Tuesday, October 26, 2010

If Ever...

La Naïade by Nathalie Vogel

If ever... on a given day
wonder should grip you
and you should find yourself
musing about the sky,

And how it evolves from
bone to fire to indigo,

And how emotions
hum in prism hues,

And how hearts beat red
but sometimes blue,

And how leaves turn gold
when the air is cold,

And how paper goes beige
with graceless age,

And how the sun blackens
behind the silver moon,

I just might confess
how my soul numbs… and dies
when you trick with your lies
and think I do not realize.


  1. Hi Nevine,

    Every time I come here and read your words, I am amazed by your creativity, it never ends. How you ended the poem is powerful. You can feel the hurt in this piece. It's very genuine and true.

    I hope Nevine that you are considering publishing some of your work. I know that it is a long process to submit your work to many places and getting it accepted. But I think that it is worth it.

    I appreciate stopping by my blog and reading my poems. I have a problem with my blog feed. I've been trying to fix it the last few days, but in vain. I think that I will need somehow a technical assistance.

    Take care and all the best

  2. Another inspirational piece, Nevine!
    Bitter and sweet and beautiful!!!
    "And how leaves turn gold
    when the air is cold..." and "how emotions hum in prism hues..."
    Thanks for the beauty of your poems that keeps me yearning for them! :)

    Lots of love

    Betty xx

  3. Nevine a great lesson in life you have brought before us. I myself have found that on a given day I could do all of this and marvel at the wonders. Then marvel at how you could think me so… one with what I see that you could think me so blind…..

    Nevine your words speak volumes…

  4. "bone to fire to indigo" - a world in this phrase.

    i'm captured here right off by the setting of the beach, sea and sensual nude. this is the canvas of my very soul, Nevine... i am a child of these.

    then, place before me these wonderful words of bitter-sweet romance. i am undone.

  5. this is so full of vibrant images...the way you are able to paint with your words, awe inspiring.


  6. I would guess that the required transformation is a remote chance, at best. Leopards don't change their spots - and neither do liars. But I suppose should such a transformation take place, it would mean a real commitment of heart and soul - but still, I wonder, if the trust would be misplaced. Personally, I think she'd be better off not confessing.

  7. I wonder if a liar would wonder all these things,
    and if he does wonder these things, he shall understand and lie to you no more.

  8. OOOOHHHH, Nevine - so sharp, so biting, such a strong rebuke camouflaged in what first appear to be innocent words. Masterful!

  9. Dear Nevine,
    I'd lie if I did not say I guess You know how it feels...

    lies are opposed to honesty. But agian I always wonder how honest we can be without hurting the others.

    This poem apparently so sweet, full of hope and then that misery...
    It's a shame to know so many live so...

    Great post Queenest


  10. Wow!
    Really nice! So many beautiful words.
    build build build WHAM!

  11. A mutually understood wavelength, is a great prize, indeed.

  12. being lied to is one of the hardest things for me to deal with... i can't respect a person that would think that people are just going to fall for their BS like idiots... that being said telling the truth is hard work, you really have to train yourself and be vigilant about it, lies get people to just be quiet and leave you alone.

  13. It seemed to me that the pace of this poem picked up as it came closer and closer to the end, with the revelation of the narrator.

    That last line stole my breath. I know how that feels.


  14. Khaled – Thank you for the nice words and the encouragement to get published. As it is, I think I might be sitting on some good news. But I am sitting on it… for now. We shall see. And I enjoy stopping by your blog and reading your writing immensely. You have a very incisive mind and your words are filled with wisdom and perception. I hope you can get your blog issue fixed. I will be checking my dashboard for your feeds. That’s the only place I see them.

    Betty – And thank you for being the kind inspiration that you are. I stay encouraged by your words and the words of others… always! It’s such a delight to have you here, Betty. Big hugs and lots of love back!

    Sir Thomas – And your words are full of understanding for what I am trying to say. Always… your understanding strikes me. Thank you for that… and for everything else you are.

