Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rite of Spring

I will light the room with carmine candles
And I will sprinkle the floor with kali blossoms
And I will clothe myself in the coloring of love
And I will dip my fingers
         One by one
         In wildflower honey
And I will slip apart your lips
         With honeyed fingertips
And I will trace the shell curve of your ear
         With the canal curve of my tongue
And I will tread the tender path
Of your melting flesh
With my mouth
And I will play sweet music on your body and face
And I will brush and swish like breath on skin
And I will lick our sweat from the pool in your navel
And I will twine red roses into a garland
And I will wrap this around our precious embrace
And Cupid and Psyche will bless our sleep
And sadness will melt away like indigo in water
And tomorrow will glow cornflower like spring.


  1. Wow! Nevine, a change in tone, if I may say and that too in quick succession to the last one. I guess this was just waiting to be spilled for all of us!

    "And I will trace the shell curve of your ear" -- I always adore that part in the game of love (blush blush).

    I love the vibrant imagery. Are you experiencing a change in weather -- from snow to spring?

    Happy blossoms and sunshine to you dear Nevine :)

    Joy always,

  2. Oh Nevinne, what can I say other than I LOVE this...again such imagery.....beautiful, sensual and happy all in one...

  3. Nevine, I absolutely love this one!!
    A great poem, a flower of Spring, a flower of love!
    So mesmerizingly beautiful!
    I really loved .."I will play sweet music on your body.."
    Thank you!
    Betty xx

    P.S. In love I know how to enter the full moon,
    From everywhere.

  4. Nevine... *sighs* I want to be spring...

    oh do I want to be spring.......

  5. vibrantly beautifully alive and flowing love and life and all to come - exquisite, dear nevine! perfect words for the perfect image!

  6. You describe the budding, and the blooming of desire and good feeling. And you do it so nicely.


  7. This painted such a beautiful picture in my mind. The words you use have a way of not only speaking to me but making me feel it.

  8. Makes me think of how we would all want to spend our time with a loved one. But I have never found the inclusion of honey to be a good idea :)

  9. My dearest Queen Nevine...

    You know? every time I see at my sidebar you've posted something new... I almost jump up my chair, for a good read is guaranteed... And I am so right there... I mean here, my dear... you, you, you...only you know how to bring these smiles of pleasure-- and loving to be in love.
    Such subtlety only you've got.
    We should dedicate a day a week to these Eros +Psyche stuff.

    Lots of love sweeter!

    PS. By all this I also mean I LOVE this poem (LOL)

  10. This is so full of promise. A pledge to the days ahead. Commitment through the rebirth of love.

  11. Susan – Ah, yes! A change in tone. I woke up yesterday morning feeling the change inside me, and it has been clamoring to get out since then. We have had a bit of a change in weather, and with that comes a change in my entire being. Spring is my favorite season of the year. Winter has the power to plunge me into the darkness, and though I love all things dark, by the time spring comes around, I am definitely ready for some light and lightness. So, inevitably, this morning, this one was begging to be released. I’m so happy you enjoyed it, Susan. :-)

    Steven – Beautiful and sensual and happy make awesome bed partners. ;-)

    Betty – From everywhere, huh? Hmmm… That sounds like the kind of love that many would love to drown inside. ;-)

    Sir Thomas - :-)

    Jenean – Thank you so much for your very sweet words. I can see why you like this image… It’s so “Jenean”! :-)

    Secretia – Why, thank you, dear!

    Eva – I’m glad you could feel this. We all need something uplifting, every once in a while.

    Mme. De Farge – He he he… Honey makes for some fun and excitement… But, each to her own, I say.

    Dulce – You’re so sweet, and thank you. Okay, if I close my eyes, I can just see you jumping out of your chair. :-) Hmmm… I’ll try and see if I can pen something about love once a week. Maybe that will be a good challenge, especially during the spring. Lots of great inspiration…

    Martin – Yes, and that’s a bit what spring is all about, for me… It’s a rebirth… A new beginning. I am so looking forward to it!

