Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Movement by Melanie Weidner

I'm elated! My words... my supplication... stolen from my site... have been removed from the plagiarist's site by Google! I complained... Google responded.

Need I say more?

Thank you, Google!

And thanks a million times to all of you who were supportive... and unafraid to voice your support! The truth never lies... and never dies!




  1. Excellent news. I am so glad.

    Yours is such an original voice - I am so glad it once again is truly, only, yours.

  2. Thanks so much, Lou! I am just... over the moon!!!

  3. I have read your post on 'the naked light'.


    p.s. I always open doors for women. And I believe if you (any 'you') can do my job you should make my money.

  4. Very good news indeed, and good to know that Google/Blogger will take action if action is warranted.

    Though I'm not sure Google would be as ecstatic as you to see you exclaimed "Yahoo!!!" to express your satisfaction over something Google did...
    So hopefully you'll be able to get back to some good writing and try and forget this sorry episode... If I were a junkie, I'd say I'm almost starting to jones for a good fix of Nevine...

  5. Vantastic news my friend...so happy for you:)


  6. PS I guess it's intentional that comments aren't turned on over at the naked light ? I wanted to try to be gallant and leave a kind word there, but I couldn't... guess I'll go shovel snow instead...
    And it's supposed to snow all day tomorrow too...

  7. Lou - You're such a sweetheart! Thank you for joining me there... and thank you especially for your kind and dear comment. I truly appreciate a gentleman! ;-)

    Owen - I know, eh? That's what my husband said about the yahoo thing. That's why I added three exclamation points... but oh well. I do appreciate that Google took action! Nevine will be back soon with a fix for you, Owen! And oh, the comments on Naked Light are intentionally switched off, yes. It's not that I don't want to hear from my readers, there. It's just that... I don't know. It feels more comfortable and honest like that. Know what I mean? ;-) Thanks so much for all your support, Owen! You're a dear friend!!!

    David - Thank you so much! And thanks for being here when it all happened, too!

  8. Owen - I forgot to mention... you're a gentleman for shoveling snow. I'm sure your wife appreciates that a great deal. So good luck with it all. I did hear about the snowfalls in Paris this year! Surprising!!!

  9. So in awe of you and ofcourse Google. Your works need to be protected, preserved and cherished for it arises out of a deep-felt experience of having lived in precious moments.

    Joy always,

  10. yippieee...these are great news Nevine!! brought such a relief and a bif smile to my heart..there is nothing that is as much as feeling supported,heard and protected by the main source! Google ..you are such a true GEM..:)
    so happy for you my friend..:) BIG HUGS..:)

  11. Susan - Yes, I'm in awe of Google, too. And thanks so much for the sweet words... and the support!

    Abeer - Thank you for your enthusiasm! It's wonderful!!! Big hugs back to you. :-)

  12. Excellent news!! ... thanks to Google. I've always been a big fun of Google!
    I am sooo happy for you!


    Bear hugs/love/kisses my sweet friend!

    B XX

  13. yes it's reassuring !
    and I'm happy for you !! :))

    Bye :)

  14. the proof was in the words... nobody has such words roll off there lips like you...


  15. Congratulations Nevine, and yes, truth never dies, neither is subdued

  16. I'm with Owen and your husband on the Yahoo thing! Happy to hear of this result.

    P.S. I absolutely LOVED your 12062010 Naked Light(we'll get our comments out to you one way or another, Nevine).

  17. Wonderful! Now you will back to your creative self! Thank's Google! And also congratulations on the Naked Light. :)

  18. Betty - Thank you, my dearest! I'm so elated about this... and so happy it happened!

    Mahon - Thank you so much! :-)

    Sir Thomas - You're so kind... thank you.

    Blasphemous Aesthete - Not subdued... oh no! Never!!!

    ConTemplate - Yeah, I didn't think about it until I'd hit the publish button on the Yahoo! thing and then I just added a couple more exclamation points. Besides, Yahoo was always a word, before it became an internet thing, wasn't it? And hey, thanks about the comment on my 12062010. I appreciate it a lot!

    Martin - I know!

    Adriana - Thank you so much, Adriana. Your support has been wonderful! :-)

  19. :)
    Good job Queen
    Congrats on this!

  20. That's excellent news, Nevine! Congratulations!


  21. I will admit that I just stumbled upon your site and am not fully aware of the situation but am very happy to see that everything went right for you. ^_^

  22. I was trying to cut my internet time to finish some unfinished business, so I wasnt able to read your previous post before.. Your frustration was so vivid but I am glad that google handled it..