    Kim – Yes, I know you have that gentle nature that makes you fall for such words. So, I am pleased to have shared these words with you. I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

  15. Steven – And you paint my heart with joy and smiles. Thank you, Steven.

    Lou – No, you are right. Liars don’t change. And it’s true she might be better off not confessing. But confession is… liberation. Lou, you are so very deep.

    Blasphemous – If a liar were to wonder… at some point… he/she would cease to be a liar. Yes, it is just like you said. But that is the trouble… most of the time, liars do not stop to wonder. It is such a pleasure to see you, here, by the way. You are such a dedicated reader… and I so appreciate your presence.

    ConTemplate – Sir, where in the world have you been? Did you drop off the face of the earth? But it’s good to see you. And it’s also good to read your response. You always understand me, don’t you? ;-)

  16. Dulce – I think every person in the world has been touched by the presence of a liar. And I also think every person in the world has lied. And I don’t mean those silly white lies. We all know how it feels to be lied to… and how it feels to do the lying. And you are right. Sometimes, we should not be honest so as to save others’ feelings from hurt. But then… we are only hurting ourselves. And still… that ends up hurting others. Yes, it is a shame that so many live this way… basking in lies. That is why it is best, at the end of the day, to be true to others… and to oneself.

    Pat – Wow! Such a blast of cool air from your words. Yes, I’m still singing to that frost from your photo… :-)

    Martin – Absolutely!

    Christopher – “… telling the truth is hard work…” And how! But isn’t it a relief when you’ve let the truth out and just let the chips fall where they may? I say yes yes yes! And you’re an honest one, Christopher. You don’t mince words.

    Jai – Yes, we all know how that feels… and how it felt. It’s the sort of owie that takes a while to go away.

  17. What a wonder--your words of loveliness, and then 'tricks and lies, deceit".

    I have never--NEVER--told a lie without being caught. It's because I have a bad memory.

    However, visiting your blog when you have posted anew engenders anticipation, as opening packages on Christmas morning!

    Steve E

  18. Lying is an art, truly but consistent lying is deceit and uncouth. But on second thoughts, if the lies provide ecstasy and warmth, even for a given time, I guess lies are permissible. Just imagine how feigning a big O gives immense pleasure to the lover.

    Joy always, dearest Nevine.

    ~ Susan

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  20. Ok now i can see it goes on automatically..lol so perhaps it was my bad connection of yesterday..anyway, it was a long one that i can't recall by now, still i find this piece of yours a true beauty..:)
    now you can go on delete that last comment i wrote, it was just a misunderstanding i guess..:)
    have a lovely day, week..ya Nivo..:)
    tight hugs :)

  21. I'm concentrating so much on my novel these days that I'm not blogging as often as I did...how I miss you poems...this one was excellent x x

    I've posted a grisly little Halloween tale on my blog...

  22. Now that I've thought about this poem again, it makes me wonder more and more about the person who chooses a moment of wonder to expose an a conviction that the other lies and causes pain. What a wonderful tension! One wrapped in wonder, the other in simmering, unexpressed anger that poisons the soul of the poet.

    And the subtle option- perhaps the perception of lies will be revealed if it suits the one. If not, perhaps the wicked blade will be thrust in a moment of joy...

  23. Steve - If you have never told a lie without being caught... it is because you're not a good liar. I know how that goes. I am not a good liar, either. I do lie... but I always get caught. Something about how uncomfortable I am inside my own skin after I've lied... gives me away... and then I blurt out the whole truth. And I am done for. You've brought a feeling of warmth to my heart with the mention of opening packages on Christmas morning! :-)

    Susan - Yes, those white lies are harmless and if they do bring joy to another, where is the hurt? But oh... feigning an O... is quite the cunning thing to do! ;-)

    Abeer - Lovely to see you here! And I don't know what happened... I don't understand. But thank you for the "true beauty". That is a sweet thing to say. Tight hugs back to you!

    Akasha - Thank you... and Wow! I can't wait to read a good Halloween tale from the Queen of the Night!

    Rick - Your "other" perspective is always enlightening to me... about my own work! It's so nice that you don't just take things as they are... and that you dig deep... and find other meanings. Thank you so much for that. Your readership is such a pleasure!

