Saturday, November 27, 2010

While I Was Away... A Plagiarist Came to Play!

It's unfortunate that I had to interrupt my blogging break for this. But, yes. My words were violated…  stolen from my blog… and posted on someone else’s blog as though they were their words. Plagiarism is a plague… a disease… and it is more prevalent than you can imagine.

I recall… just a few weeks ago… when Rick Moore from The Writer and the White Cat was blogging about the plagiarist who was stealing his work. I remember reading his words and thinking, He’s very very very angry. And he has every right! I remember, also, wondering to myself how I would feel if the same happened to me, and acknowledging that I would be equally angry.

Imagine my face when I went to my computer yesterday morning, logged in, went to see about emails and such, and found myself with a fishy feeling in my gut. My gut feelings are never wrong. Something inside me told me to randomly check on some of my work. And I started to do that… found something that looked odd on a search… clicked on a person’s blog… a person I had been reading on and off for a while… while thinking to myself that this writing lacks voice. Those of us who write know about voice. We know that every writer has an unmistakable writing identity… and we also know that if that voice is missing… this is not a true writer.

I found myself looking at my words on that blog, and my initial reaction was shock! How dare!!! That’s my poem! And I immediately remembered Rick, and his agony, and his anger. And I got ANGRY!!! I said I was taking a blogging break, but I didn’t say I was going to be dead while doing that. I have to protect what’s mine, so I watch what’s mine.

Please click on the screenshot to see the full image, including my poem posted on her blog, and my two comments to her immediately following my discovery: 

My poem, Supplication, was published on my blog on January 10, 2010. You can still find it there, in my archives, along with all of your and my comments, with dates and times.

Over the course of the day, I tried to sort through my feelings about the whole incident. And my overwhelming emotion was pity. Pity is one of those unfortunate emotions, but it overshadowed all other emotions… even the anger. I felt pity for this person. Because those who feel they must steal what belongs to another in order to feel complete… never feel complete. She didn’t even bother to take the time to change the title. That was my supplication, felt by me, bled through my heart and my fingertips, and no one will take it away from me. If you want to post my work on your site, please ask me first… and credit me if I say it’s okay.

In National Poetry Month, Khaled from Khaled KEM asked me if he could publish one of my poems on his site. Of course, I’d be honored, I said. A few months ago, Owen from Magic Lantern Show posted some photos that made my mind spin, and I left him a comment that I was “stealing” his photos, though I had no intention of posting them anywhere. He said, Sure, I’ll send you the originals by email. A few weeks back, when Rick was blogging about his plagiarism issue, he published a post titled “How to Catch a Plagiarist” with invaluable information for any writer. I copied and pasted the entire post onto a Word document so I could have easy access to the links, but not before asking Rick. This is the right thing to do. We all come across artistic expression or other media that we admire. Every so often I read something and I think to myself, I wish I’d written that! But do I help myself to it and post it on my site as mine? Never. The English language is rich with words… both beautiful and despicable… and the combinations are simply endless. 

Anyhow, the plagiarist didn’t remove the post as I requested. I asked politely, and issued a warning, but I got no response. And so, I filed a complaint to Google. She went through my archives that diligently and... I suppose I should’ve been flattered. After all, “Imitation is the sincerest flattery." But then, I really wasn’t flattered at all; I was disgusted. People who write don’t just sit there and catch downpours of words and ideas and put them on paper. It’s a tough and demanding and taxing and grueling process. But she wouldn’t know that. And someone who doesn’t write thinks she can invite herself over to my blog and copy and paste my words right on to her blog and then say Posted by So-and-So. But... if you try to steal my words, I will find you, even if it takes forever.

And that’s all I’m saying about that… because… I think I’ve said enough.


  1. Ohhhh Dear! i just feel sooo sorry for you! i mean NOTHING COULD EVER be more hurting then this! someone stealing your own words..your poem..your soul poured in lines..this is like committing soul murder! i really feel disgusted about these stupid idiots who think they can get away with it!
    i went to Rick 's topic and that post is so good! i followed his blog and i think i will use his profitable links..who knows!
    thank you so much for sharing with all of us your story..but believe me in the end, whoever steals art will never reach anywhere..only the true artist can :)
    big hug my courageous amazing writer..God bless your soul sweety!