  23. Dulce - Thanks. I'm happy it's taken care of...

    Jai - It's good to know Google takes action, isn't it?

    Game Store Guy - Thank you; I appreciate that!

    Turquoise Diaries - I'm glad as well. Google rocks!

    J'arrive un peu tard, ma belle! Mais quelle joie de voir que ton oeuvre t'a été rendue;o)
    Merci mille fois à Mr Google! Il est un vrai gentleman!

    Un gros SMACK et un doux weekend avec la tête dans les étoiles****

  25. bravo/brava, google - and nevine! so happy to hear - very refreshing to see/hear of wrongs that have been righted!!! hugs -

  26. excellent news, indeed...

    too bad google allows that dickhead to continue plagiarizing others! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    my friend 'vesper' is another victim! :(

  27. That is awesome! Glad to here there was some justice.

  28. great to hear. Google is a sound business and it is in their best interest to assist with these things. i'm not surprised.

    i know how refreshing it is to be free of that mark.

    now - write poetry for me!!!! :)

  29. Cremilde - Merci, ma belle. Gentille, gentille, gentille... comme toujours. Je remercie Google, aussi. Et merci mille fois pour tout ce que tu as fait... une vraie amie!!! Smacks pour toi!!! :-)

    Jenean - It is a rare thing, isn't it, to learn of a righted wrong... but here we are celebrating such a moment! I am overjoyed that Google took action. And I'm proud of them for doing so. Thanks for the support, Jenean. Hugs back!

    LW - Yes, it is too bad this person is allowed to keep stealing. But the thing is, we need to complain to Google otherwise Google will never know. If we don't announce what's happened to them, they'll never know to take action. So, there are steps for doing it, but it is an easy and time-worthy process, especially if one cares enough about one's work to go through it. I got some responses from readers who don't worry about their work being plagiarized, and that's fine if they're okay with it. But if we care... we have to complain, and they will respond, for sure. They don't want this liability, either!

    Christopher - Justice, indeed! And thanks, Christopher! :-)

    Kim - Free, yes! And it feels awesome. And thanks for the encouragement, Kim. I haven't stopped writing, actually. It's just that I've been so busy with life... and then this... but I'll be back posting soon. Just got a couple more things to take care of and them boom! Thanks for being around for this.

  30. By way of Sweeter Poems I come here Nevine. Reading backwards, I understand your elation over this change of event.

    Truth is the winner, and it makes me happy to know that. Thank you for coming back to notify.

    I will check out that other place of yours now while here.

  31. Comments Re: THE NAKED LIGHT (No place for comment.)
    Thursday. 12/09/2010

    From the depths of Nevine comes her poetry I believe.From those same depths comes also the beauty expressed. Never Nevine, have I thought glass eyes--or their sockets could be so wondrously described. Thank You So!

    Tuesday. 12/07/2010

    Unforgettable true story! In the past I had been known as gallant. When not so, I felt as something is wrong, out of place. I intend to be gallant more, again. beginning with today. (Almost said tomorrow, LOL.)

  32. Congratulations Nevine.

    I am happy for you and I enjoy reading the Naked Light posts. I hope to hear more good news about you getting published some of your wonderful and masterful pieces. Your resilience is incredible.

    Best of luck

  33. Coucou ma belle!
    Thank you so much for your visits and kind comments!
    I appreciate so much your amitié;o)


    And I love reading your thoughts and memories in "The Naked Light" also!
    Thanks for sharing;o)
    Hope you are having a great weekend;o)


  34. Don Carlo - Hello, and thank you for the visit and the lovely words. There is usually writing in this space, as well... poetry and such. But I had to interrupt that for this unfortunate happening. As for 'The Naked Light,' comments are closed there deliberately. But I do thank you for sharing your thoughts. And gallantry is a beautiful thing, so it's wonderful you're going back to it... though I think if you used to be gallant, you never really lost that touch to begin with. ;-) I will be swinging by to visit your place, Don Carlo.

    Khaled - It is very good news, not only for me, but for other writers who care about their work, as well. It's good to know we can report an infringement and have something be done about it. Thank you so much, Khaled, for your support. My resilience comes only because I was supported by my blogging friends, like you and others.

    Cremilde - You're so welcome, my dear. And I don't mind sharing... well... what I don't mind sharing, you know. ;-) Gros smacks!!!

  35. google needs a 'report post' button on every board it owns... to facilitate bringing down plagiarists and other morons!

  36. I agree, LW. Though the process for reporting these copyright infringements is really not all that difficult. Still, anything to make matters easier for those of us who become victimized by having our hard work stolen!

  37. That's great!
    Some earthlings are so damn stupid...


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