Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Visions of Artemis

Arihadnod by Susan Seddon Boulet

You bloom luminous light
Nude and seductive
Over the marbled surface
Of a darkening sky.

And I? I grasp my shadow
On a sloping rooftop,
An opaque lightbeam
Spiraling exquisite grace.

O sweet serendipity,
So close to my soul
And closer yet when
Farthest from my mind!

I behold

Glimmering, you dance
Arcing in the heavens
And trees arch backs and
Bend elbows into your light.

How ghostly your fingers,
Streaming through my hair!

I ask, because I must
I ask, Is it a dream?

Unforgettable, the night
I walked away from you
Emblazoned with silver stars
And narcissistic ambition,
Wandering a road paved with
Misdirection and inhibition,
Seeping tears like an hourglass
Seeps sand, memories of you
Flickering like photographs
Snapped with my blind eyes.

And I ask, because I must
I ask, Is it a dream?

How I wish I had known
That I needed but say
I am the Moon,
To be gliding, at once,
Within time and upon it.

O mystical moment
Of sublime revelation!


  1. Oh those roads of misdirection and inhibitions, where we wander, seeking a glimpse of the immortal...

    (and finding it here)

    be well Nevine... on this night of the newest of new moons, where barely a sliver of cream cheese lights the night sky...

  2. ...mystical moment of revelation! Nevine, this almost sounds like "Fourth Dimension" (name of my new blog--Plug, Plug--grin!).

    Seriously...it is NOT a dream, it is NOT a dream, unless all and everything is a dream.

    I believe this Peep in the poetry 'sees' the loved one in all places in nature and the universe. Sees, wants, needs, and has it all. Only takes lot of hope and a bit of faith.

    Again, Nevine: this beautiful, meaningful piece covers ever so gently the topic of time, space, lovers, and the power of love.

    Thank you once more, Queen!

  3. Nev
    yes, the simple beauty which was already ours to drink in. How foolish to leave it for the neon down the street.

  4. what a wonderful piece to wake up reading and never get enough of..:))
    tried hard to pick favorite lines but the whole mystical revelation is so ONE that it is all capturing and breathtaking my sweet powerful poet, YOU are absolutely stunning :)
    hats off to your marvelous beauty..:)
    kisses and tight hugs ya nivo ;)

  5. It is a dream but it is so real. Many times I have been there and try hard to imagine that it was a dream after all but no, it had the magic of a dream. I could live there forever and cheat myself from reality.

    Joy always,

  6. Oh, I love everything in this poem. The tone, the style, the words!
    It actually sent a shiver down my spine.
    Artemis was the Goddess of the moon, the Virgin Huntress of Greek mythology...and you so capably "captured" the mystical places, the hunter of souls, the fertility, the birth, the love, the inner tension.
    This poem is all about our senses, what we can see, hear, smell and you so beautifully helped us to build up a picture of a mystical atmosphere!
    Great poem, as usual!

    Big hugs to you!
    B xx

  7. ...This poem is all about what we can dream, too.
    B xx

  8. Your most lyrical voice passes like a blaze through the silent corridors. J'adore

  9. Artemis...with a crescent moon above her head...

    You have envisioned her dreams in one of those nights of yours where everything becomes sublime.
    Let it be, a dream, so near this, your reality.

    perfect piece, Nevine!



  10. Your poetry is always emblazoned with silver stars. In this case, edged with gold, also.

  11. a passsionate dance,revelation...beautifully depicted here in your words....lovely

  12. And I am moonstruck at this moment.
    Beautiful lines. :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  13. Owen – And it seems the immortal always manifests when we are least expecting… and least seeking. That is the beauty of immortality, don’t you think?

    Steve – “Fourth Dimension”… I do like that. It sounds intriguing… and mysterious… and yes… mystical, too. And “sees, wants, needs, and has it all.” I think that even when we have it all, we always need (or think we need) and want more. What we see is too beautiful… and we want to have it… inside that other… fourth dimension. Oh, I do like that Fourth Dimension!

    Rick – Glitz and glamour always fascinate, don’t they? But they are momentary. Simple beauty is everlasting, truly. Do you always get it like that? ;-)

  14. Abeer – I’m happy you enjoyed this. I was just gazing at the moon one evening and I got carried away with it all… imagining myself as the moon and the moon as me. It was a fun little escape while it lasted! Thank you and tight hugs back, my dear!

