Monday, August 2, 2010

Revisiting Eden

Beach Sunrise by Gail Johnson

In summer
In shades of blue
In myriad visions
In a quiet moment at your side
I drift…
… and only you can bring me back.

To sleep…
… and awaken with you
In the liquid glow of rising day,
To imagine…
… and realize together
The incandescent light of morn,
To understand…
The flesh of you
While the heavens unfold,
To recognize…
… only this moment
Its core transmuting us to gold.

To know…
… that when you lie down beside me
Upon a bed of newly compacted sand
Formed of ancient, primitive sediment
While your blood purls along my veins
And I stumble between your legs,
To know…
… that when your face is close to mine
And you catch my breath in yours,
My vacillating hands finally know
How they must curve…
… and what they must hold.

Shall we conceal our desire with fig leaves?
But why should we?
It is only when we are naked
That we are immortal.

Our sky is inlaid with the gems of
Our hours
Our minutes
Our moments
And we are burnished and consumed
But finally complete.

And when the day begins to blush our names
And the stars to rise from the sea
To dream…
… for years
Inside the alchemy of the blossoming dusk,
And on a new day that remembers who we are…
… to not awaken with barren arms
But with fertile fistfuls of delight
And with hearts of molten gold.

* * * I have been dreaming of the sea, lately. Oh, how I’ve been dreaming! But there is no need to dream, anymore. The sea has called me… with promises of being both warm and cool… and the sun has sworn not to hide… and the sand has invited me to play…. And so I go…. My bags are packed… I have one foot out the door… and the other following closely behind…. I will be gone for a few… but I will be back… with fistfuls of dreams to share… and a heart of molten gold. Take care, dear friends.


  1. Oh my God
    Sweetest Nevine
    This is a breathtaking sight of your insights in a fresh, new way, new mood...
    Sensual and oh! hot...
    ... as the summer moments you are already experiencing in your beautiful mind.
    Let my heart go with you wherever it is that place you are going, where the sea , only the sea, is able to help these miracles come true.

    I'll miss you
    So take your laptop with you (LOL)

    Love :)

  2. Oh, the sea, how I love the sea! And the poem, how delightful and serene. Nevine, enjoy the sea and the sand and the salt. Come back when you are full of the sea's love. I will wait for you in the shore. And I will be glad to see you again.

    Enjoy your trip dear Nevine.

    Joy always,

  3. Where s Eden to visit Nevine..?

  4. "Shall we conceal our desire with fig leaves?
    But why should we?
    It is only when we are naked
    That we are immortal."

    How do you know what i deeply feel my sweet delight? You bought my soul with the above lines and now i couldn't hold it but drop that tear i was hiding from you last time. I want to dig my feet deep in the sand with you and play along summer's beach painting rainbows into the sunset where the Eastern moon never sleeps. May I with you?

    If you're going then carry this Laptop and so i can hear your whispers by the sea and breath in your loving sighs. Just don't forget that's all i ask to check in with us. Since you have taken my soul with you along this lines then i also give you my heart with lots of love to sail with you on this beautiful journey.

    By Sold to Nevine's tell us the longitude of this sea so we can map you out.

    Lots of Love,
    Wild Rose~

  5. Such beauty and magic in this dreamy poem, Nevine. Wishing you a wonderful time on your beach vacation!

    P.S. I left you a message on your previous post which I really don't want you to miss.

  6. Nevine...."While your blood purls along my veins And I stumble between your legs" oh this says it so good... The Sea so wild between us brings stroms of heavenly light...


    wish I could go....

  7. So many fabulous phrases here, Nevine. I love reading your poetry, its lilting beat, deep spirituality, and the images you portray are as great as the pics you post.

    The sea calls to some more than others - Clarissa Pinkola Estes is author of one of my favorite books, Women Who Run With the Wolves, and your comment reminded me of one of the stories, "Sealskin, Soulskin."
    Have you ever considered a chapbook? I think you would have a really good collection.

    Have a great time, Cheers!

  8. Run to the sun, Nevine. And enjoy!

  9. "And when the day begins to blush our names
    And the stars to rise from the sea"

    I love the imagery in that line. This was beautiful, Nevine. This is the kind of passion and love I want.

  10. A heavenly bit of writing, that. I almost feel embarrassed to witness what is expressed there, in all those words you've wrapped around a very personal experience.