  2. Great post about this, Nevine. This needs to stop. I'll send some of the info over to you by email on some more helpful tools for tracking these violators down. I suspect we'll find that your work has been taken by numerous people who need to leave your work alone and get a real life. Your poetry and writing is an international treasure and those of us who love it need to help protect it.

    There were two support groups that have seen me through the plagiarism issues- the National Writers Union ( and my blogger friends. This is a big problem for creative people now and I believe like the NWU that we have to get a grip on this now or we never will. More than that, under the Digital Millenium Act, plagiarism is a crime even if it's not for profit.

    You're not making too much of this- I'm sorry to say that you'll see that more and more as you understand how your precious work is being stolen as if it were mere electronic equipment to be resold in the criminal underground. If I didn't tell you, I've run across writers whose work was stolen, translated, then sold to foreign magazines. The author wrote in English. He never thought to check to see if his work was being sold in another language without his permission.

  3. WOW! You know I love you and your work, always have, always will. I'm so sorry that this happened to you:( It's one of those things you hear about but think it won't happen to you....good for you for exposing her, it's the only way to stop people like this.

    Again, so sorry my wonderful friend,hugs.

  4. At least, if she's going to steal, she's stolen from the very best.

  5. Abeer - Thank you so much for your kindness. You can't begin to imagine how ridiculous it feels to even be going through this... because it seems ridiculous that someone would think to actually do this sort of thing. But, people use their imaginations in twisted ways... because they lack creativity. It's unfortunate, but true. Thanks again for your kind presence, Abeer. Hugs!

    Rick - I have to tell you that it was your posts about plagiarism that really got me going with this. And your links were just amazing, Rick! I know you know how it feels and it's so crazy that we have to go through this, but maybe we should feel flattered. But, if we responded to this sort of thing by being flattered, what would that make us? And yes, I have thought about the foreign language thing. How far will people go? Again, Rick, you and your blog are simply gems... and I am so happy to know that there is somewhere for me to go not only for support, but also for invaluable information for writers.

    David - Yes, it is the only way, my very dear friend. Exposure is the only way. People seem to be so shameless about stealing so why should I be ashamed to expose them? Thanks for your support.

    Lou - You are such a kind man, Lou, and thank you.

    I have no pity for thieves! Only contempt!
    How stupid of them!
    I can imagine your feelings. The bewilderment and the anger! So sorry it happened to you, ma belle. And you're right to demand that the thief remove your work from her blog. Il faut rendre à Cesar ce qui est à Cesar!
    Hope that shameful deed won't spoil your weekend though.

    BIG HUGS, mon amie***

  7. for a writer, it is as if someone broke into your home in the night - while you slept in your bed - and stole your most treasured possessions - and then wore them the next day to church.

    yes, i had this happen once or twice.

  8. It is annoying.

    I discovered once, completely by chance, that my work had actually been placed in a print publication without my knowledge.

    With the onset of the internet and such things as blogs where we do expose our work to all and sundry, I am not sure we can ever completely stop it from happening.

    It's annoying, enraging even. But I don't see it as having my soul stolen or anything like that.

    People taking my work and putting it on their own blog or site has happened to me a few times. Personally, I just see it as part of the risk of posting online. I just carry on using my own work as I see fit and don't let them gain any ground from it.

  9. Bummer, Nevine. My own personal policy is 'steal away' but I understand your pain. It is, of course, a compliment of sorts. People are steal things of perceived value. Regards, Gerry

  10. nevine - expose her by giving her name and the URL to her blog. You can also file a complaint with blogger.

  11. Oh my God, Nevine! I'm so sorry you had to go through that. And you're 100% correct that people who plagiarise are empty inside, with corrupt souls and delusions of even their own identity. They don't know who they are so they think it's ok to pretend to be someone else. It's sickening.

    I'm glad you exposed that person. They deserved it. And maybe by going through a just exposure they'll think again before they hurt someone else in this way although I doubt it. People like that don't learn easily.

