Wednesday, December 9, 2009


the darkness of night
          births secrecy
the darkness of secrecy
          births deceit
the darkness of deceit
          births separation
the darkness of separation
          births isolation

the darkness of isolation
reaches for a door
(though it may be locked)
reaches for a window
(though it may be sealed)
begging for life
begging for people
begging for being
begging for us
begging for hope
of transformation
begging for want
of elevation

birthed only by release

when the hearts have spoken
when the secrets are disclosed
when the seals are broken
when the veils have exposed

darkness is reversed
daybreak appears

darkness is reversed
daybreak appears

in an instant
we awaken
in an instant
we realize
in an instant
we are light
in an instant
we are reborn

in an instant
in the blink of an eye
(or rather in its unblink)
we rise


  1. Nevine, this is so incredibly inspirational! And so hard to see when we are in that dark place that feels like a hole so deep there is no escape. But there is, and reaching is key isn't it? Beautifully written, I just love how you write. Captivating and engaging from start to finish.

  2. Oh My! Woman you write like the angels... Nope you write like a woman-angel, which is muuuuch better!
    Lovely lovely lovely!!!

  3. perfect. just perfect. and this is exactly how it is...

  4. How explicitly the human behaviour is expressed in your verse.

    "in an instant
    in the blink of an eye
    (or rather in its unblink)
    we rise"

    This is what happened when I read the lovely lines.

    Joy always Nevine,

  5. This reminds me of something my mom used to say to me, once you turn on the light darkness cant hide anymore....beautifuly written my friend as always...the art work, is it yours?

  6. Nevine....that all i wish instant!

  7. What goings on in the darkness! Stirs my imagination of exloring with flashlights in the dark in my teens.


  8. I am, yes, I dare say it .. speechless! Nevine this is amazing. It's not that you are saying something new, it's how you are expressing it ... the way you are presenting it seals it in my thoughts, tickles my imagination; like a song, like a dance. I so love the repetition ---

    "darkness is reversed
    daybreak appears

    darkness is reversed
    daybreak appears

    ... slanted, hauntingly true, like an echo.

  9. Cat - Yes, we've all been in that dark place and felt locked inside. But we always find our way out, don't we? "Inspirational" is good. After "freefalling" I thought it would be a refreshing change to reverse things and "rise"! Thank you, Cat. I'm smiling... :-)

    Dulce - I've never been compared to a woman-angel before. Hmmm... yes, I can just see myself with wings. And you are just too dulce for words, aren't you?

    Shadow - If I've achieved perfection in your eyes, then I'm on cloud nine!

    Susan - I'm so happy it lifted you up like that. I know most of my writing can be very dark, so I wanted to try my hand at something a little different. I'm smiling again...

    Steven - Your mom is one wise lady. And, is the art work mine? I love art but can't execute anything resembling it to save my life - except maybe with words. As far as drawing and painting are concerned, stick figures are about as far as I can take myself.

    Martin - Thank you; that's very nice.

    Craftsman - Your instant is waiting right around the corner; you just don't know it. It'll come out and surprise you, and then your heart will be beaming.

    Secretia - Whatever stirs your imagination and makes you happy, my dear...

    Amias - I tried to use a bit of repetition in there because I wanted to produce the effect of a chant, but not in an overpowering way. You mentioned the word "echo" - yes. Echoes are haunting - the remnant ripples of reality, traveling in waves, like light. I'm over the moon with happiness that you heard it - "like a song". You said all the right stuff and more! Thank you!!!

  10. in an instant
    in the blink of an eye
    (or rather in its unblink)
    we rise

    I love this one, Nevine! Coming out of the darkness, capturing the essence of release... truly beautiful!

    Hugs, hugs and more hugs!!!

  11. I had to read your poem three times, purely out of enjoyments. The first time what caught my attention was the alliteration, then it was the alternation between birth and begging, then the message: to escape (at least, that's what I think). To break free. No matter how confined you might be, you usually rise. Beautiful.

    This is part of your comment on my latest post and again, it merits its own response:

    'But Anais Nin was also a lover of people, and this in every single sense of the word. She loved people sexually, she loved them for their physical beauty, for their personalities, for their ugliness, for their social ineptness, for their weaknesses, their strengths, their absurdities, their kindnesses, their filthiness...'

