Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Anatomy of Wonder

Art by Christian Schloe

I have been down that path
twice before. It has 
no more gifts
to offer me.


I have gardens.
I have oceans.
I have skies.

I walk in dreams.

where not to go?

I string out infinitely.
Nothing will stay me.

I am imprinted upon
the skin of the ether.

can i protect myself
from this crude vulnerability?

Here comes a new gathering—a
portal, unraveling.

Oh, Self-Discovery!
I have body.
I have wings.

My spirit hums,
long-breathing and bold.

this moment 
contains every moment

I leap,
brazenly tracing
this new unknown
un-invisible, my being
painted with sensation.


  1. Superbe! J'ai adoré te lire, comme chaque fois!
    Gros bisous et bon weekend Nevine! <3 <3 <3

  2. Replies
    1. Coucou, Cremilde! So delighted to see you here! Thank you, ma belle amie, for the warm visit! Bisous!!! :-)

  3. Hello Nevine!
    Such beautiful writing.
    It has no more gifts to offer you, yet you leap again. Better to leap and fall again, than to have never leaped at all. If that makes any sense...

    1. Pat, it makes total sense! Yes, I would much rather leap and fall than tremble with fear and remain stuck. Such is the calling of wonder... So awesome to see you here, Pat.


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