    I wish I could be with you to give you a big hug. There's nothing worse for a writer than to have someone steal your words and call your work their own. It's the worst kind of violation for any artist.

    Something similar happened to me a year ago, except that the person who stole my words posted them on their site UNDER MY NAME. The problem was that they not only didn't ask my permission, they jumbled the entire piece up so it looked like nonsense. As if my writing was nonsense! It made me furious and I tried to get them to take it down but they wouldn't listen so I exposed them too.

    Big hug, sister.


  12. Nevine,
    I emerged from my break to catch up on my favorite blogs and was sorry to hear this had happened to you. Thanks for the link, which I will use to check my own work. I can fully appreciate the sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach.

  13. Bad too've done the right thing... for, what other thing can be done?
    Express your furiousity, but I doubt this person knows anything about copyrights or the like. Let's suppose there was no bad intention, because he or she thinks it's fair to use whatever is in the net...
    No, it does not even convince myself.
    It's a shame these things happen.
    I like Lou's comment 'eso te pasa por ser tan buena!'
    I don't know what I'd do myself... Sometimes I feel having written so much in my blog is great because i let others share and praise my work... other times i feel i am too exposed and have even thought of closing my blog so nobody steals my ideas... It's a risk we all run by being here. The good thing about it all is that you found her and told us what she is... SHAME ON HER!
    Love you

  14. My heart sank when I read this, Nevine. You know, the saddest part is that most bloggers are extremely generous and obliging. I've been asked a number of times, if my material can be quoted elsewhere. I almost always say yes, with one proviso, that the work is credited to me.

    I agree, plagiarists should always be exposed.

  15. Cremilde – Yes, shame. But I don’t think this person understands what that word means. The feelings of pity are what overwhelm me… though I did feel the contempt and definitely the anger! I’m hoping she can learn from this unfortunate incident, but I’m not so sure she will. She seems to be very nonchalant in the face of it all… my poem is still on her site. Oh, well. The poem is mine, whether she cares to acknowledge that truth or not. And nothing will change that. I have the copyright to prove it. But thank you so much for your support, mon amie. And no, I won’t allow this to ruin the weekend for me. Life is too beautiful for that. ☺

    Kim – Your description is right on! And if you had this happen to you, then you do know how it feels, right? It’s a sad sad thing.

    U.V.Ray – We all have different feelings about our writing. I suppose my writing is, for me, like a child. It’s not an easy task… I work at it. And for someone to just swing by and have their go at it is not appreciated at all. And I won’t let anyone get away with it if I find out, either. Yes, it is enraging… and ridiculous at the same time.

  16. That's incredible. Good to see you make a stand, I'm going to go head over to Rick's blog because I know way too little about this subject.

    Get her!

  17. Nevine, this person must be nuts to think that she could pass your writing as anyone but yours. Your voice is unique.

    I think after the initial angry stage I would just feel pity for her, she has so many unfortunate traits. I think there is nothing more despicable than a thief or a liar and she is both.

    I hope you reach an outcome that is satisfactory to you!

    But please, please don't stop sharing your writing!!

  18. Gerry – Yes, I do get that it’s a compliment… just of a twisted variety, because I’m not being acknowledged. The person is saying, “I like this and I want it to be mine” to themselves, rather than declaring it for who it belongs to.

    Trish and Rob – Her URL is on the snapshot. And I have filed a complaint. I will do whatever I need to do to stop this sort of thing from happening, not only to me, but to anyone else. We all are vulnerable.

    Jai – Consider the big hug received! And boy do I need it. I agree, also, that it’s hard for people who have been doing this sort of thing for a while to stop. I think it becomes a sort of addiction. They start to ride a wave that’s showing them an illusion they think is real. Unfortunate and delusional! And I can understand your anger completely at the incident that happened with you. It’s a terrible thing to misquote somebody, or to misrepresent their work. The lengths people will go to! But thanks so much for your support, Jai. It really means a lot to me.

  19. Judy – I was on a break myself, when this happened. I hadn’t checked my blog in days, but something gave me an itchy feeling in my gut yesterday morning and I was like a madwoman, and I found this! Yes, the link to Rick’s post about catching plagiarists is awesome! In fact, I would suggest you look through all of his posts on that topic… there were a series of them… and they were all very helpful and informative.

