Monday, September 1, 2014


Unknown photographer

Remember when I asked you to keep vigil?

Oh, the promises you made!
And oh, how you slept!

And… Oh, how you brought me
offerings in your quest for redemption!

But I have limned myself with
the thinness of every moment—
this one, and the next.

And I have stolen away into a mythology
that only I can understand.

Thoughts. Legends. Fantasies.
They endure.
As do the sepulchers of the dead.

Late at night, stillness coils through
my flesh, rousing every angle
of my being into attention.

Words are no longer necessary.
My mouth is round with vision.

The strawberries ripen
in the stirring of the wind.

I walk slowly.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Year Five

Five years ago today, Dreams, Deliriums, and Other Mind Talk went live. How quickly time passes! Yes, it’s been five years, and it’s also been a whirlwind.

During my five years on Dreams, a lot of change and growth has happened for me. I’ve written poetry and short stories to share with those who like to visit and read. People from across the globe have read my work and shared some of their thoughts with me and with other readers. Some of my poetry and short fiction has been published in print and/or online journals. I started the naked light, a blog that features some of my more visceral writings. I left teaching and launched a new career as a counselor / psychotherapist. My first professional peer-reviewed journal article was published. I started doctoral studies to become a counselor educator (I’m now at dissertation!). My husband and I celebrated ten years of joyful marriage. My first chapbook, From Darkness, Beatitudes, was recently published. And, the bountiful list goes on…

One thing has not changed. I’m still blogging. I, the Queen of I don’t like social networking, am still blogging! While my output has been greatly reduced since the early days of Dreams, I still enjoy posting a poem or a reflection every few weeks, and stopping in and visiting with you when time allows.

My deepest gratitude to all of you who have been, and continue to be, co-travelers on my journey. Thank you ever so much for your celebration of my creative spirit. I appreciate you, truly! I also hope you will continue to stop in for a rest—and a read—in my quiet space, whenever you are moved to do so. Dreams, Deliriums, and Other Mind Talk is here to stay!

With love and gratitude,


** NOTE: It’s that time of year for pulling away from all of the usual and routine, and getting in touch with the open, the wild, and the bright. I’ll be back, kissed by the magnificent beauty of life. In the meantime… if you haven’t yet ordered your copy of From Darkness, Beatitudes, follow the link below to place your order from Finishing Line Press. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Density and Divinity

Pelvis, Georgia O'Keeffe

There must be words to describe
these fractures in the frame of perfection.

You say, Fractures are not often
viewed in a beautiful light.

I say, Yes, but sometimes they are
just what we need.

Thinking back, I could’ve said, Sometimes, they are
just what I need…

To recognize and acknowledge that
perfect isn’t always desirable.

But, I didn’t say that.
And, I don’t want that moment back.

I write.
The words curve
like the sensuous lines
of a body at ease. I see them
for what they are. Words.
Then. I see them
as a body at ease. Limbs flowing
like ripples of sand that harden
when the tide sinks. The insolent arches.
The mottled pits. A transfiguration.
Real, or imagined?

Futile, this question!

We see what we choose to see.

We sit together and shoot stones at the stars.
Things could be worse, I suppose—the stars
could be shooting stones at us.

The sea gathers itself like a smock of intricate pleats.
The light dissipates like a raging mirage.
We cannot change this.

We can.

We will not change this.

will not...

I will not change the flow of geography.
I will not break the order of the water.
I will not alter the falling shadows’ rest.
I will not stay the voice’s expression.

I lean into the collapsing day
and moan—my body embracing the dark.

I choose.

* * * * * * * * *

NOTE: My first poetry chapbook, From Darkness, Beatitudesis available from Finishing Line Press.