Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Art by Gianni de Conno

We walk the tightwire of decorum
with such determination!

who leads, and who follows?

A certain frailty shatters the air
between us. An organic whole
self-generates from the fragments.

rain falls from other skies

Uncertainty torments certainty.

is it your breath that’s crossing the
bridge of my cheekbones and the space 
between my eyes while i swallow the night?

In how many other ways 
have we known this moment?


In how many other continua
have we created and entered this
space—and its inverses—before?

your pulse quickens like a
hurricane beneath my tongue, on
my chin, my collarbones, my waist

Do pendulums pine in the dark?

bring me night blossoming jasmine
to drape over the yearning
around my neck

I am distant, far away…
the watcher on the hills.

bring me scalpel and spoon 
bring me sun, bring me moon

I attach myself to The Unspoken—
leaving all else behind.

when i own that i am lost
i find my way

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Gravity and Grace

Art by Dan-Ah Kim

Oh, breathing body—
What stillness you reap!

Together, you and I…
Together, we creep deeper
into our unbroken communion.

I open...


.:: i am shadow ::.
.:: i am echo ::.


Moments of quietude.
Moments of clear space.
Moments of pure being.
Moments of transparency.

There is no content.
The chambers of the spirit are wide open.

Nothing stirs.
All is still.

I rest inside this place of no mind.
The ground beneath my feet is pearlescent.

Here, the hush of broken ice.
A diamond emerges from the rubble.

Nothing can eclipse this brightness!

.:: i am flame ::.
.:: i am wilderness ::.
.:: i am flight ::.

Oh, long-awaited response
to this body’s unanswered plea—
How you startle me into attendance!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Between Breath and Body

Unknown Artist

Quiet, now.
This is our secret place.

I know where my home is.

Here, my formless shadow
stalks the periphery of the light.

And, the light…
Oh, how it strides
with arms arching 
upwards and beyond!

It recognizes itself 
amidst the grey embodiment 
of my confusion.

We are together
on this quiet new day
that shifts us into a sand dune
of inevitable eventualities.

Our forms cling 
to the shoulders of the sky,
aching of gravity.

I sing with open throat.

A pause rises between us, drawing
a scowl from your eyes,
a question from mine.

Your stark words blaze.

This is my secret place.
If you tread, tread gently, please.

I flatten myself against a ripple
of flesh and bone.

I cling, without sound.

The fire of captivity
soars through me.

I wait…
To be heard.
To be seen.
To be felt.
To be found.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello, 2015!

Unknown Artist

2014 is over. It truly is. 

This morning, I found myself thinking that, for all the years I’ve been blogging on Dreams, I posted about the new year before it actually arrived… sometime in the last week of December, usually. That’s not what happened with 2014. The second to last week of 2014 was a whirlwind of busy busy busy activity as I worked at closing things out to make way for the arrival of a new beginning. And then, last week, I decided to pull away from everything and just sit, in relative quietude, with the finiteness of the year.

2014 was a very eventful year for me. Interestingly, I knew, at the end of 2013, that 2014 was going to be not only eventful, but a great year… filled with glory! Last night, as I stood outside and stared up at the fireworks that lit the sky in bursts of gold and green and red, I felt the vibrant but serene splendor of the gift of life. And once again, I knew in every cell of my body that 2015 is going to be dynamic, and brimming with the confident movement and flow that both births and is birthed by change. 

May our 2015, yours and mine, throb with the vigorous heartbeat that life allows us to share with it! Happy New Year!!!