Sunday, September 22, 2013

Where I've Been...

Unknown Artist

It’s the first day of fall. Yes, it really is! And though I’ve been back from my summer break for a while, now, I haven’t been back to my blogs. Truth be told, I was aching for an extended separation from technology. So, I took one. I’ve been doing the bare minimum, in that respect, i.e., sending and responding to important emails, taking care of educational and professional needs, and other such things.

On the personal end, I’ve just been so beautifully inside my world… so embedded in the realness of it. It’s almost as if I’ve been rediscovering the world I live inside… and the world that lives inside me. That’s not to suggest that these two worlds are separate from one another. They’re not. And so, I’ve been reconnecting with myself… and with my world. What a delicious dance it’s been!

How spiritually massaging it was to distance myself from my everyday existence, and take a break, for a while… only to return to that existence with freshly etched dreams and expectations. But, there’s just so much to do! So, while my break is truly over, I continue to inch my way back into all of the usual and habitual activities I like to engage. My coursework. My clients. My clinical papers. My students. And, a research study. But then, there’s room for pockets of free time, as well. There must be…

And so, on this first day of Fall, 2013:

I stop and watch the dust in the air swirl around… and settle.
I observe the leaves as they morph from green to gold.
I feel the cool nip of the morning air against my arms.
I smell fall... and winter in its trail.
I find pockets of empty space... and here I rest.
I allow the empty space to remain… empty.
I sit inside myself… and stay… for a spell.
I write… and write… and write some more.
I breathe… and breathe… and breathe some more.
I recline… inside the unknown.
I open myself up to the moment that is here… and now.
I lean into the enchantment this moment delivers… and it leans into me.
I am in this moment.
I... am... this moment.

As the ever inspiring and ever stirring poet, Mark Strand, once wrote:
Each moment is a place you’ve never been.

Now, that’s a truth!

Oh, and by the way… it’s lovely to be back!

Now, that’s another truth! :-)