Sunday, November 13, 2011

Three for Self

Comets & Meteor Showers, Unknown Photographer

At dusk,
a prayer…

let me go on forever
like earth and sky,
a calm and endless breath
of dust and air.

let me glow
like an untouchable element,
brave, and strong,
and filled with force.

At night,
a vision…

in sleep, i turn,
and my eyes open
to find the stars awakened,
glowing, brilliant and silent,

stalking my eternity,
leaving me mottled
with silver pinpricks
where their tips met my flesh.

At dawn,
a spell…

in this hour,
in this sanctuary,
when the brightening air
is as silent as stars at midnight,

i am a tree,
i am a branch,
i am a hundred thousand
leaves of green and gold.


  1. such profound and beautiful poem, my dearest!
    great rhythm, too.

    i love it.
    your stunning poetry is a light in the sky the warmth of the sun i feel.

    another exceptional piece!

    big hugs my BBFF!
    (best blogging friend forever)

    p.s. always grateful for your wonderful comments on my blog. x

  2. Oh my dear Nevine, you have once again reached into the depths of life, individual and passionate life, and wrestled from it a gift for us. Thank you.

  3. Oh! Que dire! C'est si beau et ça coule comme une eau de source pure!
    Merci, ma belle amie, pour ce merveilleux poème que j'ai adoré;o)

    Big BIZZZOUZZZZ et belle soirée****

  4. There was a fragility about this that was beautiful... Take care of it, always :)

    Arnab Majumdar

  5. How do you do it? It's a rhetorical question. Don't tell me how you do it. Just keep doing it. And you know what? May I accept this beautiful, deeply lyrical poem as a birthday present in advance, please?

    Many thanks. By the way, re my guest list for my dream party? You and your husband would definitely be invited.

    Greetings from London.

  6. Your poems go shooting across the cyber space, like the comets here... drawing eyes to them in fascination from across the universe.

  7. wow.. this was spell binding. Loved it! :)

  8. Hi Nevine! I love this poem. The last stanza is especially amazing...

  9. Stalking my eternity....
    This poem is at once soothing and painful.
    I love it.
    Thank you.

  10. phrases of phases - beautifully poignant, nevine - and yes, we are, each of us, a hundred thousand leaves of green and gold - so wonderful to come by and find such treasures here - thank you, dear lady!

  11. Almost instinctively I said to myself: "Three Cheers." And the three cheers is for the wonderful verse by the queen of words! And, I also thought "Three for Joy," - the phrase we say when we see three full black crows (jungle crows).
    I wonder why you left the mid-day. Maybe not a lovely time for anything but a siesta.

    And being one, we are all and being all we are one.

    Joy always,

  12. Coucou Nevine;o)
    Je suis venue lire tes belles pensées dans TNL et te souhaiter une merveilleuse fin de semaine!
    J'ai beaucoup aimé celle du 14 nov. et ça m'a fait rêver:o)

    Big BISOUS, mon amie * et à tout bientôt****


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