Monday, December 13, 2010

Let Me Lie with You

Kiss by Ivan Koulakov

Let me lie with you side by side
Within the trembling fingers of dreams
Our mouths filled with ferns and flowers
Our eyes wide with stars and sky,

Reclining beneath a generous tree
Whose leaves storm-shiver in our hair
Our heads rolling upon no axes
Our legs climbing circular stairs,

While the earth vibrates its discordant waves
Into the haunted hollows of the night
And we draw the heavens about us like a cloak
And the gods watch over us with phantom eyes,

And pain too pained with pain
Curls up into a ball and goes to sleep
And rain too dense with rain
Rolls up into a storm and makes to fall,

And we watch the sky crackle
And liquefy and glow
And we watch the sky cry
When the clouds explode.


  1. Oh Nevine, how I love how you write..xo

  2. The artistry along with your beautiful words creates dreams I long to be a part of....

    God Nevine ever time I read this I tremble

  3. So very beautiful, I'm in love with the circular stairs line.

  4. Oh Nevine! J'ai adoré! Tant de belles images affluent à mon esprit;o)
    C'est beau, c'est beau, c'est beau!
    Merci pour ce superbe cadeau qui fait oublier la fatigue de la journée;o)

    Gros bisous et belle semaine, ma belle****

  5. Our mouths filled with ferns and flowers.....
    I love it!

    Mucho amor,

  6. your description of the storm is so vivid....I am in awe. And BTW loving your new blog;)


  7. Oh my gosh, I really loved this, Nevine.
    You're gifted with lively poetic imagination.
    Your poem was enough to spread a good amount of sunshine in my day.
    I've always been in awe of your great ability in poetry.
    I ADORED each and every word you used here to describe the passion, the tenderness, the divine sentiment!
    A great canvas of enchanting words.
    Thank you!

    Lots of well deserved love

    B xx

  8. At first this poem made me think of that Savage Garden song Truly Madly Deeply ("I want to lay like this forever until the sky falls down on me") but then it turned darker and somehow sinister. Like when you use the words "discordant waves" and "haunted hollows" and "the gods watch over us with phantom eyes".

    It was like the act of love was turning into something frightening but essential and powerful and consuming. I got the shivers.


  9. I cannot type for my fingers are still trembling so...

  10. Reading this, my thoughts flew back to the ecstasy that possessed me as I lay reading Lawerence's "Lady Chatterly's Lover." It has been a long time since I last imagined those glorius episodes of tenderness in that novel, largely misunderstood by many. Nevine, you not only took me back to those time but brought the same pleasure alive and pulsating. I have said this many times before but I say it over and over: You weave magic seamlessly and I am always left enchanted and asking for more.

    As long as you write, I will allow myself the eternal joy of being transformed into those words and moments.

    Joy always,

  11. This is so awesome that I"m going to steal it and put it on my blog. Kidding, about stealing I mean, I'm so glad your thief was exposed. But this, wow Nevine,clouds exploding, such intense imagery. Your words are medicine to a naked soul.

  12. yip, i want to be there! what a dreamy state

  13. what can i possibly say, nevine! your words just defy description - this poem just reaches in and pulls me out! magnificent, lady, magnificent!

  14. Glynis – You are so very sweet, and thank you. Lovely to see you here…

    Sir Thomas – You can be part of every dream you wish to be a part of, Sir.

    Christopher – I liked that line, too. He he he… ;-)

    Crémilde – Je suis contente de t’avoir donnée ce petit cadeau. Tu mérites les plus belles poésies, ma belle! Gros gros smacks !

  15. Adriana – Thank you so much, my dear. And mucho amor back to you. Besos!

    DW – Thank you, twice over. You are the brilliant one!

    Betty – So happy to spread sunshine whenever and wherever I can. And so happy to read your smiling words. You’ve made me smile inside my heart… and that’s the best kind of smiling there is. Thank you, dearest! Hugs.

  16. Jai – He he he… that’s funny because, given how my imagination works, if it doesn’t turn dark and sinister at some point or the other you know I’m not being myself. I’m delighted to have given you some shivers, Jai.

    Owen – Trembling fingers? Hmmm…

    Susan – I remember reading “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” as well. What a story! And what a passion! I’m glad to share with you the moments that create what blooms in my imagination. It’s a pleasure to have you as a reader… and as a friend, Susan!

  17. Cat – A little medicine goes a long way, doesn’t it? Happy to sprinkle some medicine here and there… not only for naked souls… but for mine, too… eternally naked!

    Blasphemous Aesthete – Well, no. They didn’t quite disappear. Everything exploded in the sky and then sprinkled all its magic over the two of them. That’s sort of how I imagined it…

    Kay – Just close your eyes…

    Jenean – So happy you liked it. You know how to weave some words… you really do. So I’m overjoyed that you enjoyed. ;-)

  18. Hey Nevine! Time for me to play some catch up.
    The word I would use to best describe this poem is LUSH...

    Love it!

  19. I almost missed this one, Nevine. So glad I didn't.

  20. Pat - Thanks!

    Martin - I'm glad, too. Thank you, Martin.

    Blasphemous Aesthete - :-)

  21. 'now i lay me down to sleep...' loving it!

  22. I was guided to your blog by a mutual friend, I am so happy I listened...truly your words come alive like a living painting...brilliant;)

  23. Nev
    I love the line
    our mouths filled with ferns and flowers
    it made me feel at home in your poem
    speaking of home-don't care much for yours!
    sat in traffic for two hours on 410 today.
    sheesh its crowded down here.

  24. What can I say to this kind of writing? There are no words to sufficiently express the feelings, the memories you evoke inside deep of me. Also, you create that need for more, more!

    You sew, you knit, you weave, and your material is imagination and experience transposed into words...and FORM! I love, I love, I love!

    Queen Nevine, without a doubt.

  25. LW - Thank you! You are always thoughtful, LW.

    Kaleidoscope - Thanks to your mutual friend. I am happy as well. ;-)

    Rick - Don't care much for mine, either, Rick! Yes, it's freaking crowded all the time. Thanks for dropping in... :-)

    Don Carlo - Your comment was pure poetry to read, and thank you for that. You really are a gentleman, Don Carlo.

  26. greetings dear nevine! just dropping by to say hello - hope all is well with you and yours!

  27. nevine: I had to leave a comment ABOUT your other blog, the naked light and your latest and pain go hand in hand, Ive never read it so beautifully as you wrote are truly amazing my friend...

  28. Jenean - Doing fine! Thanks for the visit. I appreciate it a ton!!!

    David - Thank you. You do always seem to understand me, too. :-)

  29. Nevine, please send me a blank email

    Comment 12-18-10:

    Just now tearing myself away from "The Naked Light"...and I must say...MUST say, Nevine, about love...Shhhh! DO know don't you? Amazing, not that you know, but that you view it in such sensually sensitive words.

    And eloquent.

    NO superlatives shall ever convey my thoughts to understandable vibrations, when it comes to your talent.

    BTW, to purge myself (12-16-10) I just play music, I whisper in my 'flute'...

  31. my Sweet Queen Nevine...

    You, lover of the night ad night lover. Only you can give a sensual moment like this, such evocative, strong and tender passsion. Only you can make words as if only created for you to play in your mind and produce games we all play but only You can display in such fashion. Only You make me go and look up words in a dictionary to choose the right words to tell you...

    I just feel like swinging in a cool breeze both dizzy and bright as I read your work...

    In other words, the heart and the intellect go a step beyond...

    Hugs my dearest



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