Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Consenting Muse

Art by Leonor Fini

The door splinters.
The wood planks sail on the horizon.

The open sky calls.
The rain tremors and falls.

Body. Breath.
Sensation. Consciousness.

Crimson petals pressed to white paper.
The fortitude to know, and to go.

Leaf. Bark. Root.
The autumn brambles, left unattended.

A harvesting of love and joy.
A gathering of stone and bone.

The tender flow of words . . . unhurried.
It’s an old story . . . the calm that comes with
Knowing . . . and going.

There is no nip inside that air.
There is no ebb inside that flow.

I talk to you in a dream.
But . . . pardon the intrusion.

I was saying . . .
May I ask . . .
To trust without shadow,
What does it take?

The heavens are boundless.
There is a use for every darkness.

Intuition. Imagination. Invention.


  1. oh my. I read this. then read the italics as a separate piece and then did the same with the non-italic. two voices. two poems. one.

    what a weave!

    1. Kim, it seems you can always read my mind. Or, maybe it's just that you're a poet, and you just know... :-)

  2. ...Nevine hello, welcome back. I found your citations for extraordinary depth of thought that make you think. the truth is sometimes also written between the lines. Very nice also the painting. Hug and kiss ..

    1. Yes, Sergio... between the lines. Precisely! Thank you for always leaving a warm and inviting smile in your track. Abbracci... :-)

  3. Hi Nevine!
    It seems that neither of us is around much these days.
    This is another beauty. I saw it a bit differently than Kim. To me it was like a person speaking the first line and thinking the second.

    I'm glad I spotted your post! Take care my friend...

    1. It's wonderful to see you here, Pat. The incredible thing about poetry is its resilience to whatever interpretations we want to attribute to it. Your reading experience is yours... and it's beautiful. I am privileged that you shared it with me, Pat. Thank you. :-)

  4. Just like Kim!
    There is indeed a use for every darkeness.
    But to leave brambles unattended requieres trust and courage.
    Have a restful weekend.

    1. Oh, trust... oh, courage! But then... to trust without shadow, what does it take? :-) I love having these conversations about words and what they mean for us. I'm delighted that my words mean something for you, Adriana. Thank you for being an ever faithful companion. Hugs to you, my dear.

  5. wow, my sweet and wonderful friend!
    i adore your symbolic poetry and its philosophical meaning!
    massive, magical and glorious words, images, passion and i really loved that optimistic phrase...there is a use for every darkness!

    stunning, exquisite poem as usual.

    big hugs!

    1. Thank you, Betty. You are always so generous with your thoughts. I'm happy to know you enjoyed this poem. I truly enjoyed writing it... almost... like dancing. :-) Big hugs back to you, my dear.

  6. "To trust without shadow"
    Si tu savais ce que je vis actuellement!!!
    Aurais-tu écrit ce poème pour moi?
    Que dire? Il y a un trou dans le mur de notre chambre...et la tasse à thé n'est même pas cassée!!!

    Gros énormes BISOUS Nevine amie * et donne mon bonjour à qui tu sais***

    1. He he he... parfois on écrit des choses pour soi-même, seulement pour découvrir qu'ils sont également pour ​​les autres. Nous voici, donc! :-) Merci, ma belle amie. Bien sûr, je lui donnerai ton bonjour. :-) Gros gros bisous!!!

  7. hello my sweet friend, i linked to you today!

    happy weekend~

    1. Thank you, my dear Betty! You are the sweet one. A very beautiful weekend to you!!! :-)

  8. I come from the blog of Betty Manousos, Cut and Dry, and I love your corner, so if you do not mind, I become a follower of your magical space.
    Hugs and kisses.

    1. Welcome, Pedro! You come from the blog of one of my dearest... Thank you for being so kind. I hope you enjoy your visits to my space.

  9. ...ciao cara Nevine, ti auguro una felice domenica..:-) Abbraccio grande..

    1. Grazie, Sergio! Ed io ti auguro una felice settimana... anche se è già martedì ;-)

  10. Ah, Nevine, reading you after a long time is such a delight and the words . . . they seem to be in a dance that they're completely enjoying. You weave magic and I missed this for a long time. Glad to read your words today, Nevine.

    Hope you're doing well and that your Ph. D. is coming along well.

    Joy always,

    1. How delighted I am to see you here, Susan! I love your new profile photo... you look beautiful. Thank you for the always gracious thoughts you leave.

      The Ph.D. studies are coming along well... even if they are terribly demanding. Well, you know how it is, don't you?

      Thank you so much for stopping in and leaving your sweet trail. I promise to return the visit soon. :-) A warm hug...

  11. I loved this line: "There is a use for every darkness."

    So true!


  12. I've learned it the hard way... but yes, it is true!


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