Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sulfur and Cinnabar

Art by Gianni de Conno

Maybe it will always be
This way:

The cavernous howl of agitation
in the ribs,

The harried pull of magnetism
in the core,

The clashing knuckles—
white with desire,

The disordered breathing—
haunted by time.

How do we do it?

We stare unblinkingly anticipation
steeps beneath our skin
and betray nothing.

We tread the floors of want
to undress or not to undress
without twisting our ankles.

We do not move
our lips are swollen with hunger
to the persistent heartbeat of the walls.

An owl hoots at the periphery of
the moon-washed window.

We leave the light on—
the door open.

How do we do it?

We don’t touch a thing.
We scald.


  1. A wonderful surprise to round out my Saturday, Nevine. Thanks.

  2. Nevine... words escape me! Such a clash of images and sensations... and emotions, as well.

    I'm exhausted -- in the best possible way.

    1. It's lovely to see you back in Blogland, Bard! It's been so long. Your thoughts are always welcome... and deeply felt. Thank you.

  3. "An owl hoots at the periphery of the moon-washed window."

    There is a novel of content in this one exquisite phrase.

    1. Thanks, Kim. I just love the image it evoked in me... or rather... I think it was the image that was evoked first, and then the words. One never really knows, with poetry. It's a circular process.

  4. Nevine... dang your inspiration! You made me write this. :)

    While Reading Poetry on A Rainy Sunday

    words dance and weave
    these singular assaults
    passions with a clash of images and sensations
    each kindly interrupted by its cousin
    uninvited visits
    each roughly terminated in mid touch
    all to be known faintly
    in momentary memory
    and egregious imagining

    1. Wow! That was YOUR inspiration, Kim. You have your own way with words, after all. I am very pleased to have played the slightest role in this. What an evocative exploration of your reaction to my poem. I love it... and I'm smiling widely! :-)

  5. As always, I feel so much less than qualified to comment on your stuff - it is, as always, stunning.

    1. Thank you, Lou! You, as always, are gracious... I appreciate your stopping in.

  6. ...sulfur and cinnabar, cool color and warm color. Natural contrasts are reflected in thought and imagination. The imagination and creates a firm figure, a situation, a sheet of intangible and thought describes it with the written word. And your imagine and your thinking is extraordinary. Kiss dear Levine ...

    1. Sergio, thank you. I know we share a deep love for the written word. I am grateful for your always profound thoughts about my writing. Abbracci...

  7. Coucou ma belle!
    Un mélange détonnant et une très belle association de couleurs avec ce soufre et ce cinabre!
    J'ai aimé la chouette qui ulule à proximité de la fenêtre baignée de lumière lunaire!
    Merci pour le partage mon amie.

    GROS BISOUS x 1000 et très bon weekend****

    1. Merci, ma belle Mildred. Je te souhaite une bonne semaine! Gros bisous, mon amie! :-)

  8. my dearest nevine,

    oh my, i must say this poem is stunning! as are all of your poems.
    "we leave the light on, the door open. how do we do it?"
    there are no words to express my admiration fot your outstanding work!
    i've always loved and appreciated your exquisite poetry!

    be well my wonderful friend.

    have a great sunday!
    big hugs~

    1. Thank you, Betty! You are always so gracious with your words. And I am always happy to hear them. I hope you are enjoying a star-studded week! Big hugs back to you, my dear!

  9. SO MUCH!!! Render me speechless, WordCrafter!

    1. Oh, Adriana... thank you. What more can words say? I am the speechless one! A warm hug to you... :-)

    2. trickles.... these lifedrops come in trickles... never enough - you scald.

    3. :-)

      I am ever humbled by your generosity...

  10. yes... how do we do it? solider on despite the pain the need for another, for touch to be known.

    your prose swells with desire to tell the work of humanity
    walking along the desert of life.

    1. Paige, welcome! And thank you for your very profound thoughts on my words. I hope you can always enjoy what I share here. It's a pleasure to have you along for the ride.

  11. Beautiful Nevine!
    Words are your paint and you are surely an artist with them.

  12. Thank you, Pat. You are always so kind... :-)


Your thoughts are deeply appreciated.