Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bounteous Alchemies

Soulmates by Lynette Marie

we see ourselves in a twinkling past
where we were magicians
(or were we alchemists?),
with tricks transforming
the ordinary to fancy
and dust to gold.

And I made a stiff cane into billowing silk,
and you made crimson flowers appear
like flames rising out of clear water held
upon a table by perfect but invisible hands.

And I made the peeling walls
of an ancient castle seem
like rose petals floating through air,
and you made the sea
drape and twist like a golden mist.

And I made the vines of grapes
entwine and pause and lean,
and you made the simple sounds of town
drone like a fluent orgasm in a vivid dream.

And we melted into amber and alabaster
the clamoring afternoon,
and I made your choked and hoarse
laughter soften in its flight.

And all of this we did before night.

But then came the violent rains
and in my sleep you spoke to me,
and your words fell soft and blue
upon my blurred and somber face.

And the rain washed your words away
while the moon hid behind the clouds,
and we walked the forest floor
and dawn did finally unfold.

And the sky was lit,
and morning arrived.

And you said,
Look, a new day has begun.

And I remembered
what it means to be alive.


  1. such beautiful images in this poem, makes me want to go see the sunrise

  2. And we melted into amber and alabaster-what a wonderful line in an even more wonderful write.

    I was sent over from our mutual friend Steven Anthony, he said you are a brilliant writer, I must say I agree;)

  3. nevine, my make my heart sing...beautiful.

  4. I'm not sure I understand all the symbolism in this - but I love the pictures this draws in my mind.

  5. Beautiful imagery, Nevine. A poem of transformation. I liked how the beginning of the poem was about how these two were alchemists transforming the world but then they realised that the world was transforming them. Lovely.


  6. Nevine, this read left me so full of warmth and life. Beautiful, vibrant and energetic images that transported me into an unknown realm of existence. The last two lines brought me to the present moment but not without the wonderful feeling I experienced a few minutes ago while reading of "rose petals," "golden mist" and "violet rain."

    Hugs and kisses.

    Much love,

  7. "Soulmates" - apropos for this wonderful piece, Nevine. It's nice to be reminded what it means to be alive.

  8. Being alive, Nevine, the strongest evidence of the existence of magic.

  9. You've always been one to imagine the ordinary as extraordinary and help your readers see it that way too. Beautiful images here. I read it to myself and the words flowed so beautiful with the occasional rhyme here and there. Truly magical. I sense you are so deeply in love, unless you are just brilliantly imagining what this kind of love and passion is like.

  10. What a gorgeous piece of work, Nevine. Your supple ease with transformative imagery is such a pleasure to read.

  11. alchemists....

    I can see us in a dusty old tower of which there were many...

    we made things of legend...

  12. A new light is warm, shining down on you after the storm
    Don't mourn what is gone, greet the dawn

  13. J'aime beaucoup les images et le rythme de ce nouveau cadeau que tu nous a offert. Merci ma belle;o)

    "And you said,
    Look, a new day has begun.

    And I remembered
    what it means to be alive."

    Chaque jour prendre conscience qu'on a la chance de voir le soleil se lever.
    Chaque jour apprécier les petits bonheurs de la journée.
    Chaque jour donner et recevoir, ne serait-ce qu'un sourire;o)

    Big BISOUS, tendre amie****

  14. Oh my dear friend, this time I find it hard. the beauty is there but my confusion as well... At first i Felt as taking a pen and painting that alchemy of yours... but you and your nights... which seem to put every miracle of the day into such darkness... but of course the new day brings you back to love and light...

    As I comment I get inspired. Amazing miracles here as well (as in susan's)
    Oh life (sigh)

    Warm hugs my queen!

  15. Christopher – And is there a more beautiful sight than the sunrise?

    David – Welcome! And thank you for the lovely words and for joining me. Steven is a dear friend, and I welcome any friend of his as mine. I’ll swing by for a visit…

    Steven – And you make my soul… chime… with your kindness. :-)

    Lou – As long as there are pictures in your mind… then I’m happy. ;-)

    Jai – Oh, how delighted I am by your comment… because… you always do understand me, Jai. It feels so good to be understood. :-)

  16. Susan – So happy to know you were filled with a warm and fuzzy feeling. For me, this write was filled with its own inner light. Hugs and kisses back aplenty!