    Susan – It’s nice to take a plunge inside the imagination, sometimes, and let it take us where it wishes. The hard part is always in tearing ourselves from those magical waters and bouncing back to reality.

    Betty – Artemis is one of my favorite goddesses… always has been. And oh, what dreams we dream in her arms… her beautiful arms filled with light and fascination. I had so much fun writing this poem, and I’m so glad you liked it, my dear friend. Thank you and big hugs back.

  15. Shadow – Well, thank you!

    Lolita – And your poetic words pass through me with their own blazes of light. Thank you so much, my dear!

    Dulce – Those nights… oh, what to make of them but wisps of dreams that we wish to capture? If realities could be dreams… if dreams could be realities… what would I do with myself? Oh, my, what would I do? Thank you, Dulce. Hugs back!

  16. Martin – Wow! Thank you for those lovely words.

    Kaleidoscope – Thanks, dear friend. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    Lou – Love. Yes.

    Blasphemous Aesthete – Is there anything more fabulous than to be moonstruck? I am happy to share my lines with you, and so happy you thought them beautiful.

  17. The sky, the silver stars and the moon in a superb ode to the savage goddess of nature!
    Love the picture too! It does match so well with the poem!
    And if all the beauty here is a dream, I don't want to wake up then;o)

    Big starry bisous, ma belle****

  18. powerful, yet again...

    and as the italians say:
    dammi la tua mano e corriamo uniti per tutta la vita

  19. beautiful piece, dear lady! and you know how i love sister luna, notwithstanding my own sister sun alter! interesting your choice of subject here too as my most recent post on my "travel journal" is titled "moon maiden" - our thoughts always parallel!!! beautiful image, as well!

  20. To return to your place to read this beautiful, reflective, choreographed like piece was delightful! So very magical and so wonderfully weaved. I found it ALL enchanting.

    Loved being here again~ I am inspired!
    so thanks!


  21. seems i'm not the only one writing about 'hauntings' of a delightful kind... :)

    i love this. so many wonderful lines.

    it was nice of you to share this intimate encounter.

    (Question: do you receive notice when i comment after you over at my blog?)

  22. Hi Nevine!
    Much to like in this work. You have a great imagination! Not only do you have it, but once you get going, you just flow with it.
    This poem sounds so dreamy...

  23. Cremilde - And who wants to wake up from the dream, ma belle? Dreams are so very delightful... and fascinating. How can we ever want to awaken from them? Even when dreams frighten, there is something exciting about that fear. Your words are as starry as your soul, my dear amie. Thank you for the starry bisous! Big bisous back to you!!!

    LW - I do love the "dammi la tua mano". We have to run... fly... and enjoy! Thanks, LW.

    Jenean - Yes, our thoughts... sometimes. It's amazing. That moon, though. She's always casting spells on me. I just couldn't help writing a humble ode to her. It's been so long since I venerated her. I'll hop over and see your ode, Jenean!

  24. Calli - It's wonderful to see you back in blogland! And thank you for the very sweet words. Your inspiration inspires and encourages me. Thank you so much, Call! Hugs back.

    Kim - Thank you. Those hauntings to happen, and catch us unawares. But, oh how I love hauntings of this type. About your question, I don't receive notice, no. I have to check back to see if you replied.

    Pat - Thank you. This poem just sort of did its own work. It pretty much wrote itself. I'm glad you liked it, Pat.

    Betty - You are a sweetie, as always!

  25. The way in which you set a scene and transport us into your dreamy world is sublime. What a gorgeous piece!

    Congratulations on being published in the Copperfield Review! I'm going to follow your link there shortly.

    Best wishes for all things wonderful in 2011!

  26. Felicitas - Thank you! It's great to see you back online. I'm sure you've been swamped with life. Entirely understandable, too. Who isn't swamped? Best wishes to you as well! :-)

  27. It reminds me of those moments we catch sight of someone we used to love and have to adjust our equilibrium before we speak. I am invariably struck dumb at such moments.

  28. Wow! This poem is filled with the mystical beauty of your heart!
    How i love it!
    If it is a 'dream' you have given it to me now,
    i'll slip into their moonlight....till it glimmers!

    Simply Beautiful,Nevine!

    nb: i love the painting you've chosen.... as you often choose with great attention.

  29. Mme. DeFarge - I must admit, I'm not familiar with such moments. I have been spared that trouble. It must be awkward.

    COL - Your words are always filled with the poetry of your soul. Thank you so much for always making me feel wonderful, my dear friend. You are a true gem!


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