Friday, April 15, 2011

"Strings" is Published!

The instant before realization happens is the most uncertain of moments. Thus begins my short story, “Strings,” published in the Spring 2011 edition of Rose and Thorn Journal. Oh, joy!

“Strings” was a labor of love in more ways than I can begin to name. I opened up my imagination and allowed it to fly free. And for a few weeks, I was on a wicked, wild, and heady ride. And I immersed myself in it… literally. And I loved it… completely.

Please read and let me know what you think. Just click here and you’ll be taken there.

I hope you enjoy!


  1. Hellom dear:

    You are a clever & devious one and I hope in a good way with a gift for expressing yourself in words.

    Intelligent and lovely poem. I don't wish to define it or you (although perhaps I did in my first sentence). I am a simple man and prefer to eat at home.

    I especially like the line:

    Do you know what a schizophrenic is? She makes you ask me. It’s when you’re one person, but you think you’re two, or three.

    So true.

    Take care,

  2. CONGRATS dear friend! I am amazed with every word you put to bring them alive in a way no other can.


  3. Congratulations Nevine. I am glad to hear that you are progressing in your writing and you are getting your creative work published. Well deserved.


  4. La fiction dans la fiction! Mais qu'y a-t-il de vraiment réel dans notre vie?
    Et si nous n'étions que des pions dirigés par une main invisible qui nous dicte nos moindres faits et gestes?
    Un écrit vraiment très intéressant et qui pousse à la réflexion!
    Et s'il est vrai que tout a déjà été écrit il n'en reste pas moins qu'il y a différentes façons d'écrire la même histoire. Et j'aime beaucoup ta façon d'écrire celle-ci;o)
    Toutes mes félicitations, ma belle amie;o)

    Gros BISOUS et un merveilleux weekend avec plein d'étoiles étincelantes de bonheur dans tes yeux****

  5. Congratulations are not enough for somebody like you. I wish I could take you out to diiner on the top of the world.


  6. Oh, well done you. Getting published. And the story - oh, the story .. my god ... such an extraordinary visualization of the life of a character and the control the writer exerts ... sometimes ... Incredible stuff.

  7. Love your blog's new look. Congratulations on your published story. I feel like you and I are now part of the same RnT sorority. :-) And now I'm off to read your story!

  8. I'm back after having read your amazing story. These are my thoughts:

    What is the nature of reality? That question is the subtext of this brilliantly drawn tale. Who is in control might be the secondary subtextual question. Your facility with poetic expression informs the selection and shading of detail. Your knowledge of psychological nuance enhances the story’s development. Very intriguing and very well done.

  9. Intriguing also is the way I would describe this piece, Nevine ... and enjoyable. "Poetic license," indeed!

    I will go back and re-read it soon, and probably often.

    Congrats on being published once again!

  10. Nevine, that was wonderful. So intricate. Every word so perfectly thought. And I love the writer's control over her, it's almost like the conscious keeping our subconscious at bay.

  11. Oh Nevine! I am so impressed and delighted in your words, in your worlds. I feel as if there was a great mirror in the restaurant and I could watch everyone from inside the mirror. As a ghost myself and I could see the thoughts of the couple and the writer but I still wonder about the feelings... what each one feels is such a treasure, such a mystery. And your words just play around those feelings, suggesting them but not giving them away like some thing that is handed down. So these feelings find their own way into myself, and from there, I send you all my love.

  12. Nevine, NEVINE! You MOST CERTAINLY had fun creating THIS piece--short story...and whoever reads it is ALSO having fun. I only read the first excerpt. As you loved 'thinking' it, you give each reader that same love--reading.

    Between gigs tomorrow I'll look back and see if there is more you have allowed us.

    How can us Peeps--well, I?--thank you for gems of carelessness like this?

    PEACE...and happiness, for you Nevine-Girl!

  13. Nevine!
    Love your new passionate red globulous header,....
    Bravo!!! for the ' Strings ',

    What fascinated me was the 'hairpin bend', triggering curiosity from there on.......

    You're so clever, tightening the knots and undoing as though such things were so easy....You've one hell of a pen, and two hell of a mind, amazing how you keep vigilance staying on the road.

    This is'nt the first time you're proving that you're a true occultist!
    warm hugs to you

  14. Mike - Well, I am not so devious myself, though I do have devious thoughts (and don't we all). I like to inject the devious thoughts into my characters and let them play out these thoughts however they please. Believe it or not, I am a simple person, too. But the imagination likes to fly where it likes to fly... and who am I to stop it? Thank you for sharing your favorite part. I always appreciate that. And thank you, also, for sharing your thoughts.

    David - And you are a gem... as you have always been. Thank you for always sharing my moments of joy!

  15. Khaled - Well, I am trying to stay in the loop by submitting something for publication every once in a while. It is a true challenge, what with school and time constraints. But, writing is a real addiction for me. I can't stop. I think that is a good thing, though. Thank you for always encouraging me, Khaled. I do appreciate it a great deal.

    Cremilde - Yes, I really do think it has all been written before. Like you said, it is a matter of how we rewrite what has been written. Merci pour ta gentillesse, ma belle amie. Tu es toujours "présente". Gros bisous!!!

  16. Sir Thomas - Dinner... on top of the world. How about that for fantasy? You are the last true dreamer, Sir Thomas. You are also a really sweet guy. Really... :-)

    Lou - Yes, only sometimes does the writer exert control. I agree, Lou. Because sometimes... the story takes over the writer. And that's when trouble happens. He he he... thanks for the ego-tripping comment! Woohoo!!!

  17. Judy - You have always been such a careful reader. But a careful writer is always a careful reader as well. Your questions and your thoughts are most insightful, and I really can't thank you enough for sharing them, Judy.

