Sunday, July 17, 2011

an angel returns

Veiled Glory by Dan Addington

This is a follow-up to my most recently posted prose poem, waiting for angels.

* * * * * * * * *

another night passes. another day breaks. seeking angels, we walk.

she walks with us. she has always been one of us. but she has always been a rebel.

at dusk, she leaves us, seeking her own angel. she walks alone. she rests beneath a tree.

she sees them as they circle the sky. they observe her from a distance with knowing eyes. they go.

but one returns in the secret folds of night.

to him, she says:

come now, beloved. we are alone. i am beautiful in my painted silk. i loosen the knot that hides me from you. i let down my lovely hair.

shed your wings. rest them beneath this tree. and show me your hidden arms. lie down, beloved. lie down, right here. your right leg raised at an angle. your head resting on your shoulder. your lips slightly parted. your fingers penetrating the earth.

do this for me, beloved: close your eyes and imagine a silver flurry of stardust falling from the heavens upon you, upon us.

i am your sky. i am your sea. i am what is reflected in the mirror of your eyes. i am the silhouette of trees against the blueness of this moon.

i let my hair
into your face.

i am the unfurling of heat in your flesh. i am the taste of apples in your mouth.

your eyes are as black as the sea at night. you want this to be quick. i won’t let you move.

i listen to the silent clamor of your nakedness. upon my lips your breath is mist. against my breasts your lips move, speaking in secret tongues.

do not be afraid. i know how fast your heart is beating. touch this body with your pulsing fingers and beg them to remember this moment, when you craved the warmth of human touch, and received your wish.

this body is your garden, beloved. fill it with your seed.

against my sex, your sex is another angel. a dark angel who bends down with black wings, digs beneath the earth’s surface, then flutters back up.

how you humble yourself before me with tender pleas and ardent worships! together, how we chant, how we sing, how we scream!

i am the taste of apples in your mouth. i am the vessel of your seed.

and i am lust. and i am dust.

and i am your confusion.

and i am your fall.


  1. those last few lines just scream out...always amazing my friend, this one is truly delight with words much like an artist with a brush...


  2. This one has captured my soul nevine..too beautifully portrayed..SUPERB writing..:)

  3. Wow, she's a dark one, and yet so much passion, who could resist? I had to come by and get a dose of Nevine, I've missed your words so, and you don't disappoint. Hello and hugs my friend. :-)

  4. This is a beautiful follow up to your recent piece. "I am the taste of apples in your mouth" I love this line.

  5. I love apples! The scent, taste, and that so good look of colorful roundness are only surpassed by the nectar which flows therefrom. ...and that cute little stem...OK, enough of that from me--I feel my own prose approaching!

    Nevine! Good writing, composing, painting only are created from thought. It can be experience or fanciful dream which propels one to awaken a part in/of us which is of the "Image and Likeness of God".

    Even though you 'work' these prose-poems to perfection, you DO have fun, satisfaction! Your whole BEING must beg of you to CREATE!

    And who exactly benefits? Why...ME! US! And the creator--you--who realized a job well done. FACT: You have lifted me and all who read onto a plane above where we existed before reading.

    Yesss...I "closed my eyes" even though I'm not "beloved". I'm glad we're not "having a coffee" as my thoughts would betray me through blushes of apple-redness!

    No more can I say to you, except SO WELL WRITTEN, N. Sultan! Thank you! Brava!

    Oh, one more thing--angels are forever, return again and again.

  6. Wonderful Nevine. I loved the way how the second person becomes the first and the narrative is merged or rather, fused. The piece rose to a cresendo and finally paused. The last part left me breatheless and in awe.

    Nevine, so glad to see this in quick succession.

    Joy always,

  7. "i am your sky. i am your sea. i am what is reflected in the mirror of your eyes. i am the silhouette of trees against the blueness of this moon."

    No matter how many times you approach a particular theme, there's always freshness in your words. Many thanks. This one was quite intense. I think I need to lie down for a bit. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  8. It is as if you inhabit a layer of consciousness and perception theoretically available to everyone but which only you seem particularly adept at tapping and bringing into expression. Truly remarkable.

  9. Tempting the angels... I suppose it's great play. This trick only can work on angels who have taken human form. For, then they must play by human rules...Nothing to do about's in the contract....but an angel in human form is even more fun being more huamn than even humans...they bring love to the game and that heigthens all the senses.

    Anyhow, lovely poem.

    Take care,

  10. Your imagery my sweetest delight always gives me the warmest shivers..this is powerful and a masterpiece Nevine. You never seize to amaze me with your perceptions. Apologies for missing in action on blogger as am still on the road and a bit preoccupied with family but know you never leave my mind. Incidentally i did write something small that you may like when you stop by :) xo

    Love always~
    Wild Rose

  11. And yet, she's the only one who makes him an angel, if she's not, he is not either.

    Beautiful imagery.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  12. Now how could I have glossed over that early clue? I admit I thought it was a throw-away line, a cliche, something trite. But by the end I could see that it was none of that. Clearly she always has been and always will be a rebel.

    Very well done, Nevine!

  13. i'll be back, my wonderful friend.
    just wanted to let you know that.

  14. Merveilleuse chute de l'ange!
    Qui ne voudrait pas être un ange et tomber d'amour dans les bras d'une rebelle captivante sous un tourbillon de poussière d'étoiles?
    Bravo, mon amie, pour cette suite si romantique et si agréable à lire. Encore un grand moment de plaisir que tu nous a offert. Bravo et merci!

