Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On an Enchanted Morning

Window's Light by Jane Weis

You kissed me
and sent my body shimmering

like the light of the moon
drowning in night wind
like a tree, like a star
trembling in turbulent sky.

I kissed you
and sent your body murmuring

your lips showing one color

your gaze revealing another
like an angel, like a sorcerer
reveling in twisted illusion.

And the moon set inside your tender heart,
And the sun rose inside mine,
And our souls pealed in harmony,
And the thousand-and-one nights of yearning

And on an enchanted morning
I found myself
sleeping on the shoulder of Love.


  1. such tender love, united on one plain, together, forever...

  2. nice gentle metaphors, especially the moon and sun.

  3. Beautiful, Nevine. Just beautiful. The yearning for such love can seem to last more than a thousand and one nights; when it is achieved it is fleeting.

  4. You do this so well Nevine. I love reading your poetry xx

  5. And all I can do is smile, ear to ear. :)
    Beautiful lines.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. breathtakingly beautiful, painting a soft lovecolor image we should all be so lucky to know -

    aside from the beauty of your words, nevine, finding them here just now is so extraordinary because all morning my mind has been playing with the same scenario - the back and forth of love - i kissed you you kissed me and then - that whole thing - and voila' - i come here and you have taken my thoughts and painted an incredible story as only you can!!

  7. tender but this set my heart on fire, something subtle makes my race off in all directions..

    ~thank you Nevine~

  8. Rather than try to find high falutin' phrases that speak to the beautiful mind I DON'T have, allow me to say, instead, that your poem inspired thoughts in my mind that will have me whispering sweet nothings in my love's ear. Tonight. 'Cause I ain't gonna be able to wait 'til Saturday.

  9. Well this makes me really want to go cuddle up. Just gives me a warm feeling inside, very good.

  10. Love, indeed! I love how everything gets summarised by your final lines...

  11. Ah, I wish this was the condition every morning but then if it was everyday, it wouldn't be "enchanted." I loved this simple and tender piece. Makes me want to kiss and lounge in the arms of love.

    Nevine, I like the way you manoeuvre through different emotions and moods. Complex or simple, your words weave lovely pictures. I can never tire of reading what you have to say.

    Joy and more joy,

  12. Magnificent poem. Very beautifully written :D
    I'm a new follower :)


  13. Shimmering, murmuring -- what apt words to describe your poetry in general.

  14. This brought tears to my eyes, Nevine. How beautiful.

  15. This is incredible, Nevine. A most lovely write and funny, as I was writing this morning it was all about a tender love and I was unable to find the words but you have...eloquently so and I thank you.
    ...and sleeping on the shoulder of Love...*sigh inducing* and *brilliant* ;)


  16. Shadow – The best… only kind of love!

    Gerry – Thank you!

    ConTemplate – I love that you mentioned that the yearning seems like it lasts longer than a thousand-and-one nights. I completely agree – it feels more like it lasts forever, doesn’t it? And yes, it is always fleeting. I suppose that’s what makes it “enchanted.” :-)

  17. Akasha – And I love writing it… because I love that you love to read it, Akasha! Thank you.

    Blasphemous Aesthete – I’m so happy to have left you smiling. And I’m so happy that you enjoyed it. :-)

    Jenean – It seems we are always thinking on the same… or similar… wavelengths. Maybe we are just both so fascinated with love and how it shapes us… and how we shape it… and how it just IS. Is there a more beautiful emotion one can be fascinated with? I really don’t think so. Ah, I have taken your thoughts, Jenean… and I can’t tell you how many times you have taken mine! :-)

  18. Sir Thomas – I’m a proponent of the idea that subtlety births the most flagrant fires of both thought and emotion!

    Lou – Happy to hear you won’t be waiting ‘till Saturday. Your love will surely delight in your whisperings, Lou. I’m certain of it. Oh, what joy it gives me to know I have helped elicit such longings… ;-)

    Christopher – Thank you. Enjoy the warm fuzziness!

  19. Opaque – Welcome, and yes… Love. Those last three lines were the toughest to pump out. I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to capture that feeling in words… so I’m happy to hear it “clicked” for you! Thank you. I’ll be swinging by soon…

    Susan – How right you are that if we woke up every morning feeling this way, the moment… the morning… would hardly be “enchanted” anymore. Regularity breeds feelings of normalcy, doesn’t it? And weaving through moods… my Dear Susan… that is what my life is all about… so my writing is a reflection of that. We all weave through moods, and that is what keeps life so interesting for us… otherwise life would be too predictable. Joy back to you a thousandfold, my dear!

  20. Martin – Thank you for the high praise!

    Through the Lens – Welcome, and thank you! I’ll be stopping in for a visit soon…

    Judy – You are always so kind, and I do appreciate that. Thank you so much!

    Deb – What a sensitive spirit you are! Thank you, Deb. :-)

    Calli – And now I’m sighing… at the sweetness of your words. Sometimes I can’t find the words, too, and I’ll visit one of my blogging friends and there are the words… tangled and stuck inside me… expressed by another. I know the feeling… and it’s not a secret that I’ve experienced it at your place before. Thank you, Calli! :-)

  21. This is so lovely it makes me sad. It has been so long since I've felt love like this. And the longer it is, the more it makes me questions if I've ever really felt it. Maybe I'm still waiting. All I can say is I hope for the kind of love you write about.