    ConTemplate - Well, thank you. I am more than pleased that you enjoyed it so much as to want to read it again. Sometimes I agonize while writing, but this story was like a wild fling in so many ways... and the funnest fun to write. So it's just heavenly to know that I am not the only one enjoying it. Does that sound pompous, or what? ;-)

  18. Eva - Thank you, Eva. Yes, the writer seemingly controls... and sometimes things slip, too. Writing can be scary, at times. It can really challenge us emotionally, physically, psychologically... But, you are all too familiar with that territory, too, Eva. I think that when writing doesn't challenge us, it just doesn't work out. I'm glad you enjoyed the story...

    Adriana - Oh, I struggled with that bit about hinting at the thoughts of the characters but not serving them on a platter. I wanted to keep the atmosphere of the story intact. I'm so glad it came across the way it did, then! Thank you, Adriana. You are a gem... and you know my mind! Sending love back to you... from here... to you!

  19. Steve - He he he... no more. This is where that story ends. No other parts or endings. Was it somewhat of a cliffhanger for you, Steve? I'm just happy to know you enjoyed reading it. :-)

    COL - Ooooooo...occultist! I love that word. And I do love the darkness, COL. I have always believed that it is only through darkness that one sees light. And though the plunge is sometimes scary, I take it. But this one, though dark in many ways, was a fun write. Maybe because it was about writing? I don't know. But thank you for reading it, COL. I am always interested to know your thoughts because I know you truly understand what it is I mean to say... every time. Hugs back to you, my dear friend.

  20. Congratulations on another story published! I will read it.

  21. super grats, mevine... that's wonderful!

  22. YAY!! congrats my beautiful friend!!
    I'm so happy for you. That's a great accomplishment!!

    Intriguing and outstanding story as are all of your poems/stories.
    and that " fall in love not with the person, but with who your mind envisions the person to be" so true!! I am also a woman with the dream. I can totally relate to that.
    Your poetry and thoughts touch every soul and that's what makes a writer a great writer.

    Big big hugs to you my dearest!
    Betty xx

  23. ...ooops I meant to say in my comment " i'm a woman in love with the dream" but i'm sure you know what i meant.

  24. High five, Nevine! Great work!!

  25. i renamed them 'twisted tuesdays' in the new year, nevine ;)

    already had a year of 'wicked wednesdays', so next year's will deal with thursdays :)

  26. oh, my dear nevine! i was here some days ago and left a comment after reading your magical piece - but it is no longer here - i cannot imagine what happened - except that it lost its way in cyberland for which i am so so sorry - in any event, so glad i dropped by and am able to let you know now - you know, nevine, you so know your way in and around your own heart - and ours - and beautifully show it to us in your words - so proud to know you! ;)

  27. Ah, Nevine. The writer was distracting me but still I liked how he mingled with the racy storyline.

    Congrats Nevine. Yet another feather in your cap. Now I start wondering about your course and whether case studies have meandered into Strings.

    Was unwell and hence this delay in visiting your place.

    I miss the smoking women that used to be your background for the header. We do get used to change, don't we.

    Joy always,

  28. There is real mind talk in that story of yours, Nevine... Wow, you've got that power to put us in situations which and then... Ah it's great to be under control... and yet not be... and get hold of it again to go back to that dreaming place of yours where night is the stage of your purest dance.

    I did enjoy it, actually...Such strings indeed (sigh)



  29. Coucou ma belle;o)
    Je viens te souhaiter une fin de semaine radieuse!

    Gros BISOUS****

    Ps: je suis tellement patiente que je m'étonne et que ça m'attriste!

  30. Oh, if only I could pull the stars from the skies! You know what I would do;o)
    Can't even remember my first kiss! Shame on me;o)

    Re-big BISOUS****

  31. I came, I read, I smiled the smile of one who has just been seriously teased, and enjoyed every second of it...

  32. Aww, my dearest Nevine! Stopping by to wish you a happy Easter weekend!


    Always your friend,

    Betty xx

  33. Yvonne - Well, thank you, Yvonne!

    LW - He he he... I'm elated about it... but I'm chilling with it, too.

  34. Betty - Thank you so much for all the lovely words, and I'm so happy you enjoyed my story. I'm also happy to know you are touched by my writing. After all, if writing does not touch, it can hardly be deemed so. Hugs to you, my dear friend.

    Jason - Thank you much!

  35. Jenean - Oh, don't worry about it. Our comments sometimes get tangled in those cyber hoops, and what of it? Just as long as we read and enjoy... what are some words missed between friends? And yet, thank you for the pleasure of your visits, always, Jenean.

    Susan - Well, though I'm hardly counting feather in my cap, it's a nice feeling to know my writing is appreciated somewhere out there. My aim is to share my words with the largest number of readers, not only on my blog. So, if I can do that, then I am happy. And... my ladies... I do miss them, too. They were with me for so long. But, it was time for them to retire. :-)

  36. Dulce - So glad to know you enjoyed the story. Yes, it's nice to be caught in someone's spell, sometimes... so long as we know we can emerge unscathed. It's the pleasure of losing control and then knowing we can have it back... when? Hugs back to you, Dulce.

    Cremilde - Ma belle, the stars have rained and showered and aren't we just covered with stardust? ;-)

  37. Owen - I'm happy you enjoyed, Owen. :-)

    Betty - And I hope your weekend was filled with flowers. :-)

  38. Nevine, that was a joy to read. You so deserved to be published. Well done. xx

  39. just had you on my mind, dear lady - hope all is well with you and yours! ;)

  40. Akasha - Thank you, dear.

    Jenean - I am well, and have been busy. But I will be swinging by soon to read more of your delicious delights!


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