Wednesday, November 18, 2009


you walked upon
a hanging bridge
not only in your eyes
but also in mine
a matter of perception
a trick of the mind
coming closer to the end
the end of what
you asked
i said be watchful
mind your balance
your footing will fail
given the
proper dimensions
you will float
both here and there
in a sky falling
you will float
outside the vapid mist
a speck of matter
in the cosmic vacuum
following the arrows
north south east west
and nowhere at all

you say they say
the earth is shrinking
i say they say
the time is coming
when we will
froth and foam
bubble and bust

but we will not perceive

we are hostages of
mutilation and desire
we slumber within our
lesions and dreams


  1. Opposites attract. Even when the opposites belong to the same sex. They still act as magnets. Loved the dichotomy of the poem. It's hard to believe that this is the kernel of our human existence, to run counter to an idea we have already formulated vehemently. Some people call it crazy, some others call it being a turncoat. I call it living.

    And by the way, the earth is shrinking.

    Many thanks.

    Greeitngs from London.

  2. That was a very good one. Everything you write is good like that.


  3. So much raw. Lovely. Baroque. All of your stuff... the light and dark. The beautiful and ugly. The ugly in the beautiful. I just scrolled down and realized how much I missed! So much here!

  4. i feel this as a contimuing of an organ ... a slice of soul being streched ....
    there is one characteristic on your works i noticed ... your style runs easy .it is a real pleasure to read you . i don't like to read . it consumes time . but with you there is no time .....just a slice of soul being streched .... as a pleasure .

  5. I adore the way you are able to write such contrast and make it sing......truly brilliant.......


  6. Cuban - Yes, the earth is shrinking physically. But figuratively, it's about to bust under pressure. Reality vs. perception. Dichotomies, but where does one start and the other begin? "Living," as you called it, keeps us real. You always make me think too much, Cuban. :-)

    Secretia - Thank you for that sweet comment.

    Suzy - I've infected you with my thinking in contradictions. :-) Your words of appreciation are always appreciated, and make me smile.

    Caio - Thank you and bless your heart for reading my work when you don't like to read. You can't imagine how much that means to me. "A slice of soul being stretched..." - that's what writing is all about. Thank you much! :-)

    Steven - I say brilliant minds think alike. You're awesome!

  7. isn't it our emotions that change the view we see outside on any given day... lovely writing once again nevine!

  8. Nevine

    You walk the fine line with an exquisite sense of balance.

  9. Very captivating,....." we are hostages of mutilation and desire...." like a hum from the Buddhist scriptures asking me to go more and more inwards!..." following the arrow..."

    Your poem has murmurs murmuring out of murmurs!

  10. Good morning gorgeous one :) Many, many thanks for stopping by and commenting! I truly appreciate it. Can I tell you I've read this a few times, ok, more than a few. There's a mystical rhythm here that resembles a metaphysical intonation. A meditative strum of soul. The artwork is so right for the voice of this piece. Beautiful.

  11. Once again, Nevine, you create a sensory layer like deep velvet that both cradles and ensnares the reader only to be stunned upright at the end by an essential truth. In this poem, the form and substance co-existed to enhance each other. Well done.

  12. Shadow - And our emotions tell us how we will interpret what we see. Thank you, Shadow.

    Martin - I try to maintain that balance, but I often lose it. And oh well, I get up and go at it again. "Exquisite" is a word I love. Many thanks, Martin.

    Craftsman - If we don't go inwards we will always be fooled by what we think we're seeing, no? I think we should always follow the arrow inwards. At least we know where it leads. "... murmurs murmuring out of murmurs..." Ça me fait trembler de peur… Echoes, murmurs... intriguing, frightening. Echoes... illusion. Murmurs... hushed reality... sometimes.

    Sharla - I like "mystical", "metaphysical", and "meditative". That's how it felt. I was somewhere else, in a different dimension entirely. The dimension of the soul - present but invisible. You hit this nail on the head, Sharla.

    Judith - Essential truths are so hard to face, and write. And our essential truths are as different as we are, but I think that there are some that we all share.

    Turquoise - And I thank you for yours.

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  14. (This time without typos.)

    To feel the precipice, but not even have the comfort of knowing what hard pavement will meet you when you fall....

    I can see holding onto the narrowing bridge when that is the alternative. Even as straining ankle muscles scream in pain.

  15. Nevine your words are like music. They sing their own tunes.

    Love Renee xoxo

  16. Splendid one. The conversation mode in poetry is lovely to imagine and savour.

    Joy always,

  17. Very beautiful Nevine... you are so unique in your writing! This is Dreamdancer, aka Roxy. I had to move my blog, please join me on my new blog:

  18. Jason - Ankle muscles... not the norm. But when we're falling over I suppose that would be our last point of exit, and should be our first point of hope. But so many of us try to reach out with our arms, already too far out of the fight.

    Stacey - Thank you.

    Renee - Now that was some poetry right there. :-)

    Susan - I try to experiment with as many styles as I can. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

    Roxy - Thanks a million, and especially for coming by and letting me know where you are. I hope everything goes well in your new spot. Take care. :-)

  19. This gives me the sensation of vertigo, just the opening lines make me feel slightly queasy, the sensation of walking along something very narrow and very high. It's odd to read something that induces a physical, not just mental, sensation.

  20. another beautifully done thought-provoking piece that i have sat and read and re-read - and re-thought! love your style, lady!!!

  21. "we are hostages of
    mutilation and desire
    and we slumber within our
    lesions and dreams"

    You have gone beyond lighting up whole cities with the power to be harnessed from your writing, we are on the plane of entire continents now. Nevine, this is beautiful, it speaks volumes to me. As I suspect it speaks whole libraries full of volumes to many who may read it, and that is the strength of excellent poetry, it speaks to the reader who can identify at some point with it... and oh how I can identify with that last verse....

    Wishing you a very fine weekend...

  22. Mme. DeFarge - I'm flattered by your comment, although I feel for your vertigo. And I do know that feeling of reacting physically to the written word; I experience it too. Thank you for your always intriguing comments.

    Gypsywoman - Thank you, Gypsywoman. You are, as always, very gracious.

    Owen - I'm always left smiling after reading your kind comments. You are a person who understands my mind; this I can see. To say that I appreciate your presence here is not quite enough. Knowing that somebody can identify with the weavings of my psyche is sublime. Thank you, Owen. You are a treasure.

  23. This is not my first read, this is my third ... it's an amazing journey to say the least. But the ending, like the rest of this is life in motions. Your poetry soothe the soul and speaks truth in such a wonderfully poetic way

    "we are hostages of
    mutilation and desire
    we slumber within our
    lesions and dreams"

    I would say more, but Owen took the words right out of my head, darn it! Next time I will comment sooner!

  24. Prashant - Thank you.

    Amias - "Your poetry soothes the soul..." And your comments soothe mine. You are very much appreciated, to say the very least. Thank you, Amias.

  25. but we will not perceive

    We are hostages, because the alternative is a vast and terrifying void. Let us slumber more.

    Nevine, this poem has bewitched me. I've read it many times, and haven't felt up to commenting. All I know is that your magnetic impulse for dualities and contradictions is one that propels me, too. To exist on the precipice between perception and reality is a shifting home we likely share.

    A great vortex of words and imagery, cut by the sharpest self- and universal awareness. In other words, just my thing. ;)

  26. Sarah - And while we slumber and dream, the world happens around us, and nothing happens... I'm happy you enjoyed this, Sarah. And universal awareness is definitely your thing - that I know.


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