Monday, September 20, 2010

The Last Days of Summer

Autumn by Carol Baumrucker

For a few more days, the bumble of bees will
flavor the air and strike our eyes with a certain
voluptuous éclat. How brief are these last days
of summer! Our summer lasted but hours,
one hundred glorious bloomings ousted by
one hundred ignoble demises.

We recited poetry from palates dense with
warm luxury and the blood of Aestes bled
over the edges of our skin. We carved a path 
in a magical forest of rocks and boulders, and
our bodies were sprinkled with diamond dust.
You told me, Listen.

I filled my ears with broken pebbles amongst
patches of sun, while the insects sang their
last falsettos. But I had no moments of sudden,
solemn shudderings… only the dissonance of
the coming loss of light. Yet, this is not a sad
lament. Tomorrow is a brand new day.

Tomorrow, our forest of rocks and boulders
will crumble and tumble and the trees will
quiver and the rain will crash and the forest
floor will be carpeted with wet golden leaves
shaped like suns and moons and stars and
the sea of it all will part for our crossing.


  1. Again, a very vivid and electric write, Nevine. There is an element of sensuality, a passion, a love and a happiness. But also a hint of melancholy in the beauty of your words. Autumn is my favourite time of the year, an inky time of colour and imagery. It is indeed a poignant reminder that all things come to an end, but that every end is also a beginning.

  2. We looked forward to it so eagerly and, now it's almost gone again. You capture the feelings of losing summer so well. Lovely post.

  3. How short our summer lasted...I was just thinking that this very morning as I wrapped myself in a blanket and took my warm tea out to the deck, a crispness in the air....a truly lovely post my friend.

  4. great musical language and, I see, something stylistically different for you. very nice, almost Romantic and yet fresher, newer, bordering on exuberance. bravo Nevine!

  5. Another gem, simply has to be made into a published book.
    Loved this..a piece of such a great inspiration.
    I love everything here, the tone, the style, the passion, the insinuation of smouldering melancholy..

    I love the sentiments and symbolism expressed in this poem. I adore the second paragraph.

    Warm hugs, :o)

    B xx


  6. Once again your words hitting us like bullets Nevine.

  7. It's kind of like the different phases of our lives. Before we know it...gone!
    really beautiful Nevine.

  8. much as i love summer - i love fall just as much. and i love how this plunges headlong into it.

    maybe that's one of the great gifts of poetry - that it's everywhere - reminding us where we've been, beckoning from where we've yet to go.

  9. You mimic the going away of summer in such a precise and vivid way. Urgh... sweet summer leaving us, it feels so painful yet your words make it seem so calm underneath sweetest delight and a very remarkable write this one is as always you captured me once again with your beauty in words and emotion~

    Warmest hugs and love my dearest~
    Wild Rose.

  10. Only you, Nevine, could convert the passage from summer to autumn into a voluptuous happenng.

  11. Seems like a rite of passage!

    Nevine, I wish you a soulful and beautiful Autumn.

    Joy always,

  12. Nevine you take me to places I have not been and leave me longing for but a mere word to escape your lips and set me into a tail spin.

    you are remarkble beyond any words i could utter...

  13. I am totally with you..The last days of summer are really brief..Enjoy them while you are still have it..

  14. Beautifully depicted... How monsoon washes down the golden leaves... how summer forests make songs... nice

  15. Nevine, someone who knows of my sweetest feelings for you, alerted me that I have not commented on your blog.

    BELIEVE me, somewhere in the forever-hidden attic galleries of GOOGLE are many responses from me to your awesome, outstanding and inspiring, exquisite...and truly lovable postings.

    Last night I wrote a 'Log-Comment--a dissertation for you. So be HAPPY it did nor 'publish'! OK? Next post will be my new comment, I cannot recall last night's.

  16. Number TWO--for YOU!

    My father was sightless, but everyone knew he 'saw' things which were discernible to no one else. He could 'read minds' as if they were recorded somewhere. He smelled, heard and felt beyond usual mortal capabilities.

    YOU, Nevine, have that talent and you've developed it to become a heavenly tool in helping others feel, think, make decisions, and live a better life.