    Dulce – No, the idea that this person had no bad intentions doesn’t sit with me at all. I mean, she deliberately tried to hide herself by not following me anymore, as if I needed that to help me find her. But I do think all plagiarists should be exposed. That’s why this is important information to share… because it can happen to any of us. In fact, there is probably more out there that I don’t know about. And the thought sickens me, but I will be digging deeper into this. No one will steal my work and get away with it. No one! Love you back, Dulce!

    Martin – I agree that most bloggers are open and honest. It’s just that every once in a while, one happens along to break the flow of things… and unfortunately that one visited me this time. But, because it would be unfortunate for a plagiarist to visit anyone and steal their work, exposing them is always important. But what a terrible waste of everyone’s time!

  20. Christopher – Excellent idea to head on over to Rick’s. He has a treasure trove of information on the topic, and he knows what he’s talking about because he’s been hurt. He is ever gracious and helpful, too. And an awesome writer, to boot!

    Pauline – Your description of how you would feel is exactly how I felt. Anger… then pity. As for the outcome, my biggest hope is that she will come away from this experience knowing that she shouldn’t go there.

  21. Dear Nevine, I join you in your disgust. This is one area where I admire the justice system in some countries... where thieves have their hands chopped off. I had the same thing happen very early on in my blogging experience, where I found one of my photos had been stolen... I left comments asking them to remove it, got no answer... unfortunately in our global pond, there are alot of one-celled organisms that simply eat whatever they see... bottom dwellers...

    All best wishes to you...

  22. So sorry this has happened to you, Nevine - but it is good that you found out and that you have exposed the culprit! I'm glad you took steps to protect your work, and that you intend to pursue the violation. If possible, I hope you will be able to inform us how things work out.

  23. oh, dear goodness! what a mess! i am so very sorry and at a loss for words - you know, the cynical me sees the anonymous followers tagging along, never commenting, and i can't help but wonder why - what it is they are doing - whether or not they are taking bits and pieces here and there - thanks so much for putting us on notice by letting us all know of your horrific story - hugs - gypsy

  24. Hello Nevine!
    I've just left a comment in that person's blog and afterwards I felt pity too. Because I wonder if he/she isn't just a silly kid.
    And the strange thing is that I had to type "hatiou" which I read as "hate you" to leave my comment.

    One more thing. A few months ago, while visiting some blogs I noticed that in a blog created some weeks before by someone who had recently become my follower, the owner had posted a poem I had already read on the blog of one of my older followers. And so I thought it was a good thing to inform the owner of the poem because I thought if that happened to me and someone knew it I would appreciate to be informed.
    The owner reacted just as you did and the thief closed her blog. But the owner also stopped visiting my blog!!!

    Have a beautiful Sunday***

  25. Hi Nevine,

    Thank you for your post and you did the right thing pointing out to that problem. Once your work is out there on the internet, it becomes a difficult task to protect it from plagiarism. But I am glad that you figure a way out to check on your work.

    I can feel what you felt about this incident. Each piece we create is part of us. We do not just assemble words together. These words are part of you. You got already the right conclusion why people can do such a thing: she has no soul, she has no voice.

    Best of luck and happy belated Thanksgiving!


  26. Owen - Thank you for sharing your story. You know, I didn't realize how many people had been bitten by this sort of thing until I did this post. It's sad that people think they can steal something that belongs to you just because you were kind enough to share it. But we come in all types, don't we? Thank you for sharing my disgust, too. It makes me feel... well, not alone.

    ConTemplate - I will definitely let everyone know when things have been figured out. I intend to see this through to the end. But, if nothing else happens, at least I've shared my story so others can know that this sort of thing does happen, and we have to keep our senses open.

    Jenean - It was so important for me to share this because if I don't, some people will just not realize that human leeches are out there. There is nothing cynical about wondering why someone is just following quietly. If you are a follower, I'm sure you have an opinion about what I'm doing here. Why not share it? But if that is not your purpose, then what is your purpose? I realize, too, that there are silent readers who are harmless, but still... the thieves are out there. Thank you so much for your support, Jenean.

