Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bittersweetly . . .

I am beside myself with pride and joy as I announce a new publication. My short story, "Zar," has found itself a home in the Fall 2011 edition of Yellow Medicine Review: A Journal of Indigenous Literature, Art, and Thought. Set in Cairo, Egypt, "Zar" is a story of culture, ritual, superstition, and faith. It is a story of the persistence and resilience of the human psyche in its unwavering pursuit of Light and Truth.

I really wanted for "Zar" to be published in the proper niche, and after searching long and hard for an appropriate publication, I found YMR to be just the right journal. As luck would have it, the editors of YMR felt my story was right for them, too. How about that for happy endings!

The beautiful Fall 2011 paperback edition of Yellow Medicine Review is available for purchase from Amazon. I highly recommend it. This magnificent bouquet of ethnically flavored and skillfully written stories and poems from the four corners of the globe has something to satisfy every literary palate. Enjoy . . . 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Three for Self

Comets & Meteor Showers, Unknown Photographer

At dusk,
a prayer…

let me go on forever
like earth and sky,
a calm and endless breath
of dust and air.

let me glow
like an untouchable element,
brave, and strong,
and filled with force.

At night,
a vision…

in sleep, i turn,
and my eyes open
to find the stars awakened,
glowing, brilliant and silent,

stalking my eternity,
leaving me mottled
with silver pinpricks
where their tips met my flesh.

At dawn,
a spell…

in this hour,
in this sanctuary,
when the brightening air
is as silent as stars at midnight,

i am a tree,
i am a branch,
i am a hundred thousand
leaves of green and gold.