    A wet leaf in the woods: I step on it, maybe slip and slide. YOU (and some others!) reach down, pick it up, examine, choose, describe in art or words for us/me. I am lifted up from the doldrums, boredoms, heartaches of this world, into a new place of pleasant freedom and happiness.

    Nevine, you are being 'used'...God is using you you in some way, to make this world a better place, No Matter What!

    If this comment sounds too flowery, I cannot help that--it is how I feel and think at this moment.

    You da Queen, Nevine! Long Live....

  17. I loved how, instead of being sad at summers end, you portray it as being the beinning of another adventure. The language you used was so dramatic like "boulders will crumble" and "rain will crash". And that last line was so special:

    "the sea of it all will part for our crossing."

    As if we're heading into the destiny that was intended for us.


  18. The thing about the dying of summer, is the hope of seeing the summer come again, and with it, the friends and places we love.

  19. DEAR ALL: Apologies for my late replies. I have been so busy with work, lately. And thank you all for the kind words! :-) xoxoxo

  20. Sam – I love how you describe autumn as “inky” with color and imagery. That is such a beautiful description. And yes, all things do come to an end, but new beginnings are always exciting and filled with promise! Thanks for the lovely comment.

    Martin – I know… the summer just slipped by… so quickly. Thank you for the nice words.

    Steven – It’s getting nippy in the mornings already, isn’t it? And I feel that cool chill in the evenings, as well. But, it’s time the weather changed, already! :-)

    Gerry – I’ve been experimenting with more structured poetry in my writing exercises these past few weeks. Yes, that is quite different for me, but I’m enjoying trying something a little more challenging. Thank you for the very high encouragement. It will certainly keep me enthused and energetic about continuing to try my hand at different styles.

  21. Betty – What a delicious comment! I feel so very inspired, now, to keep experimenting with new styles. And thank you so much for letting me know your favorite part – that is always a treat for me. I’m smiling from ear to ear. ;-) Thank you, dear friend. Millions of hugs back!

    Costas – I hope they are padded bullets! ;-)

    Pat – Thank you! And you’re right. Life slips by so quickly…

    Joaquin – I think we love each season as it arrives because we are much in need of the change. And about poetry… I’m beginning to see what you’re saying… poetry is, indeed, everywhere.

  22. Wild Rose – Yes, it is very painful that summer is going away. I do so love that beautiful season… so sunny and smiley. But then, every new season is a new beginning, too. And… well… there is nothing but love in new beginnings. Warm hugs back to you, my dear Wild Rose. You always make me smile.

    Bard – Thank you. :-)

    Judy – Voluptuous! I couldn’t have made it otherwise, because voluptuous is how it feels. Thank you, Judy.

    Susan – And I wish you the very same in return. Autumn brings new blessings. Joy back to you, Dear Susan.

  23. Sir Thomas – And you are kind beyond words… and have left me quite speechless. Thank you for that lovely comment.

    Turquoise – I am enjoying them… and still… looking forward to the arrival of fall.

    Blasphemous Aesthete – Thank you for the beautiful words.

    Steveroni – Your kindness is beyond words. And why do you worry yourself so? I am quite behind, myself, on replying to comments, not only here, but also at others’ blogs. I have been extremely busy and that is probably not a good excuse, but nevertheless… I can’t help that. I know that Google has issues, as well, so please don’t worry yourself. And your sweet comment, Steve… I don’t know what to say. “Too flowery” it is not! Too sweet, it is! You give me too much credit, Steveroni, and I appreciate every heartfelt word you wrote. Big hugs to you… and a warm smile. :-)

  24. Jai – I’ve always seen the arrival of a new season as a truly new beginning, and like you said, a new adventure. Once upon a time, I lived in a tropical climate, and life was quite challenging in that respect because I was not able to feel that “newness” that a new season brings with it. And the last line… thank you millions of times. I’m glad you liked it. It’s my favorite, too. ;-)

    Lou – That’s such a cool perspective. I hadn’t thought about that. Thanks for sharing, Lou!

  25. Yes, sweetest, that's over and tomorrow will be another day... to enjoy in a different yet exquisite way...That way only you can say.

    {let me tell here 'Alerted Steve' also about a few previous ones he missed... ;)}

    Hug and lots of love
    Happy autumn, my friend.