  27. Cremilde - Unfortunately, my plagiarist seems to be showing no reaction. I wonder if she isn't just enjoying being in the limelight, in some sick kind of way. But that is all right with me because the important thing is that I have shown her for who she is. I was not going to just turn the other way and pretend I hadn't noticed. Especially because she was insidious and tried to disappear. Of course, that is what people do when they know they've done something wrong. But now that she's been found out, she is not responding. Like I said, I don't care about her response. My part in exposing her is done! Thank you, my dear Cremilde, for your dear friendship. You don't know how much it means to me.

    Khaled - Thank you, and you know, I was really thinking about all the great writers and artists and other people who express themselves artistically out there when I wrote this post. There is so much of this sort of stealing going on, and it's unfortunate. It's always the right thing to credit what someone has done. Always. We can't do everything perfectly, we can't be everyone all at once. We all have our individual talents, and there is no reason to try and rip off the talent of another. So, it's important to make it known when we discover someone doing that... ripping off someone's hard work. Maybe it's all fun and games for them, but not for those of us who pore long hours of time and energy into what we do. Thank you for being here, Khaled. I appreciate it.

  28. Nevine:

    Just an acknowledgement in the end of the work would have made a huge difference. I am sure you have all the right to protect your work and identity (I say identity because every writer's work is suffused with their personality).
    And this is a warning for all of us as well.

    Take care.

    Joy and peace,

  29. That is horrible. This is one of my biggest fears and I am so sorry to hear that it happened to you. Your work is lovely, and a piece of your soul. For her to take this is beyond wrong. I hope you find her and I am glad you exposed her. People should not be allowed to get away with this.

  30. Stolen from the QUEEN? Oh NOOOOOO! Nevine I have not commented here for a while. And here today, what do I read, but how a blogger (I will not call her a 'Peep'!) has hurt you.

    Not your pride, but your faith in Peeps, your hope for fairness, your love for those who daily express love for you in these comments--all that has been tarnished. And so this person has affected ALL of us in some way.

    But Sweet Nevine--you will come out of this the better, for having helped others into an awareness of being possibly a victim of plagiarism, or having been innocently guilty of using someone's photo, painting, etc., without bothering to give credit.

    EVERY SINGLE TIME I have asked a blogger permission to use their work (usually a drawing or picture or an oil piece)...EVERY time, they have said Yessss! And I feel so trusted then.

    If anything I/we can do to help, please tell me. I just really REALLY hate (also *I* am disgusted) to know that someone has violated your very soul and will not even realize it to offer sorrow, amends, nor request the hand of reconciliation. Maybe even to thank you for 'showing' her the way out of her pride and self centeredness.

    For me, I feel blest that nothing I have put on the blogs has ever been worthy of copying, stealing--or even reading?--for that matter! NOT false humility, just reality. I know what are my gifts and what are NOT! I am not a writer. However, if someone stole my MUSIC, I would be equally as offended as you, my dear.

    Love and PEACE, Nevine-friend.
    Steve E

  31. That's one of the things that certain types of plagiarists enjoy, Nevine. Notariety from stealing your work is sometimes the closest to fame they get. One plagiarist angrily told another writer "You have everything. Why can't you share?"

    It's the kind of thinking that can't help but give you a headache while your sense of outrage grows.

  32. Susan - More important to me than exposing her for stealing my work was to let people know that this sort of thing does happen. For the longest time, the thought never even crossed my mind... that someone would do such a thing. But then... what doesn't cross my mind is crossing someone else's.

    Eva - Thank you for the support. And no... people should never be allowed to take what isn't theirs. When we find that someone has plagiarized not only writing, but any other form of artistic expression, we should always report it. Otherwise, these people think they can just keep doing this and getting away with it.

