Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lux(uria) Aeterna

Transcendence, Susan Seddon Boulet

For a finite one
who covets the infinite,
the drunkenness of

i awaken in the dead of night
to two hands
scanning my star-latticed body

small palms gliding
three inches from
silver-dappled flesh

and while asking myself
just what . . .
i recognize that 

am craving my touch

my hands
my fingers


seeking new edens
in which to dwell

rendering the body of my body
and mottled with self-love

am loving me

feeling the flush of my impatient caress
here . . . and here
and . . . h     e                r                                 e

hearing my head’s voice wonder
is it a dream?

hearing my own voice whisper

while the sun enters stealthily this night
this temple through a secret door
like an unexpected disciple
like an eternal light

bathing me with golden nectar
anointing with lip . . . and lash . . .
and ego . . . the eyelets of my flesh
and licking me dry with adoration.


  1. I am DONE, again!
    (Ref to Kim Williams, above--grin!)

    Nevine, Queen, you bring me to places I have never been, for I am not a woman.

    Awesome poetry, but no surprise--from your heart, your brain, perfection is expected!

    i must write this. In truth, like Kim,
    i am undone...again!

  2. As powerful as ever, Nevine.

  3. Un texte très beau et très sensuel!
    C'est tout simplement sublime et captivant! Et je rejoins ce que disent Kim, Steve et Martin!
    Et le tableau, il est superbe et va merveilleusement bien avec ton poème! Et bien que j'aime beaucoup son titre, je crois que je l'aurais plutôt appelé "Fantasy"!

    BIZZZOUZZZZ et BELLE après-midi, ma belle****

  4. Je passerai te lire dans TNL ce soir tard!
    J'ai plein de choses à faire et je suis vraiment très en retard!


    ps: donne mon bonjour à qui tu sais;o)

  5. i'm always amazed with your imagery and also your ability to create rich and vivid images in your poetry. your poems of divine inspiration always brighten up my day.

    yet another powerful and sensual poem, my dearest!

    big hugs to you!


    p.s. i kindly thank you for your always lovely comments on my blog. they always mean A LOT to me!!!

  6. Nevine, it's been ages, but always a pleasure to drop in here and see what you have been writing. Work was crazy for a long while, and then we were travelling in Italy for the past couple of weeks, I've been away from the realm of blogs. But can't stay away for too long, there is too much positive energy circulating here. And your poems contribute to that positive energy in a big way. Hoping all is well in your universe...

  7. Coucou ma belle!
    Je suis revenue te lire et puiser l'énergie dont parle si bien Owen!
    Et je te remercie tout plein pour tous ces beaux écrits que tu partages avec nous à travers tes deux blogs;o)
    Que tes rêves soient toujours aussi prolifiques et beaux et que toujours ton prince soit prêt à t'apporter ton plus beau stylo;o)

    BISOUS et BELLE journée, ma belle amie****

  8. Nevine...I find your words a hybrid of body and soul a soul full of passion that seeps into every corner of the body. A body in the mind that rests on the pleasure of the senses. A soul and a body that screams love the Beautiful ... a sofice caress them both from my mind. With admiration for Sergio ...

  9. He he he he he! Je viens de te lire dans TNL et cela m'a fait sourire car mes montres et pendules ne sont jamais à l'heure!
    Celle de la voiture a 2 minutes d'avance, ma montre de poignet presque 1 mn d'avance, et le réveil a parfois jusqu'à 15/20 minutes d'avance parce qu'il est pressé qu'on se lève, mais comme on le sait on reste encore un peu au lit! Hi hi hi hi hi!
    Et moi j'arrive toujours pile poil à l'heure, sinon il m'arrive d'être en retard... mais j'ai toujours une bonne excuse;o)

    BIZZZOUZZZZ et BEAU dimanche, ma belle Nevine****

  10. my favourite yet.. but then how can I pick one? this immense gift you have to paint pictures with words..amazing. xo

  11. dearest nevine - i've so missed our comings and goings here and have only the distractions of my own life to blame - however i know you understand that sometimes those distractions are necessary evils and must be acknowledged - and so, it has been - in any event, another wonderful basket of beautiful words from your heart and soul - lovely - hope all is well in your world - hugs and much love - gypsy

  12. Coucou Nevine!
    Je suis venue te lire dans TNL (j'ai aimé;o)) et te souhaiter une merveilleuse fin de semaine!

    BISOUS, ma belle****

    ps: donne un bonjour chaleureux de ma part à qui tu sais;o)


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