Monday, October 10, 2011


Girl with a Pearl Earring 
by Johannes Vermeer

You happened upon me
As I went on my way,
With what stealth!
With what intensity!

And it was not your beauty
That took me
Oh, no!

It was the quiver
The rustle
The swell…


It was the Suddenness of You
That made me


And look twice
Just… you know…
Just… to be certain… of you.


  1. perfection my friend!

  2. OMGosh, nevine! you've been here again - in the closet of my own mind/heart/experiences - my own thoughts - what can i say! perfect, dear lady, perfect - and so odd as i was just about to post a little piece of mine on fb that is SO much like this - a little synchro between kindred spirits - so sorry to have been away a bit - managing to do posts myself has been a feat of late - visiting, still a larger feat - but it's wonderful to be back here in my "other home of words" - have a lovely day, nevine!

  3. Beautiful...perfect in every delicate way! I can relate to this completely, this has happened to me, and it is a lovely memory. :)

  4. Ah! J'adore ce tableau!
    Je vais vite lire ton poème;o)

  5. J'adore! J'adore! J'adore!
    Merci pour toute la beauté ici trouvée, ma belle;o)

    Big BIZZZOUZZZZ et à tantôt****

    Je reviens dès que je peux pour te lire dans TNL;o)

  6. You never leave us untouched Nevine, you "devine" in our dreams.

    And in a lovely bit of coincidence, I just offered la grenouille a large pearl from Tahiti on a silver necklace for her birthday, which is today... How nice of you to find the perfect painting to go with it. I'll have to show her... merci Nevine...

  7. Nevine Baby--you make me COME ALIVE, girl! Alive, as in rediscovery of word-crafting which is at once good and worthy. Simply--yet not simple--LOVELY!

    --An Admirer


  8. The power of a few words.

  9. I stopped over from Turquoise Diaries, attracted by the Girl with the Pearl Earring, a book I read and loved so long ago. I was delighted to find here your delicious poetry...each one an experience of life!

  10. yet another brilliant poem! could love you're describing here be any more sweet?
    absolutely impressive your poems that often incorporate the wonderful meaning of true love which i particularly love.

    truly mesmerizing, my dearest!

    big hugs to you!

    betty xx

  11. Je viens de te lire dans TNL;o)
    J'espère que bientôt tu pourras arrêter de courir pour te reposer un peu!
    Et que la providence t'apporte toujours la santé*, l'amour* et la joie*
    Le texte sur la pluie est très beau!
    L'image de la pluie qui fait l'amour à la terre m'a beaucoup plu! Et il a beaucoup plu! He he he;o)Mais après la pluie le beau temps!

    Big BIZZZOUZZZZ, ma belle * et douce nuit***

  12. Yes, the suddenness is always a wonder. It thrills and rouses until the sudden becomes monotony.

    What a piece, dear Nevine. Looks like the muse is visiting quite often to amuse us. Well, we should bribe her so that she settles on you and we, the readers will get to relish the delicious posts.

    Take care.

    Joy always,

  13. Such direct and pure falling in love with this poem i had, instantly taken by its crystalline breathtaking beauty.

  14. just dropping by to wish you a wonderful monday, dear lady!

  15. Coucou Nevine!
    Je viens te souhaiter une belle et heureuse semaine;o)
    Donne le bonjour à ton chéri et prends bien soin de toi, mon amie. Personne ne peut le faire aussi bien que toi, c'est sûr;o)

    Big bisous et à tout bientôt****

    ps: pas d'internet pendant une dizaine de jours parce que j'étais dans le sud de la France, dans la famille de mon chéri;o)

  16. Hi Nevine! Very nice.
    It's all good, but I LOVE the last stanza...
    Hope you are doing well!

  17. Coucou ma belle!
    Je suis venue te lire dans TNL;o) Tu as raison, il y a un temps pour tout! Repose-toi bien et profite de la vie;o)

    Big BIZZZOUZZZZ et belle fin d'après-midi****

  18. David - You are ever the nice guy! :-)

    Jenean - Thank you for that most heartfelt expression, dear Jenean. And it's so wonderful to know this is your "other home." I have always felt a kinship with your words, and you already know that. It's lovely to know you feel the same. And hey... life is happening for all of us, and you are ever welcome here, whenever the time is right for you. I'm not going anywhere. ;-)

  19. Urban Butterfly - It seems the most beautiful moments in life happen suddenly, don't they? Thank you, Camille.

    Mildred - Merci, ma belle amie! Tu es une chérie, et je t'adore. Et... en fait... j'adore ce tableau aussi. :-) Merci merci et big bisous!!!

  20. Owen - Your words have deeply touched me, Owen. I know this is much belated but a Happy Birthday to La Grenouille! Can we call this a bit of synchronicity, perhaps? Well... that is how I will choose to think of it, at least. :-)

    Steve - Sometimes the most simple things in life are the most beautiful. I'm discovering this truth slowly, Steve, but I know you have been aware of it for quite some time. Can I just say, it's so nice to be understood? It really is. :-)

  21. Martin - Love is such a dynamic force... how else to describe it?

    Becky - Well, thank you for stopping in and leaving such delightful words. I really appreciate your taking the time. That's very nice of you.

  22. Betty - Oh, maybe it is the love that shines through rather than the words. But how does one write about love and the end result not be beautiful??? You are so sweet, my dearest. Thank you so much and big hugs back!

    Mildred - "... après la pluie le beau temps." Oui oui oui!!! C'est vrai! J'ai arrêté de courir, je me suis reposée, et je me sens tranquille et contente. Quelques jours pour regarder le ciel, et la terre, et les arbres, et les oiseaux... j'en avais besoin. Merci, ma belle, pour tes visites. Tu es une vraie amie!!! Big bises!

  23. Susan - I'm glad you enjoyed it, Susan. Yes, there's something magical about suddenness... and how it brings itself to our attention... and brings our attention to its presence... and how we react. It's something that has been fascinating me lately, really. And I've just been watching myself and things around me to see how it all happens. What an experience!

    Lolita - I'm so delighted with your words, dear Lolita, and I'm so happy to know you fell in love with it. It is all about falling in love, after all, isn't it? :-)

  24. Jenean - Happy Mondays and Happy Weeks to you, dear Jenean! You are ever the kind spirit...

    Mildred - Pas d'internet pour dix jours... un cadeau! Et dix jours dans la famille de ton chéri... un autre cadeau! He he he... après quelques jours de repos, j'ai la tête dans les nuages. Est-ce qu'on dit ça? La tête dans les nuages? He he he... je l'ai dit! Big bises et je suis ravie de te revoir dans le virtuel, ma belle!!!

  25. Pat - It's lovely to see you here. And I'm doing great, thank you. You know what, though? I'm pretty fond of that last stanza, too. He he he...

    Mildred - Bises et bon weekend, ma belle amie!!!

  26. Coucou ma belle!
    Ton poème dans TNL est sublime!
    Embrasse fort celui qui te l'a inspiré;o)

    Gros bisous et bon dimanche****

    ps: mon amie Marie m'a offert une très belle copie qu'elle a fait elle-même de 'La jeune fille à la perle';o)

  27. Cremilde - He he he... je l'ai embrassé. Et... sublime, ton cadeau! Je te souhaite un bon dimanche et une bonne semaine! Bises bises!!!


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