  33. Steve - It's so sweet of you to stop in and leave such kind and supportive words for me, especially because I know you're not blogging anymore. I think most people in blogland have the goodness of heart and graciousness to acknowledge someone's work when they post it on their site. But every once in a while, it seems, someone comes along and tries to take credit for what doesn't belong to them. I was casually searching for my work on the web before Rick did his awesome series of posts about plagiarism. But after I read everything he had to share, I got into a frenzy and realized that millions have access to what we put out there, and that always makes it easier for someone who has an interest in stealing. Steve, your support is... overwhelming. Thank you so much, really. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

  34. Rick - I absolutely agree. I think that sometimes, people think that if they can't make it by doing what they want to do well, they can make it by doing something really wicked and evil, and hey... fame is fame to them. And share? Sure, we can share, but how about you share what's mine and credit me, as I would do if I shared what's yours. I just don't understand it, Rick. My mind is still trying to figure it out. But my mind is not that type of thinking vessel, so it's really complicated for me to understand this. I make up yucky characters with icky personalities all the time for my writing, but seeing such characters in real life always leaves me in disbelief. Rick, your support has been... immeasurable. And I really can't thank you enough.

  35. yes! the plagiarism is a plague, and I see no interest in doing it ! A blog is meant to create, the copier will have no rewards by these comments or the compliments because it s'aura that these texts, photographs or other does not come from him !
    It's natural that I support you, encourage you and congratulate you for your good work, I'm follower because your page is very good :)

    Bye Mahon

  36. Mahon - Welcome, and thank you for your support. I agree entirely with every word you said about plagiarism. Hopefully, the more effort we make at finding plagiarists and exposing them, the less plagiarism will occur. Thank you again, and I hope you enjoy your visits, here!

  37. Nevine, I feel terrible for you and I can so relate. I wrote an entire children's book. I had sent it to a publisher in New York who sent me back a letter of rejection BUT said they had shown it to 5 other editors who were interested enough to read it.
    I was horribly disappointed, devastated actually and then a year later I decided to try again and this time, I showed it to a woman who wanted to do art work for it.

    When I tried to contact her again, her number had been changed and she had moved. She had been recommended by a friend of a friend of a friend and so on.... and I never saw my manuscript again or heard from her again.

    This was 22 years ago.

    I was stupid enough to have given her the original ( I was 20 at the time) and had no back up. I often look to see if my idea, my words are out there somewhere. So, a bit different but the emotions are similar. It was theft pure and simple and an invasion into my sacred space.

    That woman who stole your work deserves all the bad karma coming her way.

  38. Glynis - What a devastating story! I can't even imagine such a thing. I am so shocked at the number of people who said they suffered similar experiences. I honestly thought I was amongst few others who had undergone such an experience. As it is, that is not the case. My hope is that she will learn something from this. I'm not sure she will, though. But that is not my problem. I am not the one who has to live with knowing I'm a thief. Thank you so much for your support, Glynis. It means the world to me.

  39. Hello, ma belle!
    I've just visited the thief's blog and I'm completely dumbfound! She didn't remove your work!!! I don't know what to think and what to say!
    So sorry you have to go through all this and hope everything will come to normal as soon as possible.


    Big KISSES and HUGS, my sweet friend****

  40. How dare she!!!
    And so flagrantly!
    My brother is an artist and his work is very often plagarized.
    It makes you boil with anger.
    How can some people just do such things?
    I "understand" stealing a purse and use it, but stealing words, sentiments, thoughts?
    As much identified with them as you may feel, you cannot call them yours!
    How good does that make them?
    How can they look at those words and call them theirs?
    I just don't get it!
    You would believe that someone who could have the soul to appreciate your poetry could not have the gut to plagiarize, it is such a
    contradiction in nature!
    Who is that person, really?
    Do they think they will not be caught and that they can get away with it?
    They can fool all the readers, but they can never fool themselves!
    I'll tell what I believe could be the worse part, that if no one catches them and enough time passes, they can end up believing they
    actually wrote those words.
    "Repeat a lie long enough and it becomes a truth." Now, who said that?
    Dear Nevine, sending you all my love and support, Adriana

  41. It is so saddening that there are people out there who feel like they must steal from artists because they can't make art themselves. We all have it within ourselves to create beautiful work and I have only respect and admiration for those who can share that part of themselves with the world and pity for those who are unwilling to do so. Their lack of clairvoyance is absolutely no excuse to steal from others. I am extremely disgusted to hear that someone would do this to you, and saddened that they felt desperate enough to do it.
    My deepest sympathies.

