Sunday, September 28, 2014

In the Real Garden

Art by Christian Schloe

To the near-empty sound of the young morning,
Dyed only with the sensuous sway of
Two trees that dance together
Though separately,

Rinsing their leaves in
The blushing haze of the ever
Unfathomable new day’s emergence
From the embers of yesterday’s vastness,

To this,
To it,

To you,
Near-empty sound:

hold steady.
i feel you.

within your timid thrum i enter,
sensing everything.

and you.

and your growth as the dew dallies.

and me.

and my body laid down beside yours.

and us.

and the roaring din
of our sternums as we breathe.


  1. September has given way to October.
    Days turn into seasons, seasons turn into lives.
    May they be well-lived.

  2. For all, my dearest! A Happy October to you, Adriana. May its ambers and golds warm your spirits!


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