  24. We live in a world full of lies... but I hope no one is lying to you, dear Nevine. I hate the very notion of lies. Life is hard enough, complicated enough, without having to try to figure out whether someone is lying or not. Taking a little artistic license to embellish a story is another matter perhaps ? Perhaps the intention should count in the balance ?

    Peace Nevine...

  25. Hi Nevine... I know you but have never had conversation through comments beneath the posts. Still I admire you a lot.:)
    No Excuse
    But now i will be regular and I hope you too will do the same...
    yes on lies... i try not to lie ;) and am very smart in detecting on what is lied upon ;) :)

  26. What an yummy image....

    Its hard to be 'the naked' truth....and even harder to be a liar.
    Liars are very creative, but i belong to the stupid kind.

    i 'm a bad liar,it is more simpler for me to stick to facts. i make a big mess when it comes to lying.... much more bigger than i can handle.

    And like you say, lies hurt....lies can wound, can kill, can be said with a look, silently without a word.

    i have a cousin whose lies are entertainers, a great salesman who'll sell your own hat to you!

    Some Liars are so lovable and funny....their awkwardness is when they speak truth!

    i confess i have lied and i have hurt....hurting myself ultimately!

  27. I think many of us have been tricked by the lies of love, but mostly because we wanted to be.

  28. Que dire? Merci à ta muse qui t'inspire de si beaux textes, bien sûr;o)
    Tu me fais penser à un musicien ou un chef d'orchestre.
    Tes textes sont comme de la musique aux notes pures et cristallines.

    Gros BISOUS et une belle fin de semaine, ma belle****

  29. Owen - Artistic license, indeed! But still... someone is lying to me and I'm lying to someone... always! Why why why do we do this? It DOES make a complicated matter of things. I hate to play games... especially guessing games... to have to wonder if someone is lying... and HOW they are lying. It's cumbersome... and a waste of precious time. Hey... thank you for the peace. I always do need a little of that... especially on a Friday morning... when the weekend is showing itself but is not quite here yet! ;-)

    Latika - So very nice of you to visit and leave some thoughts. I very much appreciate it. And yes... I will be by to visit soon...

    COL - You are so honest. At least you admit to being a bad liar... versus just saying you don't lie. Because we all lie! But yes, some of us are so bad at it. I remember, growing up, my mother always told me a saying that's very popular in Egypt: Lying has no legs. This always sticks in my head when I'm about to lie. She also used to scare me and say: I can see the lies in your eyes. I used to think she could physically see the lies; I was a child. Now I understand what she was talking about. When we lie... we do hurt ourselves the most... at the end.

  30. Mme. De Farge - To be tricked with any kind of lie hurts. But I would imagine that being tricked by the lies of love hurts most. And when you mention that this happens because we want it... or allow it... yes! This is true. We allow ourselves to be lied to by perpetuating in in relationships and friendships filled with lies.

    Cremilde - Merci, ma belle. You are too too nice, you know. And I know that very well. Un chef d'orchestre I cannot be... but I try with words. And you encourage with praise. Wishing you a brilliant weekend filled with your precious stars... Gros bisous x 3!

  31. Betty, you are so very sweet! Thank you thank you thank you! Kisses!!!

  32. Nev
    I loved how you slammed this home at the end.
    I think often we lie to lessen the guilt our heart already holds. almost a faux nobility.
    Yes, we all lie, and poorly at that as you demonstrated.

  33. love it, nevine, brings me in mind of this:


  34. Why do I know that whenever I finally arrive here I will be soothed by nuance of thought and feeling and expression. That I will hear the pellucid tones of brilliance. That I will have read with lips slightly apart, breath held in wonderment. It is so because it is. Thank you, Nevine, for sharing yourself with the world.

  35. Rick - You so understand human nature, don't you? That is why I love to read you... and read your thoughts. Thank you.

    LW - That is beautiful... and thank you so much for sharing it. Wow!

    Judy - And thank you, Judy, for being the wonderful reader that you are. I know that you read not only my lines... but within... and inside them. And this is so very appreciated... to an extent I can't even begin to describe! Thank you so much for your awesome readership.

  36. Awww.. this is so beautiful..


  37. The last stanza takes one completely by surprise...I like surprises!


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