Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Year Six

Another year has come and gone in the life of Dreams, Deliriums, and Other Mind Talk. I have to admit that this year I have been so invested in everything that is going on in my life, I almost forgot about this special day. But… it would take draconian circumstances for me to actually neglect it. Oh, yes! Dreams has been a delightful experience for me since its inception, and we have traveled long and wide together, Dreams and I. Literally…

As I write this, I am sitting at the desk of my home office in Houston, Texas, where my husband and I recently moved. Late last March, on the day before I defended my dissertation, I accepted an offer for the position of Assistant Professor of Clinical Mental Health Counseling at a private university here. Since then, my husband and I have been busy preparing for and actualizing our relocation from San Antonio. It has been a busy and stressful time. But it has also been an exciting time for both of us.

Houston is amazing! I can’t say enough good things about it… But, I diverge. The point of this post is to celebrate six years in the life of Dreams. And so, with a joyful heart and a full smile, I bid Dreams a very Happy Birthday and wish it many more. As I settle into my new life, I will publish here with more regularity. Yes. I promise.

In the meantime, my heartfelt gratitude continues to pour out to all those who persistently stop in and visit my humble space. Thank you ever so much, fellow poets and co-travelers!

With esteem and appreciation,


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Double Solstice

Art by Claude Monet

And, now comes the river, rippling 
like cobalt snakes across a
fresco of glistening hills!

Its fragrance parts the crystal breeze.

We lean our heads into its brazen reflection.
We press our fingers against its radiant blur.

now i see you, now i don’t

The birds fall silent—
only for now.

Summer leaps in, dappling 
the air with chirp and blossom.

i close my eyes to see better

We walk to the edge of the water.

my senses grow sharper

We lay our bodies 
upon the grass and drink
deeply from the river’s collarbones.

A cacophony of joy smudges
the air, stirring our lips and eyes.

laughter… oh, laughter!

Behind the river, the sun glows
bone-white and desert-dry.

we move towards living things.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

A New Publication, my PhD, and Other Certainties

La fenêtre sur l île de bréhat, Marc Chagall

It is an honor and a pleasure to announce the publication of two of my poems—“Mutiny” and “Density and Divinity”—in the Summer Issue of Snapdragon: A Journal of Art & Healing.

Both of these poems first appeared right here on Dreams. It has been a while since I submitted any creative writing for review, mainly due to my focus on my dissertation work and clinical papers. My deepest gratitude goes to Kim Williams for the gentle nudge he delivered that sent me spiraling back into the creative writing publication realm. Kim, a tender poet and a warm friend, has a captivating poem published in the same issue. Be sure to head over to Snapdragon: A Journal of Art & Healing to order your copy of the Summer Issue today. You may also elect to order an annual subscription to this very unique journal.

And, since we’re in the celebratory spirit, why not celebrate another extraordinary occasion: I am now officially Dr. Nevine Sultan. :-) 

I defended my dissertation on March 26, 2015. My degree was conferred on May 9, 2015. Going through doctoral studies and writing my dissertation was one of the most profoundly spiritual and metamorphic experiences of my entire life. It was also deeply liberating. To be certain, it was not without its tears. And yet, as I journeyed through that process, I became fiercely intent on uncovering and finding those parts of Her that others had imposed on me, and that I had swallowed whole without a second thought. By the end of that numinous venture (particularly the dissertation phase), everything I envisioned and manifested for myself had unfolded… and, I had distilled what I like to refer to as Nevine Absolue. 

Other wonderful events emerged during the last part of my dissertation work, and continue to evolve! I will not share all of my good news in one swoop; I will write more about those gifts in a later post… soon. ;-) For now, I will just say that the Universe is truly remarkable and filled with effervescent surprises! I will also say that what has already happened is a certainty, while what is to come is almost entirely in the realm of the Unknown. Be that as it may, life never ceases to be colorful and abundant. And yet, healing and empty space are a necessity.

Since May 9, I have been in recovery mode. I have been sleeping, cooking, writing, reading, doing body movement, and practicing meditation on a regular basis. I feel like I am slowly regaining my energy—a new, revitalized form of it—and re-finding myself! I have also been spending some truly rich moments with my husband, who stood by my side unwaveringly throughout my doctoral studies. It has been a restorative time for me (and for us), and I am ever so glad I made the wise decision to slow my pace and take things easy for a while.

In the meantime, during these past few weeks (months, really), Dreams and the naked light have gone largely neglected. While I kept up with my creative writing and expression offline, I elected not to share much of it online due to 1) its exceedingly personal nature, and 2) the fact that I wished to keep myself hermetically sealed within my real-life experience. It is my fervent hope to reconnect with my online presence more unequivocally, in the near future.

And so, without further ado, I will be back soon… with a new poem, or a new short, or something else that is creative and exciting. In the meantime, don’t forget to order your copy of the Summer Issue of Snapdragon: A Journal of Art & Healing. There is so much ease, purity, and splendor of spirit within those pages, and you will not want to miss any of it. 

Slowly, slowly… life opens new windows… and creates space for the advent of new beauty. And what can we do but drink of life’s bounty?!?! Enjoy, and… until soon!


Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Art by Gianni de Conno

We walk the tightwire of decorum
with such determination!

who leads, and who follows?

A certain frailty shatters the air
between us. An organic whole
self-generates from the fragments.

rain falls from other skies

Uncertainty torments certainty.

is it your breath that’s crossing the
bridge of my cheekbones and the space 
between my eyes while i swallow the night?

In how many other ways 
have we known this moment?


In how many other continua
have we created and entered this
space—and its inverses—before?

your pulse quickens like a
hurricane beneath my tongue, on
my chin, my collarbones, my waist

Do pendulums pine in the dark?

bring me night blossoming jasmine
to drape over the yearning
around my neck

I am distant, far away…
the watcher on the hills.

bring me scalpel and spoon 
bring me sun, bring me moon

I attach myself to The Unspoken—
leaving all else behind.

When I own that I am lost,
I find my way.