Sunday, July 4, 2010

Episodic Flickers in Black and White

                                   Kiss by unknown photographer

This is how it begins…

We are a silent film
shot in black and white
scratchy and grainy
speeding to a soundtrack
of our shortened breaths

Our eyes are electric
with drifting gazes
that blink and unblink to
hair lips shoulders skin

And when they are closed
we feel we are drowsing
heads drifting down
to meet shoulders
on a trip that is longer
than the length of the shot

At moments when we do
look at one another my face
rises from inside you and
your head tilts downward
where lips brush gently
without kissing and eyes
close dreamily and cheeks
meet in a surreal embrace

We are a silent film
filled with haste and though
the scenes speed ahead of us
we are the actors doing all
in a dance of slow motion


My mouth turns up to your ear
your ear drops down to my mouth
I smile and my teeth gleam white
against the blackness of your
jacket and my eyes glow violet
in the beam of an invisible light

And with my violet eyes’ glow
I see inside you and see you
as if for the first time – but
the seeing will have to wait
because you know and I know
that in this timeless scene the
moments are fleeting and will
drift into the soft light of dawn

But if you should wish me
goodnight without pressing
your lips to mine we will not
have truly embraced my love

And so we stand entwined
on the sidewalk of a quiet
street corner in the milky halo
of a solitary street light
lips pressed to lips
for a very long time
and though the scenes of this
film are flickering to an end
we do not part but instead –
we reign – in the silence.

and this is how it ends.


  1. Dear sweet Nevine,

    The black and white image by itself calls to me am taken so deeply by it. This black and white film whispers sweet dreams realized in the nick of time. The embrace is beyond real am living it as my breaths and his quicken. The love between the two finally unfolding but it has just began and the silence in the end are the emotions that don't need words~

    Wild Rose~

  2. this one had me from the first know I view life like a it myu friend...


  3. Your honesty, your clarity of vision,
    Your stark emotions...
    All are transcendant

    So in reading we rise and rise and rise

    Until a vision of darkly violet eyes
    Fills the space between the stars
    And still we rise...

  4. A black and white film leaves a lot to the imagination, isn't it and a silent film speaks volumes, just like this piece.

    Reality and the perceived always blur when you write. This one left me like that as well.

    Joy always,

  5. Never, Nevine--never will anyone match your almost-conceptualistic thoughts, to which you give words that perfectly describe Peeps and their mysteries in a mysterious manner.

    Truly, you are Sultan of the velvet softness of life and that intertwining of souls into love's unique oneness.

    ...and I don't really know what i meant, except I LOVED every word--both times!

  6. I was mesmerised by the Director's clever use of focus, in this perfectly cast performance.

  7. Nevine, limitless like the ocean is your excellent quality in poetry.
    Loved the idea of B&W silent film. Stunning!!
    The images that this poem conjures are so powerful and intense! I also loved the words/phrases you're using such as.."we reign in the silence","electric eyes" and so many others...
    Loved this poem immensely! Thanks for sharing with us a new dimension in poetry.
    Love and hugs my sweet friend!

    ~B xx

  8. No, this is not how it ends, this is how it begins.

    Because you, then, post in on you blog and we all go: how did she manage to combine black and white cinematography and a passionate kiss together without making sound like a cliche?

    Your poem twirls and winds. It circles and drops. By the time I finished reading it I didn't realise that I was tangled up in it! The thing is I love the effect this boa-bear-hug is having on me. :-)

    Many, many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  9. It was your prose.. now its your poetry thats moving Nevine.

  10. Stunning photograph, followed by equally stunning word images. Even with the clue provided by the photograph, you managed to take us on an journey of discovery which weaves in and out of conscious awareness. In the end, you have made love with words.

  11. Wild Rose – Isn’t that an amazing photograph? It gripped me, too, when I first saw it. And it’s nice to know you were so involved with the poem as to say “my breaths and his quicken.” I like that you entered this film and became its star! And yes, there are emotions… and then there are true emotions… that require no communication. Thank you for your sweet comment, dear Wild Rose. It’s so nice to have you along!

    Steven – Yes, I know you view life not only like a film… but like the highest drama. And I’m smiling that you liked it. Hugs back, Steven.

    Owen – Your little poem is a gem! And so are you… but you know that already. And you always fill the space of my comments with your own visions that sparkle like the most brilliant stars in a purple night sky. Thank you for your ever kind presence, Owen!