  12. this is as beautiful, playful and inviting as any spring day! I love it.

  13. LOVE this, Nevine! Spring is us all, welcoming new birth of all things. Nature seems to be blessing its Creator. And with honey yet, the whole world is celebrating. Lick the salty perspiration! OMG!

    "And sorrow will melt away like ink in water".
    OK but possibly the water will forever be slightly hued--maybe in sweet memory?


  14. A beautiful piece... in tones of cornflower blue... and I just discovered that if you type "cornflower blue" into Google, and click "images", you get page after page after page of lovely blue objects of all descriptions... I've always loved the shades of cornflowers...

    Also, your words brought to mind immediately a piece of music which could go very nicely with this poem... a song called Popsicle Toes, by Michael Franks, on his lovely album The Art of Tea...


  15. yours is such a pleasant sounding poem that's blooming with an again and again *bing*!
    to it.

    Did you know that today is a pie recognition day? Seriously, what a way to bring this day to life!

    I can picture some Math buff women asking you if you can tell her the value of pie written out to the ((Oh!)) I don't know say umpteenth digit. Then you with a grin saying "I can sure show you!"

  16. Warm and beautiful... just the right touch to my refreshed spirit and hope in days ahead. I read this twice, slowly while soaking in the imagery of it all. Lovely Nevine!!! I have missed your writings, Hugs!

  17. 'And I will play sweet music on your body and face'

    Ahhh... spring's here. And a Scorpio is happy. More than happy, over the moon and howling. Autumn and spring. The bookends of death and revival. Your poem was... I know it's a cliche, but here it goes... your poem was sweet like honey.

    And Mme, yes, honey rules. The messier, the better. No wonder we worship Ochun in Cuba, the orisha who represents femininity and bathes herself in honey.

    Many, many thanks for such an inspiring poem.

    Greetings from London.

  18. Oh yes! You KNOW how much I love this. Today is the Ides of March and the new moon. Time to SLAY winter.

  19. totally sweet and sooooooooo sensual!

  20. This is splendorous writing, Nevine. I do believe that I was holding my breath whilst reading this stunning piece of work.

  21. Deb – Spring is my favorite season of the year, and I enjoy it so much. It just doesn’t seem to last as long as I would like. So glad you enjoyed this!

    Crémilde – Merci, ma chère. Comme toujours, tu es infiniment gentille. Huge bisous back to you!

    Steve – I was thinking that the sorrow is black like ink, and would dissipate in water. But yes, you’re right, the water would be hued. Oh, well. I guess we’re all sort of marred by our past sorrows and imperfections. Still, let the spring roll in!

    Owen – Isn’t that the most amazing color? And cornflowers are such beauties in and of themselves. And that song… I have to admit I’ve never heard the Michael Franks version (which is probably the original). I’ve only heard it performed by Diana Krall. But I have to say, it’s such a fitting song. I can just hear that playing in the playground. Thank you for sharing that link, Owen.

    Dusty – Welcome, and I’m so happy you enjoyed this piece, and that it inspired thoughts of Pi for you.

  22. Roxy – Woman, where have you been? You are very much missed, I can tell you that? I hope that this time you are here to stay, and thank you so much for you very sweet words.

    Cuban – I tell you, it has been a long time coming. Why is spring so reluctant to show its face this year? I’ve just about had it with the awful weather, so yours truly is also “over the moon and howling”. And honey, oh my, what in this world would we do without the many pleasures that accompany it, and that it brings with it?

    Cat – Slay that son of a bitch! I’m so done with all cold and dreariness. So totally done with it all, Cat.

    LW – Well, thank you. What a pleasure for me!

    Jessica – And I held my breath while reading your comment. You are a gem of a writer, so your comment is very much appreciated.

  23. Hi there, I saw your link on "cut and dry" and thought I'd take a chance... Wow! I love your poetry. It's beautiful! If you don't mind, I'm going to tag along.
    thanks for writing poems...

  24. Pat - Welcome! I'm so glad you took the chance. And thank you for the nice compliment. However, be warned! Some of my writing can be very dark. Still, every once in a while I shed the darkness and step into the light. :-) Glad you decided to tag along. I look forward to your visits.

