Saturday, February 7, 2015

Between Breath and Body

Unknown Artist

Quiet, now.
This is our secret place.

I know where my home is.

Here, my formless shadow
stalks the periphery of the light.

And, the light…
Oh, how it strides
with arms arching 
upwards and beyond!

It recognizes itself 
amidst the grey embodiment 
of my confusion.

We are together
on this quiet new day
that shifts us into a sand dune
of inevitable eventualities.

Our forms cling 
to the shoulders of the sky,
aching of gravity.

I sing with open throat.

A pause rises between us, drawing
a scowl from your eyes,
a question from mine.

Your stark words blaze.

This is my secret place.
If you tread, tread gently, please.

I flatten myself against a ripple
of flesh and bone.

I cling, without sound.

The fire of captivity
soars through me.

I wait…
To be heard.
To be seen.
To be felt.
To be found.