    ConTemplate – Yes, and we all need that reminder… every once in a while… because… sometimes we forget.

    Martin – How very well put! Thank you for that perfect inside of a nutshell.

    Loveable Homebody – Yes, I am in love… with the beauty of life and all it has to offer. There is so much there when we go beneath that surface. I’m happy you enjoyed… and thank you for the lovely words.

    Rick – Thank you… especially for your ease at making me feel so very good about my writing. :-)

  17. Sir Thomas – You’ve got the mind!

    Blasphemous Aesthete – Absolutely! That’s always the way to go. Looking into the past and getting stuck leaves one… stuck!

    Cremilde – Merci, ma belle, for making me feel like a million bucks. Mais, comme tu l’as dit, chaque jour nous donne le cadeau d’une nouvelle vie. Chaque matin… on recommence. Tu m’as fait sourire… :-) Gros bisous, mon amie.

    Dulce – After the night… always the day! How can it ever be otherwise? Warmest hugs back, my dear!

  18. Lovely! Thank you so much! Enjoy an alchemich twiligh!

  19. Nevine, when I see your comments on my blog I always feel delighted to be understood too. So even in this we are of like minds!


  20. So many surprising original images that it is difficult to pick one to highlight. I'd end up repeating the entire poem!

  21. How good it is to be alive, and to remember this... while floating in golden mists and roaming forest floors...

    You take us so far beyond the ordinary, we risk getting lost, and never finding our way back... and that's just fine...

  22. Adriana - And you enjoy alchemic moments all the time, my dear friend. You are the lovely one!

    Timoteo - Hmmmm... what to make of that? I'll say... thank you.

    Jai - Well, I'm so very glad to hear that. But you always make yourself understood, Jai. The sign of an excellent writer, I say!

    Judy - Thank you; I am flattered.

    Owen - How lovely it is to get lost, sometimes... in enchanted places... where we can become enchanted, too. If you don't fear getting lost in this forest, then you do know what it means to be alive. But then, I already knew that! ;-)

  23. For some reason there's no comments option on your recent 'pause' post and I wanted to write my thoughts while they were fresh. I like this - the need to catch our breath in the hecticness of our lives. And your words toward the end about stars and catching a little of their magic in our hands... It reminded me of Tibet and Kailash and looking up at the milky way. I thought of the bright little lights as painkillers.


  24. and so it is, dear nevine - that i shall see you there - up there - in the stars - where we are - paused...

  25. Nev
    easily a new fave for me. I loved how you paused it with the one simple line that drew us on.
    Loved how the giving was equal yet the gifts unique. Beautiful.
    What I don't love is that you didnt let me comment to the post that followed!
    enjoy your break, Sweetie

  26. with this, what comes to me is... caulk upon the sidewalk/secrets etched in broad daylight/washed away in the evening shower/faded swirls await the new day - and dry to powder pale.

    and as for the Pause posted above - you do just that and i shall be here for your return.

  27. ****/\****

    "stardust is the stuff of dreams" and I wish you loads of it, ma belle;o)

    Que cette pause te permette de souffler, et de souffler plein de "stardust" autour de toi et sur les êtres qui te sont chers;o)


  28. First of all, congrats on being published. Secondly, I tried to leave a comment on your latest post but I wasn't able to. My feedback is ever so simple: You deserve to be published.

    Greetings from London.

  29. Oh my wonderful friend!
    I m still in London but I really really wanted so much to stop by and say hello. What great images this poem conjures!! I absolutely love it!
    ...and I remembered what it means to be alive!

    Hope you're having a great day!


  30. Ans hope you have a great, terrific, fabulous, and joyful weekend!!B xx

  31. As always, a treat to read!
    As always, there is a new day coming...

  32. another delight nevine! this one brought warmth and i enjoyed the imagery so make it so beautifully to my heart :)

  33. Je passe te faire un petit coucou et te souhaiter une merveilleuse fin de semaine;o)

    Big BISOUS, mon amie****



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