Sunday, June 21, 2015

Double Solstice

Art by Claude Monet

And, now comes the river, rippling 
like cobalt snakes across a
fresco of glistening hills!

Its fragrance parts the crystal breeze.

We lean our heads into its brazen reflection.
We press our fingers against its radiant blur.

now i see you, now i don’t

The birds fall silent—
only for now.

Summer leaps in, dappling 
the air with chirp and blossom.

i close my eyes to see better

We walk to the edge of the water.

my senses grow sharper

We lay our bodies 
upon the grass and drink
deeply from the river’s collarbones.

A cacophony of joy smudges
the air, stirring our lips and eyes.

laughter… oh, laughter!

Behind the river, the sun glows
bone-white and desert-dry.

we move towards living things.


  1. ...We lay our bodies upon the grass and drink deeply from the river's collarbones...

    Undone at that moment... thank you. The image, the music, the poem..

  2. Superbe, comme toujours!
    "Summer leaps in, dappling the air with chirp and blossom!" Très belle image pour le mois de juin!

    Gros bisous Nevine!

  3. Merci merci, ma belle! More importantly, it is such a pleasure for me that you stopped in despite your absence from your place. Muah! :-)


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