  42. Cremilde - No, she hasn't removed it yet. But, I no longer care. The work is mine, except for the parts where she stupidly messed it up as she tried to hide her tracks. Nothing changes the fact that I wrote the original, and it is MINE. Thank you so much, ma belle amie, for your staunch support. Big LOVE back to you!

    Adriana - I am with you 100% when you say that they end up believing their own lies. That's exactly how sick minds like that work. It's more sad for them that they live this insecure existence than it is for me to see that they've tried to take what's mine. She didn't take from me; it's mine. She tried to take, and was exposed. And that's what matters. Because anytime I catch someone stealing my work I will expose them. I will never ever be one to turn the other cheek. And in fact, she hasn't fooled anyone, not even herself. Adriana, you are so very sweet to stop in and leave me your thoughts here. Thank you.

    Militant - We do all have it inside us, don't we? I don't know why people think they don't have the ability to create. It seems to me that because it's been easier for them to try and take what belongs to someone else and pass it off as theirs, they won't even make the effort to try and find out what their abilities are. So sad, really, because supposing she had a huge talent she never knew about, just because she never even bothered to explore it. My thanks to you for your support; I appreciate every bit of it, truly. Thank you.

  43. Nev
    See, that's the problem with being good.
    never happens to me.
    but in all seriousness, I'm so sorry someone has messed up your peace.
    This probably happens a lot more than we know. it's a big world out there and we see little of it. take care~rick

  44. Rick - You might be surprised to find some of your work stolen. I wouldn't be. Nothing will surprise me anymore! Thanks for swinging by, Rick!

  45. I'm sorry this happened to you, Nevine. As I read through your piece I tried to imagine what you could do about it. Contact Blogger? I don't know anything about copyrights and how to guard against plagiarism. My lack of knowledge about copyright has deterred me from publishing fiction/poetry, really.

    I imagine plagiarism runs rampant as a consequence of the internet and social networking: access to literature is high. It's everywhere. Maybe this large pool of literature made your plagiarist think she could hide within it. A fool's game, of course. Most plagiarism doesn't seem conducted too brightly, if that's even possible. Or maybe, as further evidence of her cowardice and stupidity, she thinks stuff published on the internet it public domain. I'm just trying to find my way into her head.

    I liked your description of people who plagiarize and why. I think also, some of it is desperation: the need to find something creative to prove one's self quickly be it for school or whatever. Or maybe not a need, but a desire to prove something. I don't think imitation is a compliment. Compliments don't hurt this much.

    Big hugs to you...

  46. Ashley - Thank you profoundly for the big hugs, first of all. Much much appreciated! And your thoughts are comforting, as well. I do think there is a lot of ignorance out there about how work that is on the public domain works, but this girl did know what she was doing, because she did everything she could to cover her tracks. I find her behavior inexcusable, whether or not she wanted to prove something. I mean, prove something to who? But then again, I can't get inside that type of thinking, really... just like you can't. People who think like that are challenging... and challenged. And although I've always thought of imitation as a sort of compliment, this time around it really wasn't, because I was the one struck with it. I think we have to suffer from something to understand it. But you're absolutely right: compliments don't hurt like this... and if they do... they are no longer compliments. Thank you so much, Ashley, for stopping in. I really appreciate your thoughts on this.

  47. well said, m'dear friend!

    unfortunately, the bottom feeders and mouth breeders continue to think the rest of us are stupid, and will never find out when we are ripped off! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  48. Nevine, I've heard about this from Rick. I'm so sorry...
    It's completely beyond comprehension to me how people could do something like that, but then again they steal money and other things so why not words also? Although this is a somehow subtler theft for reasons that I think you pinned down perfectly in your post.
    Many hugs to you.

  49. Nevine, it's incredible! I just went to that person's blog and found "Beloved Memory" on Nov. 25th and thought 'hey, this looks familiar...' and yes, I posted "Beloved Delusion" on August 28th... Unbelievable!

