Sunday, January 12, 2014

Myrrh and Metanoia

Dark Abstraction, Georgia O'Keeffe

I will hold this moment
as though it were a visitation
from angels fallen
out of the heavensfallen
into graceand crying
in noiseless symphony.

Here is my open body.
Here is my uncut hair.

Here is the drunken spiral
of metamorphosis.

Here is the ritual incense
of salvation.


do not weep

the crimson tulip.

And here…
the dried up wounds,
faceted with oxidation.

do not wax indignant

an ingress.

And here…
a perforation
in the perfection
of empty platitudes.


And here, too…
prayerseated in quietude
upon my ribswaiting for the
lamps of the sky to be illuminated.

Words in italics from Baruch Spinoza