Friday, June 17, 2011

Back Story for "Strings"

Puppet Master by Chiara Fersini

Remember my short story, “Strings,” published in the Spring Edition of Rose and Thorn Journal? If you read the story and you’re interested in reading the back story for how “Strings” all came together, please visit Back Story: Strings by Nevine Sultan at the Roses and Thorns blog. “Back Story” is a weekly posting where the writers published in Rose and Thorn Journal describe… well… the back stories of their prose and poetry. Simple, yeah? ;-)

I hope you enjoy. :-)


  1. Nevine, if I tell a lie a number of becomes ABSOLUTE TRUTH (for only me).

    And yes, I read "Strings" some weeks ago...loved it. So the writer, referred to as "she" (one time) IS Nevine, as we knew all along! But I 'pretended' certain scenarios during readings of "Strings" AND the "Back Story".

    So hot, my glasses became steamed--when I realized I was not wearing specs, just my true nearly-new (3 years ago) cataracted and lensed eyeballs.

    Art is no more a lie than the magician's hand-slighted craft--sometimes itself inpired creativity. (So I suppose it IS a lie--grin!)

    In any format I love art, especially though, in the original. Real air, mountains and sea--and everything which grows in/on each. And those dream-stories!

    Since I do not recall my comment (2 months ago?), I wish to say what my soul-heart is telling me. That this is an exquisitely well-constructed piece, originated out from a dream...

    Were not two Peeps awakened one time, and followed their dream-muse, fleeing into Egypt, lest soldiers from a guy named Herod kill their newborn? What vividness is born in the disturbed mind of slumber.

    Sorry, but again, my thoughts had to be poured out here tonight. Thank you, Nevine! You rule!

  2. Intersting my dear Nevine, how a writer can control and be controlled by her own thoughts. After all it is all one. It is all YOU and your precious mind.

    Loved to read it



  3. Hello dear:

    Read your Back Story.

    Perhaps you have it backwards. That we are given truths that we are dared to embrace and share with others.

    Stories are much easier to embrace. Our ego defences are not so threatened and in a way we are tricked and trick the readers toward the truth of our world and our humanities. Perhaps why science fiction and fantasy are such popular forms.

    I remember as a very small boy walking to school. I had Greek morality like tales ditated to me in my mind in perfect form with animals as protaganists and antagonists to teach me the need for honesty. Whether this fared me well or not, I cannot say. My play, this lifetime is not yet over.

    Later in life my own writings carry over with the same themes minus the animals.

    My own view is the Soul talks to us especially in sleep or dream time when we are most vunerable or open to reason and saniety and unfortunately in a world which advocates and rewards the opposite, most take the safe road of fiction.

    I think in reality we are given an energy to use, but some have a gift for the use of words or arrangement of words that can touch us at deeper levels and speak to our humanity and that part of us that is as a seed waiting upon it's flowering. You dear have that gift.

    Take care,

  4. great imagination, my dearest Nevine, and i loved that role playing thing in your write. Awesome!

    it's amazing how an authour can be a whole ONE with their imaginary and the reality at the same time. but it is all you!

    very, very, very interesting read!

    big hugs!
    betty xx

  5. Steve - I'm completely with you about the telling a lie business, of course. And I'm also with you about creating scenarios as we read. Every story written by someone else inevitably becomes our story, one way or the other. Or, it becomes the story of someone we know... or something like that. The truth is this story was not only about me, but also about a double of me inside my head... a double I wanted to give life to. She was trapped and wanting out! So, I let her go... and what fun I had doing it. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story, Steve. It's a bit of an odd read, I suppose. But I sure enjoyed crafting it! Thank you for the pleasure of your appreciation!

    Dulce - I'm happy you liked it, Dulce. My mind ran away with me this time.

  6. Mike - I agree entirely that fiction makes the truths of our lives so much easier to embrace. And yes, I also agree that this is what makes fantasy and fiction and such so popular amongst both readers and writers. Sometimes, we need other "truths" in order to be able to process the real truths of who and what and where we are, and what we're doing. We are such complex creatures, but it is my true pleasure to try and unravel just a bit of what makes us tick. And I hardly think it's a misfortune for our souls' truths to be played out in fiction. I think that any mediums that allow our souls their full expression are welcome. And fiction is such an artful medium, too. So happy to know you enjoyed the reading, Mike.

    Betty - Oh, the role playing... it helps me when I'm writing. Sometimes I talk the role plays out loud so I can listen to what's being exchanged as if it were in real life. It really helps me with dialogue and with character development, too. And I have to admit, I enjoy it when reality and fantasy share a place inside my mind... for the brief moments that they do. I'm happy you enjoyed the back story, my dearest. And big hugs back!

  7. Glad we could see those glimpses into the inner workings, the backstage discussion, a bit of a self-held light shining into a previously hidden part of your soul... One never comes away un-touched from a visit here, nor un-moved...

  8. Fastastic, I'll head right over, Nevine!


  9. neat, nevine!

    do you consult your characters for advice when you get stuck? i do...

  10. Dear Nevine,
    How come the image matches your (wonderful) story so perfectly? Did Chiara make it for your Strings?
    Still around,

  11. J'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à relire "Strings" et je t'ai laissé un commentaire pour le "Back Story of Strings"!
    Merci tout plein de nous faire partager ces moments magiques où ta belle imagination te fait voir des mondes que tu mets si merveilleusement en mots pour notre plus grand bonheur!


  12. Owen - And I always come away from reading your thoughts feeling moved as well. Thank you, Owen.

    Jai - Thanks, Jai!

    LW - I consult; we fight. It's never-ending. But you know the high speed thrill of it all, right?

  13. Adriana - My dear, I wish Chiara had made this piece especially for my "Strings," but I'm not so lucky. However, I was lucky enough to come across it, and what a perfect coincidence it was. And... I am glad you're still around. So few are, these days... as I've almost disappeared from blogland. You are always welcome here, Dearest Adriana. :-)

    Cremilde - Your praise is overwhelming... (ly) beautiful! :-) Thank you, ma belle. You are ever gracious, generous, and too sweet for words. It is my honor that you read my story once more, and thank you for visiting R & T's blog and leaving your thoughts. I feel spoiled... he he he!!! Gros bisous x 3!!!


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