Monday, February 14, 2011

Truth...or Fiction

The Lovers by Marty Wolff

Night slips into my room
and I call it fiction
that no one might think it true.


On a long summer evening,
a different trail will come to me…
the scent of a man with no body.

I will cling to the ghost of his perfume.

I will cling…

But, no.
Don’t tell me this isn’t truth…

How you crackle like fire
in the deadest stillness of darkness.

How you glide like nightfall over my skin. 
How I grasp the spectre of your descent.

How you erode my flesh
like a million years of rain on stone.

*** Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!!


  1. Happy valentine my wonderful friend...may your day be filled with much love.

  2. Happy VL' Day my wonderful friend!
    May your day be sweet like you!

    Loved this poem.
    A perfect blend of metaphors and eroticism.

    Love and hugs!
    B xx

  3. May I say, this is beautiful..
    xoxo Have a great day and Happy Valentines day.!

  4. Beautiful lines... Happy Valentines Day Nevine :)

  5. like a million rain drops upon my heart you have made your mark upon me...

  6. Happy Valentine's Day to you, Nevine.

    Thank you for this dip into its finest

  7. That last image sucked my breath from me:

    "How you erode my flesh
    like a million years of rain on stone."



  8. Very nice for today!
    Thanks so much and have yourself a fantastic Valentine's Day also...

  9. A mix of fiction and truth! Love it;o)
    Hope you are having the most tender and beautiful Valentine's Day, ma belle amie;o)
    Thank you so much for your kind words in my blog;o)
    You are an adorable friend and that is not fiction;o)

    Gros gros BISOUS et à tout bientôt****

  10. Sometimes were are made and unmade by the same inescapable force. Like gravity can hold and protect as well as destroy.

  11. That was beautiful. The last two lines were especially wonderful.

  12. This makes me picture a romantic scene at the grand canyon for some reason or another. I really liked it.

    Happy Valentines to you too!

  13. Happy Valentine's to you and thank you for these very needed lines! Much love to you!

  14. I saw the picture.
    Read the verse.
    Again saw the picture.
    Reread the verse.
    After a point, as I saw the picture your verse was what I saw.
    Amazing, isn't it? The power of art.

    I hope you had a lovely Valentine's day dearest Nevine. Your first Valentine's as a doctoral student. Wooh!

    Joy always,

  15. Oh Nevine, this had such an impact upon reading. I love when your words evoke that response and feeling within.

    I hope your Valentine's day was lovely and filled with much love my friend.


  16. David – Thank you, my dear friend. I hope you had a beautiful day!

    Betty – You’re the sweet one! And I’m glad you liked the poem. ;-) Love and hugs back!!!

    The17YearOldNaive – Well, thank you. And thank you for swinging by…

    Blasphemous Aesthete – Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed your day, too.

  17. Sir Thomas – Like a million rain drops upon my heart your words wash over me. Thank you, Sir Thomas. :-)

    Kim – We need a small dip into romance every once in a while, don’t we? Hoping you had a good one, Kim!

    Suzyhayes – You? Or the poem? He he he… That was sweet!

  18. Jai – Thank you for that! If those last lines don’t have some sort of effect, then what’s the point, eh? ;-)

    Pat – That’s very nice of you; thank you, Pat!

    Cremilde – It is my hope that friendship is never fiction. May we always be true, ma belle. I hope you enjoyed a lovely day with your love!

  19. Jason – Yes, life is so filled with these dichotomous forces. I suppose that’s what keeps things interesting…

    Eva – Thank you for sharing your favorite lines, Eva.

    Christopher – The Grand Canyon… who would have thought? Leave it to you, Christopher!

    Adriana – Oh, you are so very welcome. Believe me when I tell you I needed these lines, myself! Thank you, dear Adriana!

  20. Susan – Yes, the power of art. It blesses us and absolves us and keeps us sane! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s, yourself. And on Valentine’s Day… guess where I was last night – in class! He he he… ;-) Thank you, my dear Susan.

    Calli – Thank you for the sweet words; I love when the writing has an impact, too. It seems pointless to write something that leaves us feeling nothing. Oh, writing! I hope you had a beautiful Valentine’s as well, Calli.

  21. May Love pour geneously within you and around you,
    and may it overflow,
    Let Love speak through your lips many many times to the ecstasy of the one who captures it!

  22. You are beautiful Nevine, gods would drink from your palms these verses and be drunken of the life force

  23. well said, nevine... and right back atcha!

  24. If only all relations, all exchanges could be as full of love and the intense caring that inhabits your writing...

    I was very sorry to read some recent reports about the apparently very common cases of sexual harassment in Egypt, this one being the latest :

    Sounds like it is rather widespread, and not a new phenomenon. If even remotely accurate, this is very sad indeed... I hope change can happen in that regard also.

  25. What a gorgeous Valentine's Day present, Nevine! It's solely because of you and The Walking Man that I'm including poetry in my new web magazine. You give me hope for modern poetry.

  26. COL – And may poetry always pour from your lips like honey! You have such a tender spirit, COL. Thank you so much for your beautiful wishes. :-)

    Lolita – And you are imbued with the beautiful spirit of those very gods. Thank you, Lolita, for always being such a gem!

    LW – Thank you kindly, sir!

  27. Nevine
    loved it
    love a ghost who is only a scent
    seems like scents and remembrance should hold
    hands. beautiful flow, like a gentle rain

  28. Owen – If only… but the truth is we live in a real world, and sometimes our perceptions of reality are colored by our personal experiences, and hence maybe the love and the intense caring. But in regards to the article you mentioned, I have to tell you that I didn’t read the article because I saw the word “OPINION” in the link, and I thought to myself that’s just what it is. I also know that a number of female reporters mentioned they were sexually harassed during certain days of rioting in Cairo, and they were the unfortunate victims of that mob that was released to try and get rid of the peaceful protesters. I didn’t hear any mention of sexual harassment within the ranks of peaceful protesters. At any rate, if you are interested, I can tell you that my recent and long and fully integrated experience of living in Egypt did involve some forms of sexual harassment, but this was always of the type such as catcalls. Not that that makes it okay, but, I was never harassed by being touched or any other such thing, and I don’t exactly dress conservatively, nor do I cover my hair. I can also tell you that I have been more sexually harassed living where I live now (not Egypt), these past three years, than I have ever been in the entire rest of my life put together. And this has just been my personal experience. Gone are the days when I could return from a night out with my friends and walk into my neighborhood without fear of being raped or attacked in any other way; this was the safer life I once experienced in Cairo. Now, where I live, I have to call my husband from my cell phone when I’m walking out of my lecture at night because he fears for me… parking lot… traffic stops… a stray bullet… a drunk driver… and a host of other things I don’t really need to mention. And yet, I don’t really know what any of this has to do with a simple poem and a Valentine’s Day wish. I suppose you had a thought you wished to express… I don’t know. Back to the original intent of my post, though… I hope you and yours enjoyed your Valentine’s.

  29. Rick – New web magazine? I must have missed something while I was not blogging for a few days, Rick. I’ll swing over and check it out. Thanks for the kind words… and for stopping in!

    Rick – And how I love it when you love what I write! That’s a real ego boost for me, coming from you, Rick!

  30. Amazing fictitious Valentine's
    Some ghostly stuff there is about all this... and of course you've so well known how to capture that!

    I feel so badly related to this... (damn it)
    ... after such a long life of ghostly days-and- years-valentines


  31. your words never ever fail to move me in ways all beautiful, dear lady! an exquisite piece! ;)

    brava! on your response to the comment of owen above -


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