Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year, Everyone!!!

I've been away for a few days, something I decided to do on a whim on Christmas Eve. My husband surprised me with "I'm going to be off until January 5," and I was like, "Wow! So am I!" So I decided to just take time off from everything. And, we had a blast! But I've missed my blog, and all of your blogs as well. And, well, the new year is almost here, and I wanted to stop in and wish you all the best 2010 anyone could ever hope for. I'll be back in a couple of days with a new post. Until then, keep smiling and don't forget that new beginnings are always exciting. So, from under a deep and purple sky pierced with millions of twinkling stars and the full glow of a blue moon, from deep in the heart of the great Lone Star State of Texas, and from deep in my heart, I send my warmest wishes and love to all of you, everywhere that you are, wherever you are. I'll see you soon. Happy New Year!!!



  1. Enjoy your vacation and the New Year, Nevine! You and your work are a great gift to us all.

  2. nevine my friend, i am so glad that 2009 brought you into my world, my blog twin;) look forward to 2010 and getting to know you even better


  3. Happy New Year.

    Looking forward to reading when you get back.

  4. Oh my! Nevine, "Dreamer, writer, and lover of life!" my humblest apologies are yours on which to stomp with wooden shoes.

    Regarding my request to re-send a comment: I was earlier playing around with "comment moderation".

    I received an email notification of your comment, etc., etc., thinking it was for me to moderate...and 'lost' it.

    Meanwhile your sweet, charming words were already posted, unknown by me. I'm SO sorry.

    Too much of your time wasted here, and your comment space I'll sign off. In 90 minutes here it will be 2010, with lots of promise, many unknowns, but hopes and trust thrown in with the mix of peace, love, and sobriety (for some of us).

  5. Dear Nevine:

    I wish you all that needs to complete you within and outside.

    May joy always fill you.

    Enjoy your break and come soon.

    Love and joy,

  6. Excellent, nothing like some time off all of a sudden ! I hope that everything in your holiday plate and goblet is of the very best, champagne perhaps ? And good things to nibble while smiling at the joy of being alive, a burning flame, bright, hot, on fire !

    For us is was fresh oysters on the half shell and champagne last night into the wee hours of the morning... close to heaven...

    Bonne année Nevine ! Happiest of New Years to you !

  7. Oh how Happy I am you are back... I've been missing you badly!!! This is not the same without you! (Maybe exaggerating a bit- but to make you understand only)

    You are so sweet and beautiful in all senses of the word 'beautiful'.
    OK ! no more compliments...

    ... a big Hug and Best wishes for the New Year.

    Looking forward to your writing.


  8. happy new year, nevine, and enjoy your holiday!!!

  9. It will be great to frequently visit you in 2010! You excite us and make us think.


  10. Happy New Year Nevine! I can't wait to read anything you write this year. And I hope it is magical and wonderous, this year, for you!

  11. Happy New Year, Nevine. I just love how blogging brought the us together. You're a treasure.


  12. Happy new year Nevine. Enjoy your vacation with the loved one and have a great year. It was so nice to find your blog in 2009..

  13. Rick - How you flatter me, and thank you. I do like it. :-)

    Steven - You can't begin to imagine how much I enjoy "hanging out" with you. It's awesome, twin brother. ;-)

    Silver - Thank you; I'll be back very soon.

    Steve - Oh, don't worry about that. I've done that countless times. It can be a bit confusing. And I would never ever stomp on anyone with wooden shoes, or any other kind of shoes for that matter, especially not a wonderful person such as yourself. "Lots of promise" keeps us going. :-)

    Susan - What a lovely wish. Thank you for that.

    Owen - Oh, how I miss fresh oysters... a treat I can no longer enjoy. Maybe soon, the oysters will call me back to France so I can partake of their particularly delicate flavor with a few sips of Brut Rosé Piper Hiedsick... always a delight. I'm happy to hear you enjoyed your New Year's Eve. My hubby and I had seafood with Veuve Clicquot, and we did stay up into the wee hours of the morning as well. It's always so much fun, isn't it? Thank you for your always sweet thoughts, Owen.