  22. Well if that is not love and longing ...what would be!?
    This is the most wonderful way anyone can enjoy their first hour in the morning, for sure you KNOW well about that- after the moonshining night- joining the bright morning sun-
    Just lovely and so,so sweet, my dearest.


    PS Verification Word : MISSER (lol)

  23. Divine! The union of the Moon and the Sun!
    And now I've got a beautiful song by Nina Simone in my head:
    "Here comes the Sun,
    little darling!
    Here comes the sun,
    I say,
    it's all right,
    it's all righ."

    Love your poem and love that song too;o)

    Gros gros BISOUS, ma belle*
    et belle nuit dans les bras de ton chéri***

  24. some wag said: apple pie without cheese, is like a kiss without a squeeze...

  25. Nevine, these poems you write do so much to make the world a beautiful place.

  26. Ah, the bliss of such enchantment... so worth the wait!

  27. Coucou ma belle!
    Je suis triste pour ce qui se passe actuellement dans ta mère patrie.
    J'espère que les choses vont vite rentrer dans l'ordre et que ton peuple pourra vivre dans un pays pacifique et avec le dirigeant qu'ils auront choisi.

    Avec toute ma tendresse, gros bisous****

  28. Oh Nevine, je viens de lire sur "the naked light" au sujet de ta famille et je suis vraiment désolée.
    Je ne sais que dire. C'est affreux.
    Je compatis à ta peine et j'espère de fond du cœur que tu pourras rapidement reprendre contact avec les tiens.
    Que toutes les étoiles du firmament deviennent tes alliées dans cette rude épreuve et protègent ta famille.

    Tu as toute mon affection. Bisous et à tout bientôt****

  29. Nevine:

    I don't know how you do it, but you so often speak directly to my very deepest and primal needs. these wonderful words, so perfectly placed - conjure up both pain and passion - thank you.

    "joy and sorrow flow mingled down"

  30. ***Coucou ma belle!
    En ce qui concerne ton pays et la connexion internet, j'ai trouvé ceci:


    en espérant que cela puisse t'aider****

    Courage et gros bisous très affectueux****


  31. May suns continue to rise in your heart forever Nevine...

    And may your country, your mother, your place of birth be safe, be sound, walk again in tranquility and peace, may this giving of birth or whatever it is that is happening not be too bloody... sometimes c-sections are needed if normal delivery isn't working...

  32. Hi Nevine,
    i've been seening the upsetting recent events on the TV, and thought very much about you, about your family, and your country....
    wishing very deeply that everything will find its quietness,safety and freedom!

    May peace and understanding multiply in the hearts of Men.

    Sending you a lot of love!

  33. dearest nevine - a beautiful post you have done on your homeland - we all send much love - there is so little that one on the outside can do but i did a small post of my own hoping to spread the many caring thoughts even a little - much love - jenean

  34. Couldn't help but cry while reading your two last posts in 'the naked light', my dear friend.
    Hope everything will soon come to a happy end in your country.


    Je pense à toi et à ta famille.

    Gros bisous très affectueux, ma belle****

  35. A warm thank you to all my dear friends for your support. It means so much to me... I really can't begin to tell you how much.


  36. hmmmmm
    in the changing colours and twisted illusion you nearly made this telling dark, but not quite. The shoulder of love came to the rescue

  37. thinking of you, nevine, and your beloved egypt - the beloved egypt of so many of us - and am keeping caring thoughts in my gypsywomanworld sidebar - it's little that can be done but i know what a difference our thoughts make - and we send many caring thoughts to the magnificent land of the pyramids and desert sands! ;)

  38. I wanted to comment on your latest post about Egypt, Nevine but the comments were disabled. When I heard about the protests and the action the people were taking to regain their freedom, I was inspired. I thought of you too and wondered if your family were safe.

    Best wishes to you and your motherland, Nevine. I think people all over the world are standing with the people of Egypt right now.


  39. Hi Nevine...

    I hope that you and your family in Egypt are doing fine. I know that it has been a very difficult time the last two weeks for every Egyptian. Hopefully things get better in the coming weeks for all of us. We all have the same goal to see Egypt always great as ever. Hopefully we can get one day a discussion about it.

    Take care

  40. Rick - The shoulder always comes to the rescue...

    Jenean - Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words. It has been a difficult time these past couple of weeks, but I hope things will look up and work out well. Thanks again, Jenean.

    Jai - Thank you for asking and yes, my family is fine. I always knew Egypt had it in her to advocate for herself. It was a matter of time... Thank you for your support, Jai.

    Khaled - Family is fine, and I hope yours is well, too. My wish is the same as yours... that things get better, but also for the long term. There's a deeper kind of better that needs to happen. Egypt is a great country, she always has been. But we can always be better, can't we? Thank you for sharing your thought, Khaled. I appreciate it.

  41. What a tender love poem, my dearest!
    Beautiful metaphors here.
    A great tribute to love!
    What magical moments of true love you just shared with us.
    Love it!!

    B xxX

  42. Betty - It's great to see you here. You've been gone so long, it seems. And I've been away from blogging as a while, myself. But thank you so much for the lovely words. I hope you enjoyed a beautiful trip, and welcome back! Big hugs back!!!


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