Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Published Again!

The Notes from Underground Anthology, published by The Literary Lab, is out! And two of my works are in it:

      Short Story:     “The Smell of Closed Windows”
      Poem:                “Your Eyes Will Open”

This anthology includes the work of 25 talented writers selected through the “Notes from Underground Contest,” held last fall by The Literary Lab, whose editors are way too cool for words.

There is some really high talent in this anthology and I totally mean that! I am both honored and proud to be featured in an anthology that includes such amazing writers. Thank you, Literary Lab!

The anthology is available both as a print book and as a Kindle eBook on Amazon. It is also available on createspace. You will not be disappointed!

All proceeds from the sale of this book go to the Writer's Emergency Assistance Fund. How about it?

And hey, don’t forget to stop in and visit The Literary Lab. You just might end up becoming a permanent fixture. Everyone who hangs out there is totally awesome!



  1. Wohoooooo. Wow! Nevine. Congrats. I'm very very proud of you. More to come from ye.

    Big hugs and much love.

    Joy always,

  2. Congratulations Nevine! It's a beautiful book, isn't it? I'm so excited. I can't wait to hold it in my hands. I skimmed the PDF files but I'm looking forward to reading your work in careful detail as well as the rest of it. It certainly is an honor to all of us.

  3. Susan - You are a dear! Thank you for your support, both here and at The Literary Lab site. I can't thank you enough. Hugs back!

    Yvonne - It is such a beautiful book! And congratulations to you, too! I have to admit I peeked at the PDF file as well. What a talented group of writers! Thank you so much for swinging by, Yvonne.

  4. Woooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooo :-)! Congrats to you!

  5. Congrats Nevine! You definitely deserve it.

  6. Congratulations!! so well deserved! You must be in the clouds right now! xo

  7. Yay, congratulations Nevine!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  8. Thanks for being a part of this! We're as excited as our authors! :)

  9. Never sell yourself short, Nevine. You richly deserve to be there, with quality writers. Congratulations!

  10. Really high talent, indeed! Congrats Nevine!!!

  11. I am thrilled for you my friend, how wonderful, a well deserved honor.


  12. Ole & ole!!!
    Great woman, writer, poetess... Gongrats again!! But of course you deserve this and much MORE recognition and prizes!!!

    It's funny- it seems you doubt you are not as good as those other ones...? I have not read them, but for sure need not to do so to state and re-state YOU are the best of them all, or at least as better as them :)

    Hugs my dear NEvine


  13. It's exciting isn't it? :-D Can't wait to get the print copy!

  14. KLo - And many thanks to you. It's really nice of you to stop in... and welcome! I'll be swinging by shortly... :-)

    Bard - Thank you so much! You never cease to surprise me with your kindness. You are always present to encourage and congratulate! Thanks again, Bard!

    Glynis - My head was only in the clouds for a while. I had to get back to real life mucho pronto. But while it was in the clouds... it was pure heaven. I'll be celebrating more intently once I'm holding the book in my hands! ;-) Thank you much for coming by, Glynis!

  15. Blasphemous Aesthete - Your enthusiasm is touching. Thank you so much!

    Michelle - I couldn't have done it without you guys. You all are awesome!

    Martin - Just trying to remain humble, here. I don't want to lose my perspective, now. But thank you profoundly, Martin. I really appreciate it!

  16. LW - Thank you, dear sir. You are so freakin' supportive... all the time! ;-)

    ConTemplate - I'm humbled, really. :-) Thank you, sir!

    David - You've been here since the very beginning, haven't you? ;-) Thanks for sticking around! Hugs back.

  17. Dulce - It's not so much that I don't feel as good about my writing; it's just that there is some pretty awesome wring in that whole anthology. It's so exciting to be included with such fine writers. But of course, I'm proud of myself. ;-) Thank you for being here to celebrate the moment with me... Special! :-) Big hugs back!

    C.N. Nevets - I peaked in at the Literary Lab and saw everyone was calling you Nevets. So, that's what I'll call you too. I can't wait for that print copy, myself. I don't think I'll be able to sleep until it's warming my fingers. Hey, thanks for stopping in and joining the crowd. I'll be swinging by...

  18. Wooowww! That's GREAT! That's GIGANTIC! That's a GLORIOUS day!
    He he he! It's G day for ABC Wednesday: http://cildemer2.blogspot.com/2011/03/abc-wednesday-place-stanislas-nancy.html#comments. Isn't that a coincidence?;o)
    And you can be proud too;o)I AM proud of you;o)
    I'm impatient to get the book. Hope I can get it through the Internet;o)
    Will have a look in the morning because right now it's 2 am and I'm falling from my chair. Just wanted to visit you before going to bed. And I'm so HAPPY for you, ma belle;o)

    GROS BISOUSx1000****

  19. Cremilde - How sweet you are! And I can hear and feel your enthusiasm... seriously... I can feel it jumping off the page. Thank you for celebrating with me this most fabulous and delirious moment. If you can't get the book through the internet... let me know... and I'll figure out how to get it to you. No worries... ;-) Merci, ma belle! Smacks!!!

  20. Yeah, I go by the last name like some boarding school punk. I'm not really sure why, but I guess it's a little snappier than C.N. lol


  21. Oh, Nevine, congratulations! I'm so happy for you and that your talent is being recognized. You deserve to be in the company of the greatest writers!

  22. Oh wow, congratulations, Nevine!


  23. WOO HOO!!! I'm sooo excited!

    I'm so proud for you, dearest!!

