Friday, March 11, 2011


Summer Porch at Mr. and Mrs. C.E.S. Wood's
by Frederick Childe Hassam

This morning
a breeze
arrived at my doorstep
and called me outside

where I dug out
a buried book
from hot summer days

when buzzing iridescent flies
roosted at my black screens

and my afternoons
were white and silent

and if I heard sirens
from the distant city
I curled into myself
from the sound

and if there was chatter
from a neighbor’s porch
I muted its commotion
inside my head

and if cool air
asked permission to touch me
I allowed it to stretch out
across my skin

and now
with the fall of night
I abandon the book

and let the shimmering stars
in the heavens
and the helpless moon
in its orbit

replace a stranger’s
scribbled delusions
at dressing the naked
entrails of my soul.


  1. Hey Nevine, please don't leave yet--I'm sending you a note--will comment on this poem tomorrow!

  2. Oh my friend, your words draw me in..suddenly I am sitting on the porch allowing the cool breeze to caress my skin...I get lost in your wonderful words...

  3. An hour ago I was out (it's c o l d tonight!) and observing the twinkling, heavenly displays and had just finished reading "The Smell of Closed Windows" by Nevine Sultan.

    Looking at those gazillions of starry bodies out there I had this feeling: that they "replaced a stranger's scribbled delusions at dressing the naked entrails of my soul"...Of course --grin! I did not realize that was happening. I just saw a bunch of stars and came back inside to the warmth. LOL

    You, Nevine, make ordinary life sound (and feel) SO BEAUTIFUL! Thank YOU!

  4. I cannot critique - I am not worthy. But my goodness, Nevine, I love your mind.

  5. Loved being in your garden with you and the shimmering stars and the helpless moon!
    Reminds me that when I was a child I was very afraid of the moon because she followed me everywhere I went;o) He he he!

    Gros BISOUS
    et une belle fin de semaine
    avec les étoiles amies
    et la lune pleine
    pour vous tenir compagnie****

    Ps: hier je suis allée dans deux librairies à Lunéville et ils n'avaient pas ce que je voulais.
    Après demain, je retourne au travail à Nancy et je pense qu'il y aura plus de choix car les librairies sont plus nombreuses et plus grandes. Sinon, je commanderai;o)
    Re-gros BISOUS****

  6. i LOVED this poem!
    how you described everything in it was excellent!!
    it made me feel refreshed, recharged, and renewed. i so love your lyrical words!!

    today while outside i marvelled at the" shimmering stars in the heavens!"

    i'm always grateful for the real beauty you offer us.

    big hugs and kisses,

    betty xoxo

  7. It is great one lets the scenes- the so many scenes- happening around get as far as one alows them to... it's just a matter of observing, but no one can put them into words of feeling as you do, my dear!

    Hoping your studies go straightforward to the succeeding goal you deserve.


  8. It is but necessary to shut out the unnecessary while we want to have a beautiful time, be it reading a book or any other activity...

    Splendid read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  9. Steve - But isn't ordinary life so very beautiful, anyway? I can only pretend to know life as intimately as I would like to know it. And come on... I know you didn't just see a bunch of stars... I think I know you a little better than that! :-)

    David - On the porch together... gazing at stars... what can be better than that? ;-) Thank you, David.

  10. Lou - You can critique whenever and whatever you wish. And hey... if you could read my mind, sometimes, you might not love it so much. I'm telling you, Lou! ;-) It can get pretty wicked in there, sometimes.

    Cremilde - He he he... I love that you were afraid of the moon because she followed you. How innocent we are when we are kids! And Cremilde, would you please rest easy? Please? Let's just enjoy those pretty stars, for now... Okay? ;-)

  11. Betty - You are such an enthusiast for everything I write... and that's so precious of you. I am the grateful one... Thank you, my dearest!

    Dulce - Oh, when we just sit and watch life happening around us. Every moment is magic... it really is. But I know someone else who knows how to pub those simple moments into beautiful words. :-)

    Blasphemous Aesthete - So easy to say... shutting out the unnecessary. But yet, when we do it, we are the winners. Thank you, Blasphemous Aesthete!

  12. oh, lady, what joy always reading your words - and this one so light and airy but capturing the deep caverns of one's heart as well - beautifully done, just beautiful!

    in the next few weeks i will be out and about without access to internet but very infrequently, as i have been this past month - but i do, when i am online, come by to just browse your words, dear lady!

    hope all is well in your world -

    hugs - gypsy

  13. ****/\****

    Big BISOUS
    et BELLE semaine,
    ma belle****

  14. Nevine as you wrote this, I think you have also painted the picture for us. This is just another scene from our everyday life but it is so beautifully expressed here that it almost forces me to rush to the porch with a book, wait until the stars come out and mingle my soul with the inky night sky.

    Nevine, I am leaving this page with a song in my lips and warmth in my heart. This is what you do to me when I visit.

    La la la la.

    Joy always,

  15. A Chopin Nocturne to read this poem.

  16. Continuing to light the way through the night, under the light of that helpless moon...

    Spellbinding reading each and every time.

  17. Very nice Nevine! I don't think I've ever read anything you've written only once...

  18. Jenean - We are all always in and out of whatever duty is calling. Please take care... and swing by whenever you wish. "Dreams" is always open for visitors!

    Cremilde - Merci, ma belle. You are a treasure! A bit late, as it's Tuesday, but wishing you a fabulous week, as well!

  19. Susan - I can hear your song... yes, I can. It's lovely of you to leave here with a song... and to leave the trails of it behind. Thank you for the sweet and tender words, Susan. :-)

    Adriana - A Chopin nocture... ah! I am honored, dearest, to be in the company of such a grand master. Thank you so very much. :-)

  20. Owen - Now, come on. It wasn't that spellbinding, and I know it. Just a simple piece for a simple moment. But hey... I appreciate the high praise. ;-)

    Pat - I really appreciate that, Pat. Thank you. :-)


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