Friday, March 1, 2013

Distillation, The Fourth

Self-Portrait, Nevine Sultan

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I see you, My Ghost,
after an immeasurable duration of separation.
And though the ‘immeasurable’ is relative,
my first thought is, God, you look so old.

I know this thought should be followed by,
I wonder if you think the same of me.
But, I do not have that thought.

Instead, I think how reverent it is to
age from the lashes and strokes of life.

I think how immaculate are the creases that
cut the edges of our lips and
slice the corners of our eyes.

I think how eloquent are the words
we speak when the spirit wisens,
and surges, like a ghost—

Like you, My Ghost,
inside of me.


  1. Beautiful rendition.

    Joy always,

  2. lovely poem! Our ghosts can lead us to wisdom.

    1. Indeed, they can, Yoga Gal! Thank you for the insightful thought...

  3. Oh Nevine, tu me ferais presque aimer l'idée de vieillir!
    Merci pour ce superbe dialogue avec ton "ghost"!
    J'ai été bien occupée ces derniers jours et je n'ai pas beaucoup été sur l'ordinateur, alors me voici seulement!
    Tu es ma première visite de ce soir;o)


    GROS BISOUS x 1000 et bonne après-midi ma belle amie****

    1. Merci, ma belle Mildred! Et... moi... j'avais des examens, cette semaine. Donc... voila! :-) Gros bisous, mon amie... et merci pour le plaisir de tes visites!!!

    2. Coucou ma belle!
      J'espère que tout s'est passé comme tu le désires et que le succès sera au rendez-vous!
      Je te souhaite un très bon weekend à toi et à ton Zhom;o)

      GROS BISOUS x1000****

  4. Replies
    1. I agree, Adriana! Isn't she quite the ghost? We dance together so eloquently, she and I. Thank you, my dear, for your always beautiful thoughts!

  5. "immaculate are the creases" - love that, especially in the larger context of the series. thank you again.

    i also wanted you to know, i have launched a poetry blog ... you might like some of the unrefined stuff i'm sharing there.

    1. Thank you, Kim. I will swing by your new blog when I have a few minutes... so I can linger a while. :-)

    2. Nevine - thanks. having some trouble with the naked domain redirect, so you will have to use the www as in to get there... :)

    3. Thank you, Kim. I will do that! I can't wait to visit...

  6. ...ciao Nevine, il tuo traduttore simultaneo non è abilitato, puoi provvedere? Tu sai che amo leggere le tue mio inglese purtroppo è decisamente scolastico...un abbraccio...

    1. Sergio, my apologies... I did not return in time to reply to your comment. I have never had a translator on this blog. I would suggest using Google Translate. It is quite a handy tool!

  7. dear nevine,
    such a lovely, eloquent poem as usual.
    thank you for helping me see things with my mind's eye.
    this one (as all your poems) flows so was so overwhelmingly beautiful it was hard to take in.
    thanks for the beauty of your words!!

    hope you're having a great weekend.

    p.s.please forgive me for taking me so long to get back with you.
    always grateful for your wonderful comments on my blog.
    they are always highly appreciated:)

    love and big hugs

    1. Dear Betty, thank you for the very beautiful words. I always appreciate your feedback. And... no worries on being late. There is no such thing as being late here! Whatever time works out for you works out for me. We are all so very busy taking care of life, out there. We can't be glued to our computers all the time. Thank you, as always, for the delightful visit, my dear. Many hugs back!

  8. tua tretralogia è un profondo capolavoro d'arte poetica, e aggiungo filosofico. E gli ultimi tre versi sono eloquenti come una vita colma di silenzi...grazie mente acuta, istintiva, ma anche riflessiva...abbraccio e alla prossima visita..

    1. Thank you, Sergio. You are always so in tune with my writing, it seems. I truly appreciate your deep reading of my words, although, it comes as no surprise. After all... you are a poet! :-) Abbracci...


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