Monday, July 8, 2013


Overflow, Andrew Wyeth

Hold tight to me now, for
You remain you, My Heart.

And I? I remain unchanged.

The arc of the flesh glows emerald.
The surging breath pumps amber.

For you, My Heart, I sing
A song entwined in healing.
But, then… what song isn’t
A search for a cure?

I grasp for images, dressing them
With my humid fingerprints.
I sweep my gaze across the bare window.
Where am I? What do I want?

This Here is mine.
I fill my mouth with the nurture of it.

In a distant Here,
A woman waits, watching the clock.
Which do you prefer? She says.
The past, or the future?

I want to ask,
Don’t I have another choice?

Ancient prayers still harbor powers.

Carry me across the river.

I open the doors to you,
My Temple.

I breathe my prayers for
Earth. Air. Sky.

Carry me…

What will I do once I've received?