Friday, October 19, 2018

Elemental: A Meditation

Unknown Photographer

After the storm:

Jade. Mint. Olive. Emerald.
How vastly these greens transcend my vision!

And, my vision . . . how infinitely
it pulses to the cadence of Demeter!

The sun glints off a dewy blade of grass.
The light streams in through a sliver of open window.
The air is honeyed with the scent of rose and helianthus.
The crape myrtles dally in the richness of earth and sky.

The fire of life burns vivid, unhurried, idyllic.

I still. 
Quiet, now.

My window—animated with spirit—leans 
into a stray breeze.

I am inside outside.

And, I am sun. And, I am rain. 
And, I am seed. Cracking.
Snapping. Eager to sprout.

Somewhere within this auspicious paradox
lives a certainty that resonates like gold.


  1. Coucou Nevine!
    Je retrouve avec plaisir tes écrits!😍
    C'est toujours aussi beau et poétique!
    Gros bisous et bon dimanche ma belle! <3

  2. So, I had read the other one. I want to let you know I've been feeling oh so very well lately. (I don't like exclamation marks.) I am also writing again. I love your entries. I wish a great 2019. I'll try to make my self more available so we can chat. I'd like to know about your PhD dissertation and works. Love, Adriana (much)

  3. Dear Adriana, I always love the surprise of your visits. I'm delighted to hear that you're feeling well and writing again. A beautiful 2019 to you, as well (I really want to exclaim, now). Yes, let's try and make some time to chat soon... A big hug to you, my dear.

  4. Merci, Cremilde... Gros bisous, ma belle amie!


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