    YAY! CONGRATS!You definitely deserve it!!

    lots of love
    B xx

  24. Coucou Nevine!
    J'ai fait un trop beau rêve ce matin toute éveillée;o)
    J'ai rêvé que je t'envoyais l'argent nécessaire pour que tu puisses m'envoyer une copie "Notes from Underground Anthology" par TOI dédicacée!!!
    Bien sûr si ce rêve ne peut pas se réaliser, mon amitié plus que virtuelle pour toi restera intacte;o)
    Mais si tu acceptais de te renseigner pour savoir combien coûtent les frais de port et que tu veuilles bien après que je t'ai envoyé l'argent pour le livre et les frais de port, le dédicacer et me l'envoyer, ce serait vraiment...trop trop trop...non, vraiment, excuse-moi de t'embêter. J'espère que ma demande ne t'aura pas contrariée. Excuse-moi encore.

    Voici mon adresse email, pour que tu puisses soit me dire oui, soit me disputer: cremilde@netcourrier.com

    Big BISOUS et au plaisir de te lire****

  25. He he he! Je viens de lire ta réponse à mon commentaire! Ah, je suis comme les enfants! Trop impatiente;o)

    Re-big BISOUS****

  26. I want to check this out just based on the name of the collection alone.

  27. Nevets - Gotcha! ;-)

    Pauline - Why, thank you! That is a distinction I truly appreciate, Pauline.

    Jai - Thanks a bunch! :-)

  28. Betty - Thank you; you are so sweet. Lots of love back to you, dearest!

    Cremilde - Comme les enfants... oh, I know how that goes. I am so comme les enfants myself. Nothing wrong with it, either. It keeps the heart pumping longer. ;-) I sent you an email to the address you left me. I'll wait to hear back from you, ma belle. Merci for the enthusiasm and the huge support. You are a gem!

    Christopher - I think you'll find quite a bit of awesome reading, Christopher. It's quite an eclectic collection. You really won't be disappointed.

  29. I want an old fashion, traditional, printed copy!!! Let's see if I can get it delivered here. I'll report. In the meanwhile, all my congratulations and love to you!

  30. Queen Nevine!
    Since my eyes are still headed toward that labyrinth of sleepiness--in-and-out--I have not read yet any of the "Notes from U.A." But it IS on my Kindle now...so tomorrow I will get a shot at some real reading pleasures. Just cannot stay awake--well, I'll try for a while longer--later!

    I'm so happy to know that you are so happy to be published as one of THE Twenty-Five! Well, I'm happy FOR you, right? Yessss!

    Guess who I'll read FIRST, as also everybody else in these comments!
    Steve E

    PS I 'followed' you with my new blog Avatar. Have to see who must be put off the sidebar, to make room for...YOU! Yep! G'night!

  31. Adriana - I'll be in touch with you, dearest. Thank you for the support!

    Steve - I hope you had a good night's sleep. And thank you for believing in us, THE Twenty-Five. You really won't be disappointed. And yes, I see your "new" Avatar, which is actually the "real" one. It's so hard for us to stay away from who we really are, isn't it? ;-) I wish you happy reading, Steve. And thank you for joining me in this sweet moment of celebration!

  32. Nevine,
    You've so much stuff inside you this i guess is only a small stir of your ' Dreams and Delirium '.
    You're amazing and awesome, so connected and connecting.
    All my felicitations,my dear friend, and may your fire set ablazing your creativity to the highest everyday!
    Can only love you for who you are!!!

  33. Nevine,

    Congratulations. Well deserved and you already know my opinion about your writing and your talent so I am not going to say more.
    Now it's time to put together a book.


  34. Too wonderful for words !

    I'm seeing this late so can only echo the outpouring of praise... but you deserve such recognition totally and completely. Your writing rings out with an inner fire that sets it apart within the first few phrases, and then you take us deep, deep, deep into your passionate world.

    I think this is fabulous news. And I think this is just the beginning.

    Warmest wishes from France...

  35. Coucou ma belle!
    I'm back again but spent the day sorting out the new pics;o)
    Would love to see the the paintings with the hanims reclining on the carpet and the sofa;o)
    They surely are talking about ever lasting love;o)

    Gros bisous et à tout bientôt****

    ps: I haven't forgotten I have something to do. It's only I'm like a child and was impatient to watch and sort out my pics;o)

  36. COL - The truest love is the love expressed for who a person is. Thank you for your sincerity, always, COL. You are truly a sparkling gem!

    Khaled - Thank you and, you know, I've been having thoughts about that book thing. The only issue is I'm so swamped with school I don't think I can dedicate myself completely to editing and all that other hard work. We'll see how things go... but for now I'm happy. :-)

  37. Owen - Thank you... and just the beginning... ah... I hope... I dream. We'll see, Owen. Thank you for always appreciating my writing. :-)

    Cremilde - Impatient like a child... I know the feeling. We must be kindred spirits, ma belle. We have all the time in the world, you and me. Enjoy your pics!

  38. Well done Nevine. :-)

    (I am off to check out the Literary Lab now.)

  39. Susannah - Thank you; it's so nice to see you here. :-)

  40. I am off to check it out, as well. Good job, you. Well done.

  41. Lou - He he he... thanks! ;-)

  42. Congratulations Nevine! If anybody deserves a public audience, it is you... I'll be picking this one up!

  43. Pat - Hey, thank you for the support. Trust me when I tell you there is some real talent in this collection. I hope you enjoy!


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