    (and deep inside of me there is an incongruent voice that wants to caution - and remind that the "Damned sand gets in everything.")

  11. exquisite...

    do enjoy your sea-break, one of the best places to recharge :)

  12. May you have a sublime time on the beach, a sublime time where key lime pie is the norm, where water sun sand and waves form rhymes that only you will decipher...

    Missing you already...

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  14. 'It is only when we are naked
    That we are immortal."

    So true, and not just in the scriptures of the Abrahamic religions. It is true in a broader metaphysical sense. To the extent that "clothes/definitions/beliefs" are limits, they narrow the view of what is possible and in the process make it difficult to envision the infinite.

    Your words are always filled with such wisdom and depth. And beauty. Let us not forget beauty

  15. Enjoy it, Nevine - and if you happen to be coming out to the West coast, while we don't have the beach sunrises depicted in the beautiful painting you shared, I'd be happy to reveal my favorite spots here for you & yours to enjoy some breathtaking beach sunsets.

  16. To be in love is indeed that feeling of connectedness and affinity, of knowing the other person is there and aware of your body, it's about being in time with each other, playing to the same rhythm. You capture this beautifully, with elegance and subtlety. My favourite part was:

    "Shall we conceal our desire with fig leaves?
    But why should we?
    It is only when we are naked
    That we are immortal."

    It reminded of Pope Urban, who sought about removing all the sexual organs from the statues in the Vatican. Hence the application of fig leaves. But we shouldn't be ashamed of our emotions, or be ashamed of love. We are human after all.

  17. Nevine, your poem is soothing. ...And catch my
    breath in yours. ...When the day begins to
    blush our names. I'm in AWE, how your mind
    is always in an amazing place.

    Have pleasure at the sea, Nevine.

  18. This was ravishing!

    Have fun and dreams wherever you are by the sea, honey. I know that with that as inspiration you'll share the most molten poetry with us when you get back.


  19. This is nice, and shameless as writing should be...I don't know how you stay so positive. LOL.

  20. LOVE IT! Passionate and beautiful insight!

    What a coincidence! I'm on vacation too!
    So, we speak when we both come back.

    (TTYPFF):Thanks To Your Precious Friendship For ever!

    Lots of love

  21. This is absolutely stunning, Nevine. I have goose bumps taking in each and every nuance, syllable and word. It is an intelligent piece yet also so very spiritual.

    I love your mind! and your heart is most definitely made of gold.

    We'll miss you as you take in the sea.

    much love~

  22. Nevine...Queen...Begging myself to repeat each sacred couplet and droplet of worded thoughts here--and commenting--I shall resist. But to lovingly carry them in my mind and heart I cannot from help myself.

    As your dreams become reality, and life becomes living, when twain become one, then heaven shows a glimpse of itself.

    Nothing more to say, other than "Arrivederci"

  23. A powerful, sensual poem with strong imagery! I enjoyed it :)

  24. Ah! Yes! The call of the sea!!!
    And your poem is a rempli mon coeur de contentement;o)))

    Enormes bisous and enjoy the sea the sun and the sand and...*******

    Je te laisse une étoile de...mer, bien sûr;o)

  25. Have tons of fun near the beach. I love the sea.

    And I also enjoyed your tale about how your blog came about.

    Greetings from london.

  26. another breathtakingly beautiful word-homage to love and all things thereof - exquisite! go forth and embrace the sea and the sky and the sun - and know you are thought of - gypsy

  27. Do have a lovely holiday and come back inspired and refreshed.

  28. Nev
    I don't know what it is about your writing but it's such a gentle perfect weave to me. I think I see what you feel. This again was lovely. not sure about nakedness bringing immortality but I like the notion! Enjoy the waves

  29. ramadan blessings to you and yours, my friend...

  30. You guys are amazing and awesome! And is a mere "Thank you" enough for all of your wonderful wishes and thoughts? I think not. But I don't know what else to say or do. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    My husband and I had a super blast of a time on our trip. And now we're back to business as usual. But we have the memories inside our heads and our hearts, and every time we pull one of those memories out of its magic box, we will smile.

    Again, thank you, all of you, for coming by to visit while I was away, and for being such great friends!


  31. And this one missed you too never complete without you my delight :-)

    Your beautiful~ xo


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