    Big BIZZZOUZZZZ et belle semaine, Nevine****

  15. wonderful and passionate piece!
    I adore your words in every single poem you write and kindly offer us.
    it lightens my heart just reading it. :)
    "...and i am your fall"... so thought-provoking.
    poetry of great inspiration! divine, evoking writing style.
    You're the best, my sweet friend!

    big hugs to you!
    betty xx

  16. Your lines create worlds in which I can plunge and rise at once and I love that feeling of emptiness in my stomach and of losing my sense of direction!

  17. David – Oh, those last few lines! They were the most fun part of the whole piece, for me. That flagrant deviousness of hers! ;-)

    Pat – He he he… thanks, Pat! I haven’t written something steamy in a while, and I thought what better opportunity than to have an angel unwind.

    Desert Rose – It’s wonderful to see you here. And thank you. Something must have captured my soul, too, to make me write this, I suppose. :-)

  18. Cat – What a great surprise! I’m so glad you decided to stop in, Cat. And I’m really happy to know you liked the piece. I’m still trying to figure out how this whole thing came together… in some early morning daze… some weeks ago. And I scribbled down a little something and it turned into this. I’m glad I pursued it, seeing as you enjoyed it so much. :-) It’s always a pleasure to have you swing by, Cat. Thank you so much for taking the time, and hugs back!

    Eva – So glad you liked it. And thanks for sharing your line preference. I always appreciate that!

  19. Steve – Oh, I love apples too, Steve. Those perfectly beautiful orbs of lushness and satiation. And you can wax prose here whenever you want. Here is an open invitation to express your artistic creations as you please in this space. And yes, I do so have fun when I create these and other little bits of writing. Life would be so dull without these flights of imagination and expression. Oh, angels… they are forever. With this I most certainly agree. Thank you so much for your always heartening comments, Steve! :-)

    Martin – Thank you, Martin.

  20. Susan – I wrote these two pieces on two separate occasions, though the notes for both of them were sort of created on the same early morning. Maybe my head was in dual zones… I don’t know. But I’m happy to know you enjoyed this second round. It’s such a pleasure to know your thoughts, Susan.

    Cuban – Well, I do hope you’re fully recovered by now… he he he. Thank you for the very kind thoughts about the “freshness” of words. I’m not sure if you suffer from the same self-doubt, but I do often find myself wondering if I just always sound the same. It’s good to know you think not!

  21. Judy – I’m completely flattered and floored by your comment, Judy. You know I truly appreciate your writing talent, so I am feeling very special right now. :-)

    Mike – And he did take on human form, this angel, didn’t he? I mean, she talked him into shedding his wings and revealing his hidden arms. And what could he do but comply? He fell completely, but I just know he had the greatest fun doing it! Thank you for the always thought-provoking comments, Mike.

  22. Wild Rose – So happy to see you here! And I’m sorry you’ve been gone so long. I hope all works out with family and other matters. I’ll be sure to stop in, my dear. Take care of yourself, and love back.

    Blasphemous Aesthete – Neat thought about her making him an angel. And thank you for the kind words, too.

  23. ConTemplate – He he he… I can just picture you sitting there rolling your eyes (or doing something similar). I wasn’t satisfied with leaving things the way they were. I wanted to give that piece a darker turn, somewhere. Darker and more sensuous. Glad you enjoyed!

    Betty – Always happy to know how much you enjoy reading, Betty. You are ever the enthusiast! And you are such a dear friend, too. It is my pleasure to have you here, and thank you so much! Big hugs back to you!

  24. Cremilde – Hello, ma belle! Je suis ravie de savoir tes pensées! Ça fait longtemps que je n’ai pas écrit un poème avec un peu de sensualité. Donc, voilà! J’ai pensé que peut être, l’ange peut devenir une victime. Mais, pas de victime, lui! Il est ravi, aussi, non? He he he… Merci, ma belle et gros bisous!!!

    Adriana – I wish I felt as comfortable with losing my direction as you feel with losing yours. I try to keep my sense of loss in check… by writing. I’m thrilled to know you rode the wave of this piece and let it take you to wonderful places. Thank you so much for your very dear thoughts, Adriana.

  25. That last line cut me up! But you so beguiled me all the way up to it that I forgive you.


  26. Hello Nevine!
    Je suis venue te faire un petit coucou et lire TNL! Je pars pour le Cantal tout à l'heure à 10h30 du matin(le couple d'amis qui vient avec nous allait à un mariage ce soir) et je n'ai même pas encore préparé ma valise! J'ai eu plein de choses à faire dans le jardin et la maison!
    J'ai beaucoup aimé lire tes souvenirs de Bruxelles et j'aimerais goûter ces bonbons "chocolate violets". Je n'ai pas pris le temps d'écouter la musique parce qu'il est très tard, ou très tôt, ça dépend comment on voit les choses! Je viendrai écouter ta belle musique quand je reviendrai de vacances;o)
    Là je vais au dodo! Il me reste 5 heures pour dormir. He he he;o)

    ¤ Gros BIZZZOUZZZZ, mon amie ¤ et donne un grand BONJOUR à qui tu sais:o) ¤

  27. Awesome Nevine, simply awesome, I cannot say more, my fingers, my heart are still trembling too violently to type...

  28. how absolutely captivating, nevine! totally captivating - mind and heart! but then, your words always carry such beautiful power, transporting us all to that other place - magnificent!

    oh, and just a little aside - initially, i read the line "i am your confusion" as "i am your confession" - an obvious sign of how i related to your piece in my own life - again, beautifully done -

  29. So creative! I can picture everything you write about. I'm very bad at writing so I really admire you. Brava! I found you at my friend gypsywoman. I'm following you from Rome, Italy!

  30. I am absolutely fascinated. Stunning

  31. Carried away...carried away towards an ocean of sensuality, yet much more....much more....much more!!!


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