  50. LW - Yes, unfortunate indeed! But I think they are the more unfortunate ones for feeling so inept as to have to rip another's talent off. How ridiculous and crazy, no? Thanks for your support, LW! I really appreciate it.

    Vesper - And beyond comprehension to me as well. Stealing talent is... I don't know... it just doesn't work. I can't imagine it making the person who tried to take it feel complete. But then, I am not that type of person, and neither are you, so we will continue to be perplexed by this kind of behavior. My thoughts are with you, Vesper. Having one's hard work violated is not fun. Many hugs back to you.

  51. Coucou ma belle!
    Merci pour le plaisir de ta visite;o)
    J'espère que que tout va merveilleusement bien et que tu passes une très belle fin de semaine en compagnie des tiens;o)

    Je t'embrasse très fort et pense bien à toi. SMACK SMACK SMACK****

  52. Cremilde - Merci, mon amie. Je passe une belle dimanche avec mon mari, et je te remercie pour ta gentillesse, comme toujours. Bisous, ma belle!

  53. Like everyone else, I am shocked (but not surprised, given human nature) at this news. You have done the right thing to expose her and I only hope that she feels some sense of shame.

  54. Dear Nevine,
    I'm so slow sometimes, I only now just realized you've started a second blog... am discovering it with pleasure...

    Be well...

  55. Aww, Nevine, I am so sorry it happened to you.
    Disgusting!!! Shame on her!! How dare!!!
    I am so sorry that that someone has hurt you in such a horrible way.
    My apologies for being late to leave a comment...but after a 2 weeks know how it is. And I've never thought that things would be tremendously "serious". (sorry I cannot find the right expression).
    Mainly I am SO SORRY because YOU've been so hurt and something/someone messed up your peace.
    Hope you have a blessed week ahead

    Many hugs to you my bestie.
    Lots of love
    B xx

  56. Mme. DeFarge - Yes, shocked but not surprised! You put it so well. And I will expose whomever I discover...

    Owen - Slow? Most definitely not. Besides, I never announced that I had another blog. I didn't want to pressure anyone. It's a "my minutiae" type place for me to just pour out some of my thoughts that I don't mind sharing... no pretty writing over there. But I'm happy to see you there. I'll tell you this here because I don't do comments there. :-)

    Betty - Thank you so much for your support, my dear. And hey, you were away... so no apologies necessary. She didn't really mess up my peace at all. The more I thought about it, the more I pitied her. Did she succeed at making what's mine hers? Absolutely not! And that's what matters. Thank you for being here, and I wish you an awesome week, too. Big hugs back to you, dearest!

  57. any time, m'dear... creative types are always enraged when their 'children' are abused, ripped from their cradles, and 'parented' by talentless wannabes! GRRRRRRRRRRR

  58. LW, you said it just right. You always get right to the heart of things. What an awesome analogy! Thanks again for your awesome support!!!

  59. Hello Nevine,

    I’m very sorry that this happened to you, but even your anger and the misfortune of this plagiarism has captivated again your most dedicated readers. Your writing style can even be thought of as a gem in the plagiarism rough.

    I think you did the right thing in exposing this fake person. Too many times people are afraid to speak up for fear of what might happen. Therefore, when we do nothing we are demonstrating a lack of respect for the things we value most.


  60. Ima - It's good to see you here. Yes, this was a bit of a mess, but I felt it was important to expose this thief, because there are too many people who are stealing others' hard work and getting away with it. I won't allow that to happen with my work... ever. And thank you so much for being here. The support has been incredible... and I really appreciate all of it. It really kept me patient and helped me work my way through this. Yours is no exception, dear friend!

  61. You're so welcome, Nevine! I always appreciate your detailed responses to my comments and others' so I'm disappointed in myself for not finding this response until now! Ha ha. But, I'm happy to read that Google took down the plagiarist's offense. Well done, Google! I'm also happy with Google for my new gmail account, free from spam.

  62. Ashley - Yes, I'm very happy with Google. They've been true to their promise, and I like that. It's relieving to know that if anyone else tries to steal my work and I catch them, I can report it and know that it will be taken care of. Thanks so much for your support, Ashley.


Your thoughts are deeply appreciated.