Saturday, February 27, 2016


New Nature, Christian Schloe

I do not need to turn and look back.
i have been here before

Some things are
just as they have always been:

The sky is fixed
above the horizon like an
O’Keeffe landscape.

The sun quivers like smoke
inside my eyes.

The dry leaves lie
sporadic and listless
on the ground.

The path follows
a swift meandering line.

I walk. But, now…
i’m so tired of pretending
This is as far as my feet will bring me.

I stand at the water’s edge—a fishhook
smoldering in my hand.

I cast. I bait. I switch.
The fish scatter.

I free my hands from all burden.

My fingers filter the sunlight—hook its
flames in a dance of latitude.

I sketch upon myself a raindrop,
a blade of grass,
a swan.

Bliss weaves my body
with movement and light.

My chest rises like an unbottled cloud.
I am twirling,

Look at me.

I beseech you.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Year Six

Another year has come and gone in the life of Dreams, Deliriums, and Other Mind Talk. I have to admit that this year I have been so invested in everything that is going on in my life, I almost forgot about this special day. But… it would take draconian circumstances for me to actually neglect it. Oh, yes! Dreams has been a delightful experience for me since its inception, and we have traveled long and wide together, Dreams and I. Literally…

As I write this, I am sitting at the desk of my home office in Houston, Texas, where my husband and I recently moved. Late last March, on the day before I defended my dissertation, I accepted an offer for the position of Assistant Professor of Clinical Mental Health Counseling at a private university here. Since then, my husband and I have been busy preparing for and actualizing our relocation from San Antonio. It has been a busy and stressful time. But it has also been an exciting time for both of us.

But, I diverge. The point of this post is to celebrate six years in the life of Dreams. And so, with a joyful heart and a full smile, I bid Dreams a very Happy Birthday and wish it many more. As I settle into my new life, I will publish here with more regularity.

In the meantime, my heartfelt gratitude continues to pour out to all those who persistently stop in and visit my humble space. Thank you ever so much, fellow poets and co-travelers!

With esteem and appreciation,


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Double Solstice

Art by Claude Monet

And, now comes the river, rippling 
like cobalt snakes across a
fresco of glistening hills!

Its fragrance parts the crystal breeze.

We lean our heads into its brazen reflection.
We press our fingers against its radiant blur.

now i see you, now i don’t

The birds fall silent—
only for now.

Summer leaps in, dappling 
the air with chirp and blossom.

i close my eyes to see better

We walk to the edge of the water.

my senses grow sharper

We lay our bodies 
upon the grass and drink
deeply from the river’s collarbones.

A cacophony of joy smudges
the air, stirring our lips and eyes.

laughter… oh, laughter!

Behind the river, the sun glows
bone-white and desert-dry.

we move towards living things.