  12. Susan – Black and white films do leave lots of gaps for us to fill in. Maybe that is the magic in them, especially in the silent films, where we don’t only have to fill in gaps for the colors and hues, but also for the conversation. And if you hovered somewhere between reality and perception while you read, then I am happy to have transported you thus, my dear Susan. The “joy always” is in reading your thoughts!

    Steveroni – How nice of you to visit… especially because I know you are away from home. “… the Sultan of the velvet softness of life…” – now that makes me feel very special! And it doesn’t matter in the least that you don’t know what you meant, because I often feel that way about something I’ve written, too. Sometimes, when we just let our thoughts flow, magic also flows. Your comment was magic to me, Steveroni! And I am so thrilled to know you loved my poem.

    Martin – What a lovely comment! I do so appreciate it. And it’s wonderful to see you’re back.

  13. Betty – You are on a break… and yet you are here. How beautiful is that! And thank you for sharing some of your favorite phrases. As for the b & w idea, I wanted to experiment with capturing moments from the silent film experience. Silent films are so very powerful… and I find them especially so in the love scenes… where we have to use our imagination… much to my delight! So thank you for your thoughts on that, Betty. And big hugs back to you!

    Cuban – Leave it to you to flip around the ending of my poem! But that’s just fine… and most welcome… because your words made me “twirl and wind”… and “circle and drop”. I’m just happy to know it didn’t come across as a clichéd piece… because when we write, we are never sure, ourselves. So thanks for the reassuring comment, Cuban.

  14. Kay – Thank you! I take that as the highest compliment.

    Costas – Thanks for those very sweet words…

    Judy – Yes, it is quite a fascinating photo! And as for your thoughts on my poem, well… it is always my goal to take the reader on that “… in and out of conscious awareness” experience that you describe. So I am truly thrilled to know that was the effect this piece had on you. Thank you, Judy.

  15. beautiful and inspiring.
    thank you for this, Nevine!

  16. splendid!

    brings to mind this, for me:

  17. Your words come out like a lullaby almost. Everything said perfectly and felt perfectly. This captured the essence of love when you are entirely wrapped up in someone. I loved this.

  18. It seems to capture the exclusivity of romance, the exclusion of all others, reduced to mere observers while we live in the intensity of the moment.

  19. So words... who needs words in the silent film of love and passion?

    You have said so much in that silence black and white motion.
    My dear Nevine... Divine.

    What a pleasure it's been to read this.

    Lots of love hun!


  20. You use the same words and speak the same language as most of us, but you craft them into something amazing and alive.

  21. Ah, so you write beautiful poetry, too. This doesn't surprise me. Your fiction is poetic too.

    "speeding to a soundtrack
    of our shortened breaths" - This made me think of old black and white footage which is sped up, way past real time. The lips moving make it appear that the people are talking very fast and moving very fast, thus the "speeding" creates "shortened breaths." So I interpreted this literally.

  22. This was a majestic read. Beautiful in every way. The love held in silence between two lovers, almost shy with one another. Absolutely gorgeous Nevine.

  23. Caio – How wonderful to see you here! And thank you for your nice words…

    LW – Love that… and Sinatra. And thanks bunches for the “splendid”! That made me feel really good!!!

    Eva – I think complete infatuated love is really like a silent film. There is no need for words… almost. The love just glows with its own power. Thanks for the sweet words, Eva.

    Mme. DeFarge – Yes, when we love we do tend to obliterate the presence of others. It’s not that we’re doing it on purpose. It’s just that we’re so enveloped in one another’s reality and our emotion, it feels as if we’re dreaming… and we don’t want for the dream to end.

  24. Dulce – Well, I tried not to say too too much, but I’m afraid the words just kept slipping out of my head and I just couldn’t stop them. So, I allowed them to speed with me and take me where they wished. So glad you liked it, Sweetest… :-)

    Pat – Well, thank you. I do try, and I’m very pleased when I get such wonderful feedback. Thanks a bunch, Pat.

    Ashley – Sometimes a literal interpretation is just what we want from something. I’ve been there… And I’m happy to know you enjoyed the poetry, too. I look forward to our communication, Ashley. Welcome aboard!

    Nancy – When love is “shy”, isn’t that just amazing? It’s this reluctance to overly expose oneself while still wanting to plunge head-first that makes the emotion so sharp. Thank you for the lovely comment, Nancy.

  25. Thanks Nevine! I look forward to it too! Welcomes are always sweet. Some bloggers don't show such appreciate for comments!

  26. That was so beautiful Nevine. I just love how you play about with words and turn them into something wonderful :)

  27. "we are the actors doing all
    in a dance of slow motion"
    I love those two lines.

