Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Blind Curtain, Unknown Artist

I remember when she was beyond alive.
Her footfalls made her old house shudder.
Her white hair made the full moon shy.

There was something magnetic
about her eyes, transparent,
and riddled as they were with cataracts.

How they darted in the dark
like tumbling diamonds in the raw.
How they knew what I wanted to say
before I even thought it.

How she
and I . . .
and we . . .

How we talked
without speaking.

And how she went away
one day . . . just like that.

I call her into my dreams,
maybe to try and remember her better.

a wind rushes by, so very close,
and we sit together, the wind and I.

I close my eyes.
I hear a heartbeat.
This is my heart, I tell myself.

The rain glides over my slanted rooftop
and falls in rippling platinum sheets.
My shoulders ache for
the breath of her eyes . . . transparent . . . transparent.

I do not weep.
I do not flee.

I sit.
I trust.

In a few hours,
the rain will stop.

This night will end.

Morning will come.
A bird will sing.

The sun will fall in angles
through the half-open shutters.

Light will reign.


  1. This so touched my heart, Nevine. The stories you weave with your words. incredible! xo

    1. Thank you, Glynis. It warms me to know you were so touched by this. I'm smiling... :-)

  2. Sometimes
    I call her into my dream
    maybe to try and remember her bette.

    Wonderful !


    1. I always love it when readers share their favorite lines. Thank you so much, Roger. And thank you for swinging by!

  3. inspiring, hopeful, moving, optimistic!

    you've got me with this one, my dearest!
    i'm not surprised though!

    your poetry is really divine!
    that's why.

    thanks for the inspiration!!

    hope you have a great day!

    missed you. it's been a while.

    big hugs!

    1. My dearest Betty, how wonderful it is to see you! I'm so terribly sorry... I've been so absent. I fear I'm being smothered with too much school... but I can't say I'm complaining. ;-) Thank you so much for your very lovely words. I swung by your place and saw that you were on somewhat of a break. I'll be by to visit just as soon as you're back. I've been such a bad blogger buddy! Thanks again, my sweet friend! Big hugs back!

  4. Ah, yes - this brought a smile to my face just a few lines in when I recognized that you had caught me already, Nevine. You do not disappoint.

    1. And your comments do not disappoint, either. :-) Thank you for your gracious words.

  5. My Granny's name was Angeles, yes-
    And Mom....
    We sit and we feel the wind - it is the air moved by their protecting wings.

    1. Oh, Adriana... that is so very beautiful. This is a thought that will sit with me...

  6. "...a wind rushes by, so very close, and we sit together, the wind and I.

    NEVEEEEN! Why do you frequently tell me what I did today? (Maybe it because we all are human, and 'do' and 'think' the very same stuff? However...YOUR creativity expresses so as to put me right there again and again. You bring me to feel so "with..."

    I'll read this once more before I go to bed...NOW!

    1. That "with" feeling you were talking about... I know it so well from other writers' words. Sometimes, I suppose, we do think in similar ways, but we use different modes to express. Or we use the same modes, but different avenues within those modes. I hope you had peaceful dreams after reading this right before going to bed. :-)

  7. Nevine, ton poème m'a rappelé ma grand-mère que j'aimais je pleure! J'ai l'impression que tu as écrit ce magnifique poème rien que pour nous! Merci, mon amie, même si je sais que ce n'est qu'une impression.

    Je t'embrasse très fort. Belle soirée****

    ps: donne mon bonjour à qui tu sais;o)

    1. C'est drôle, mais mon poème était sur ma grand-mère! mais ce n'est pas le point, du tout. Le point c'est que tu l'as senti, et je l'ai senti, aussi. Donc, il voulait dire quelque chose pour chacune de nous. J'espère que tes larmes ont disparu, ma belle amie!

      Merci, ma chère Mildred, et... je lui donnerai ton bonjour! :-)

      Gros bisous!

  8. So poignant.

    "The rain glides over my slanted rooftop
    and falls in rippling platinun sheets" - gorgeous!


    1. Thanks, Jai! I really appreciate you stopping by... and letting me know your favorite lines!

  9. Magic Nevine, pure magic...

    1. Thank you, Owen. The most sacred moments in life are also the most magical...

  10. Ce poème veut dire énormément pour moi. Et l'émotion est trop grande quand je le lis et le relis. Mais ça me fait du bien. Et j'aimerais être assez douée pour arriver à le traduire sans perdre une miette de son essence pour pouvoir le partager sur mon espace et montrer ton talent à tous ceux qui me visitent! Merci mon amie, d'exprimer de si belle façon de bien profonds sentiments, qui sont les qui sont les miens;o)

    GROS BISOUS et BELLE semaine****

  11. You had me with "her white hair made the full moon shy."

    1. Thank you, Judy. It was such a pleasure for me to write this poem. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

  12. Coucou Nevine!
    Je suis venue te lire dans TNL!
    J'ai adoré le dernier texte. Un condensé de poésie pure!
    Et tout en écrivant ce message, j'écoute la très belle musique de la vidéo qui accompagne l'avant dernier poème, et que j'ai beaucoup aimé aussi;o)

    Gros BISOUS et belle journée, ma belle amie****

    1. Merci, ma belle amie, pour tes visites sur mon espace TNL... et ici, aussi! ;-) He he he...

  13. The new "word verification" is a real pain in the...neck! Je dirais même c'est un tue commentaires!
    Deux mots avec les lettres qui se chevauchent ou/ et qui sont tellement floues qu'on s'y prend à plusieurs reprises pour pouvoir laisser un com!
    C'est pourquoi j'ai vite modifié les paramètres dans mes blogs pour enlever ce truc;o)

    Re-bizzzouzzzz, ma belle****

  14. Haunting eloquence - words which glide a hand through my chest to touch my heart.

    I truly believe those who have gone before, are not really gone as long as we nourish that part of our heart they reside in. (Hugs)Indigo

    1. Dear Indigo, welcome to my space. And thank you so very much for your truly touching words. I agree with you completely that those who have gone are not really gone... and that is a most comforting thought. Again, thank you for stopping in. I hope you will enjoy your visits here.

  15. -***---***

    1. Ouai... c'est un coeur. Et c'est sympa... comme toi, ma belle! ;-)


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