  26. Dulce - I am just now posting replies to my comments, and here you are! Will be going out to make my rounds, now. I guessed you were the Sweet One Steve was talking about! ;-) Who else is Sweetest but you? And you didn't have to pressure him like that, Dulce. Life is so very busy... and so very in the way. Yesterday, I started to make my rounds... and had to stop. Didn't quite make it all the way around the circle of friends. Anyway, thank you for the sweet visit, and I'll be swinging by in a few minutes. Kisses! Muah!!!

  27. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness,
    Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun;
    Conspiring with him how to load and bless
    With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eaves run;

  28. Lovely piece of usual x x

  29. Ian - Such delightful strings of poetry you've left here. I so appreciate them. Your take on the season is... oh so refreshing! Thank you for tagging along. I hope you enjoy your future visits!

    Akasha - Thank you, dear!

  30. and you amaze me again nevine..:) what a write here..i never was a summer girl, i love the warm winter sun in the cairo mornings striking on my face on my way to work after a splashing cold breeze:) still i enjoyed the calmness in your rythme..i love to read you as a treat to my soul when i do something good..:)
    makes mefeel beautiful, your vivid images are splendid! it ;)

  31. Beautiful as always!

    "shaped like suns and moons and stars and
    the sea of it all will part for our crossing."

    How I love those two lines;o)

    Gros gros bisous, douce Nevine*******

  32. oh, such exquisitely beautiful melancholy as we pass from season to season - at least, for me, as a true leo leaving my heated world for that of cold and wet - but your autumnal journey of words makes it all the more bearable, nevine! beautiful piece, as always -

    just as an aside, i'm afraid i missed a few of my dear blogfriends here recently in letting you know of some of my personal distractions taking me away from visiting - but my only living sibling was taken very critically ill several weeks ago - hospitalized for emergency surgery and then in icu before having been now moved to a rehab facility - in the midst of this, i was dealing with a bit of some sort of a bug that just refuses to leave and i am also planning a relocation half way cross country in two weeks - and in the meantime, i have two little ones several days/nights a week while my daughters are in class - so - my visiting has been more than limited - i tell you this just so you will know that it has not been by my own hand that i have been taken away at times ;) i know you will understand - as always, your visits do always bring such a breath of fresh air for which i am so so grateful, nevine! xxx jenean

  33. How glorious the death and birth, how fantastic we witness it in our circle of breathing with everything living, being in everything. I love the way you made this vibrant experience enter the reader. Beautiful.

  34. very well said...

    a mess on this side of the pond... little sun, but a lot of storms of the hurricane type... so glad to welcome autumn....

  35. Abeer - So glad you liked this! I love summer, but I always look forward to autumn's arrival. The changing of seasons, in general, is a very special time for me... I feel as though I am being reborn. And... when was the last time I heard the word "wahmeyya"?!? ;-)

    Cremilde - Merci... pour tout. And especially for sharing your favorite two lines. Bises, ma belle! :-)

    Jenean - Oh my! If only I could tell you how topsy turvy my life has been. But, I won't go into the details. Let's just make things simple... and say... I understand! I am terribly sorry to hear about your brother, Jenean. And I wish him all the best. And I wish you the best of luck with your move, and with getting well. I do understand entirely! So rest at ease, Jenean! :-) And thank you so much for stopping in while you are under such pressure. You don't know how much I appreciate it.

    Lolita - That is exactly how I see the changing of the seasons... as a cycle of dying and being reborn. It is truly a refreshing experience... and I can't help but participate in it... at least by writing a few words. Thank you for the lovely words, Lolita!

    LW - Thank you. We've had our share of stormy weather... and those "almost hurricanes" are frightening. So, yes, I'm glad as well. ;-)

  36. Fall is almost here! and the pix and ur words describe it so beautifully!
    wish I could experience it just once!

  37. It is a lovely post, but I long for the arrival of autumn almost as much as some people long for the continuation of summer. Summer has rarely meant anything to me other than heat and irritation. Maybe I enjoy the melancholy of autumn rather too much.

  38. Smita - Thank you for the lovely visit... and the lovely words, always!

    Mme. DeFarge - Summer is a season I enjoy immensely, but while this is true, I still find myself seeking something new... the freshness of the air... and the crisp sound of leaves under my footsteps.


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