    In fact I love it all. And it's the third time I've come to read your poem. And each time I've read it with such a pleasure. But I couldn't find the words to express my feelings! And still don't!

    Thanks for sharing, ma belle. And very big bisous*******

  28. I'm not sure that my last comment went through, so in case in didn't I had to tell you again that they don't make wine exquisite enough to toast this lovely poem.

  29. Brilliant closure...amazing! Its like the sudden slap of the winter cold when you least expect it and suddenly unlatch your window...

    amazing blog too...
    Scribblers Inc.

  30. welcome, nevine... hope your weekend's grand!

  31. Ashley - I have a very high appreciation for the exchanges I share both here and on others' blogs. That's the most fun part of blogging...

    Akasha - Thanks for the very sweet words. Playing around with words is a favorite pastime... I'm not sure what I'd do without it! :-)

    Cremilde - Merci for sharing your favorite lines! I always like that kind of feedback. And happy to know you enjoyed reading this poem so much. I really enjoyed writing it, too. It had such a smoky, sultry atmosphere, and I had a hard time pulling myself away from it. Big bisous back to you, mon amie.

  32. Rick - I honestly can't tell you if there was a comment here before that might have disappeared. Blogger has been having fun with messing up comments these past couple of days... But thank you for letting me know, Rick. And I can truly appreciate an exquisite wine, so thank you for that very nice comment!

    Scribblers Inc - Thank you for stopping in for a visit, and most importantly for leaving your thoughts. I do appreciate your kind words...

    LW - I wish you the very same! :-)

  33. Nevine, this "experience" you've poem is
    gorgeously surreal. The manner is which
    you walah such atmosphere continues to
    delight and amaze me.

    It's amazing I feel the love sheltered in
    each word.

  34. Cynthia - How lovely to see you here! And thank you, especially about the "surreal". I try I try I try... And I smile when I see that it comes through. :-)

  35. Nevine, you do such a wonderful job of creating atmosphere in your work. And you always leave us with so much to think about! I love the romantic quality of this piece.

  36. i love the image created by these words...

    "And so we stand entwined
    on the sidewalk of a quiet
    street corner in the milky halo
    of a solitary street light
    lips pressed to lips
    for a very long time"

    wonderful. i could almost hear the film reel clicking along...

  37. Felicitas - Thank you... I don't usually plunge into the romantic with my writing, but it had been a while so I thought I'd go back and play with it.

    Kim - Thank you for sharing your favorite lines...

  38. Tantra,
    black and white breathing on each other, Expanding Love to its quantum level,
    tearing through lotus roots, to pop out upon the sunkissed waters...the black from the roots, swirling to the white of the petals...
    in the brain
    once more
    the rains have sweetly fallen.

  39. COL - You have such a spiritual way of reading things and understanding them, it is a pleasure always to know what you are thinking. This comment is a lovely poem! Thank you, my sweet friend.

  40. oh, dear nevine! how you capture us all with your magnificent wordpictures/wordmovies - and this is no exception - just perfection - again! loved it - and you KNOW i loved the image!!! so sorry to have not been around for a while - for several weeks some sort of silly bug seemed to have attacked my physical self - and i was just out of sorts for days on end - better now but not totally gone - in any event, so missed being here in blogland and especially at your place!!!

  41. Jenean - Happy you liked my little play with romanticism. And I know how life calls, sometimes. Do take good care of yourself... and best wishes for your full recovery... and your full return!

  42. ok..i am really taken here! i agree with Wild Rose,this piece is amazing cos it touched me deep as well..i find the two colors melting together in the dream of love is intriguing,,,sensuous and stunning!

    loved every word..sensual and i m flying around in your blog Nevine,wingless wearing only my heart..:)

  43. Desert Rose, how lovely to see you here, reading this piece from a few weeks back. I had fun writing this one (well I have fun writing all of them) because I got to play with the cinema aspect a bit. So happy to know you enjoyed it and found it "sensuous". Thank you for the lovely thoughts.

  44. yes i did..and i am enjoying it here so much..i love reading you Nivo,and yes i do Enjoy writing mine too..i find it most pleasurable during the making like a work on it and be instantly waiting and dreaming of your baby's features till its actually born..then you smile,for it is certainly worth all the pain..:)

  45. Abeer - Ah, Nivo! Makes me feel like I'm at home. And how you compare birthing a poem to birthing a baby! Lovely, that. An interesting thought... really... very compelling. ;-)


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