultan at the Roses and Thorns blog. “Back Story” is a weekly posting where the writers published in Rose and Thorn Journal describe… well… the back stories of their prose and poetry. Simple, yeah? ;-)

I hope you enjoy. :-)