  25. now that is a poem for spring! fearless and flawless - like a dance on the edge of delirium. your ability to speak the sensory is amazing, nevine.

  26. Lovely.

    Such a note of hope at the end. Beautiful.


  27. Dear Nevine I am sorry I am very busy at the moment that I have no time to write and hardly to read... I miss this time... Please visit my blog, there is a surprise for you


  28. Beautiful Words !! I enjoyed this post !!

  29. The sensualisation of the psyche and the spiritualisation of the body....Eros is the flower pot in which you have placed the most intoxicating blossoms of Love.
    And if this is 'Spring'...i 'm not moving anywhere else from here.
    Honey and tongue....and Kali blossoms, and you dressed in the colours of love...WOW!
    The waters of this stream quenches the thirst as no other stream ever could.


  30. "And I will brush and swish like breath on skin
    And I will lick our sweat from the pool in your navel"

    You master the sensual image. Well done.

  31. I got goosebumps reading this and you need but read my latest post to see the echo of your thought. It could also be me seeing things where they are not. Either way it is a love piece but then I think you brilliant and all your pieces inspired.

    Warm regards,

  32. Nevine is going wilder these days.
    Erotic poems again and again..:)
    I love them so much.
    Every time I find a new thought which is just amazing. If applied in real then this would create the aura that nothing can for sure..:)
    Just love to read u Nevine.

    Keep writing



  33. Joaquin - Your comment is like a breath of fresh air. "... a dance on the edge of delirium." You describe my work better than I could ever describe it. Thank you.

    Jai - Yes, every once in a while I drop dejection and pick up hope. Spring is in the air... 'tis the season for hope, I say. :-)

    Lorenza - I understand... life happens for all of us. I will be by to see your lovely surprise.

    Unseen Rajasthan - Thank you. :-)

    COL - And don't we sometimes crave those waters to quench our parched souls after the bitter winds of winter? Yes yes yes! You always understand, Joseph. :-)

    Judith - Thank you. I'm trying to play around with sensual and erotic poetry a little more... just to see what new ideas come my way.

    Simone - Where have you been? Your presence has been missed here, that is for sure. And I will be by to read your no-doubt lovely post. It's great to see you back on "Dreams"!

    Nipun - You are ever generous and ever gracious! And I so enjoy seeing you around here. Thank you for always being so sweet. You are truly a treasure!

  34. OK
    now when is next?
    Sorry three days without new masterpieces seem too long a time...

    Getting hooked? Nooo

    hugs and thank U

  35. What a beautiful to announce the arrival of Spring!

  36. Dulce - You're so funny. I know what you're talking about, too. ;-) No, you know I wasn't talking about you... I AM hooked! And when is next? Soon... just not sure exactly when yet. Soon!!! He he he... Love you!

    Smita - Thank you. Spring is so very in demand in my world, right now. I want this winter to be over. There are only three days more to wait before we can officially say the nicest season has started!

  37. Nev- You see things different from everyone else. a new interpretation of old things. it makes it a treasure to read you. It's amazing you two don't have kids. must be good birth control. ~rick

  38. lovely, cute, and heartfelt!
    thank you for the beautiful poem!


  39. This is extremely elegant and beautiful, Nevine. So sensual and so pure... Again, with a perfect image...

  40. Rick - I swear, you are just too hilarious. I mean, I'm sitting here laughing. I do hope it's good birth control, too. He he he... it's been working well so far. You... what can I say? What a great way to start my morning, Rick... with a laugh like this! Thank you. :-)

    Ji - Thank you for your lovely comment. I'll be by to visit your place soon.

    Vesper - Coming from the lady with the most elegant words, I am so flattered. Thank you, Vesper.

  41. oh how romantic of you Nevine! change of tone for the spring. (I haven't visited any blogs for a couple of weeks and see I've got some catching up to do. going to read the other posts now).
    may spring bring with it fresh ideas and small and simple pleasures!


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