    Dulce - Oh, exaggerate away, Dulce. It's like music falling on my ears. But really, I'm happy to be back. It was fun to take a break, but now it's time to be serious again... in a fun way, too.

    Shadow - :-)

    Secretia - Thank you for that lovely comment. It is my hope to make others think through my writing, so I appreciate that a great deal, Secretia. I look forward to your visits.

    Cat - And magic and wonder back at you. You make me smile... I'll be looking forward to seeing more of you, both here and at your "Creative" place.

    Jai - Now how sweet was that. I'm happy we found each other through blogging, as well. It has been a pleasure to follow along at your place, and I look forward to more.

    Turquoise - It was very nice for me too. I enjoy your lovely photos and always delightful posts. :-)

  14. all the best for you too Nevine !!
    all good feelings inside your heart for 2010 .
    and wow !! you're pretty !!

  15. What a beautiful picture! Happy New Year Nevine. May all your aspirations and hopes take flight this year as well :) Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your time off.

  16. Nevine, thanks so much for being my friend! It means a lot to me!!!
    Enjoy your vacation!
    I already miss you!
    love and hugsxxxxx

  17. Happy New Year to you as well! I hope you had a relaxing vacation.

  18. Happy New Year Nevine! What a lovely tribute post.

    All the best for 2010! :)x

  19. Caio - He he he... That's so sweet!

    Sharla - *Sigh* My time off is almost over...

    Betty - Love and hugs back at you.

    Bard - It was awesome!

    Sharon - And the best to you too!

  20. Nevine, may your New Year be filled with many memorable moments, in a good way of course *smile* I have really missed reading you! I'm so looking forward to getting settled in my new place and having decent internet service :)

    A warm thanks for all of your thoughtful and sweet comments on my blog, Nevine. You're such a delightful person, a beautiful person with awesome abilities :) Hugs and more hugs!

  21. Happy New Year Nevine.
    I wish you every happiness and success in 2010.
    Thank you very much for your help with my novelette "Strange." You advice meant a lot.
    Warm regards,

  22. Have fun and a great year ahead.
    Love your work.


  23. Roxy - What a pleasure to have you back! It's been so long. But I know it can be a real bummer to try and keep up with blogging while you're moving. Moving is such a challenge as it is. I do wish you all the best in your new home. I'm hoping it will be a new positive energy in your life, and I'm looking forward to getting back to reading your beautiful writing on a regular basis. Take care and good luck with it all!

    Simone - It was my pleasure to read your beautiful writing and help in what small bit I could. Trust me, I have no problem at all reading fabulous writing. Thank you for this very sweet comment.

    Nipun - Do you go by Nuts? Is that it? I'm just now beginning to get it... Thank you for your kind words and cheers back at you!

  24. Fill you heart with all the love there is .....and all the happiness that will come and that which already is there with you!
    a very happy new year to you! and see you soon!
    lots of love.

  25. COL - And the same to you. I can't say it more beautifully!

  26. I hope you have a wonderful, and even more adventure-filled, new year. :)

  27. I don't know what happened to the comment I had left here the day before yesterday!!!

    I wanted to thank you for visiting my "petit jardin secret" and having lighten my sky by leaving a nice comment.
    I also made a comment to your comment:)
    (And it didn't disappear.It is still there!:))

    Thanks again and I wish you all the best for the New Year!
    Et que ta bonne étoile t'accompagne partout où tu iras***

  28. Cremilde, it's always a pleasure to visit you, and thank you for your tender wishes. I don't know what happens to comments sometimes, but they do disappear. Et merci pour ta gentillesse, et surtout pour ta présence.

  29. You are stunning.
    All the best to you in the New Year, too, Nevine. I must come back with time to well read your longer pieces.

  30. Take your time, Erin. And Happy 2010 to you as well! Thanks so much for stopping in...


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