    And that's what attracted me to her writing when I was in uni. I remember when I first read her diaries, it was on the back of watching 'Henry and June' and a friend of mine who had seen both film and now was taking peeks at my book, said to me: 'But nothing happens here!' (referring to her diaries). And I was startled by his comment because to me Anais's diaries are a commotion in themselves. A small volcano waiting to erupt at any moment. Many thanks for your feedback.

    Greetings from London.

  12. Nevine, love an istant, your instant!!
    How I love your incredible creative skills!!!!
    The painting up there fits perfectly!
    Much love and hugs

  13. How lovely. The rhythm is hynotic. Your writing is proof that poetry should be spoken out loud. Do you go to open mic nights? You should go and read out your work. I bet the crowd would love you.


  14. A brilliant symmetry here of inversion. The twisting fear of intimacy on one side, and the sun that shines when the walls crumble on the other. Strange how we always have mortar and bricks ready at hand. Always ready to build.

  15. Roxy - I kind of figured you'd like this. Hugs back at you!

    Cuban - I think it's one of our inner urgings in life to rise. Sometimes, though, we're so distracted by the debris around us, we're not focusing on our ascent, but rather, on being stuck. Interesting creatures we are!

    Betty - Thank you; I do appreciate that.

    Jai - I've never considered open mic, actually. For the moment, I'm just trying to get used to the newness of seeing my writing on a different platform than my notebook, if you know what I mean. But thanks for the encouraging nudge - I'll keep the thought at the side of my head. :-)

    Jason - Yes, and though it's more difficult to build than to destroy, we always seem to want to cloister ourselves within our self-created walls.

  16. We rise from the ashes of isolation, a reversal of misfortune. Amazing how life comes full circle in its rippling sequence. If there lives in the heart a moment of desired resurrection, an angst to break free, then one finds a way out of darkness. Darkness, isolation, despair, faith, hope are as corporal as we are.

  17. Wow, this is just incredible. I was not blogging for a couple days and look what I have missed. This is just excellent!

    And, we are in sync as we have both written partly about veils being exposed.

    lovely writing, Nevine~
    ps~ had to rewrite as for some reason I think I am finished and click out before that darn verification comes up and into the ether my comments go...but I returned to complete!

  18. Nevine, there's a present waiting for you on my blog!!!

  19. elegant and poetic.
    we pass through this life in 2 flutters of the eyelid, time does not wait for us and neither does history.

    well said and written.

  20. Sharla - You put it all together so nicely. :-)

    Calli - Thank you, and I'm sure you needed the couple of days' break. I think I'm coming up on that need, very soon...

    Betty - How sweet is that? That's the second from you, and I really do appreciate it. Thank you.

    Raskolniikov - "... time does not wait for us..." How very true that is!

  21. If I follow this
    After reading it more than once
    Here in the depth of the night
    If I follow this dance
    With whatever logic
    I can muster
    In the haze of fatigue
    At the end of the day
    If I understood then
    (And I may not have)
    It is the darkness of night
    Through secrecy, deceit,
    Separation and isolation
    It is the darkness
    That transforms us
    Into beggars
    Beggars in our prisons
    With locked doors
    Barred windows
    Beggars in the night
    Our endless nights

    And should by some miracle
    But miracles happen
    If we believe they can
    Should by a miracle
    The hearts speak
    The doors open
    The bars fall from windows
    Then in that moment
    One may rise
    Returning to the light
    Returning to light

    But what of the beggars
    And I fear they are many
    What of the beggars
    Who see no miraculous star
    Who hide in cellars and caves
    Who seek dark tunnels
    Locked rooms
    Stone walls
    What of the beggars
    Who drink their isolation
    Like a poisoned draft
    Every night without respite
    What of the beggars
    Who wallow in secrecy
    Who thrive on deceit
    What of the beggars
    Deeply in love
    With their dark desperation ?

    It beggars the imagination

    Is there hope
    That the transformative
    Opening of hearts
    Breaking of seals
    Discarding of veils
    Soaring with angels
    Is there any hope
    That the beggars
    The hordes of beggars
    In dark cellars
    Communing like rats
    In the sewer
    Is there then hope
    They may yet
    Cast off their rags

    And rise ?


    I sincerely hope so, although I don't have to spend much time reading the "news" to return to my status as doubting Thomas... But while one may doubt, ones options are still open, for hope... It is when one has cast off the option of doubt, and plunged into certitudes, that one is really beggared.

    Nevine, if you are a catalyst, then am I a catalytic converter ? (he says laughing, not knowing if that nonsensical non-sequitur has any sense at all... forgive me, it's late) Your words are pure provocation, as in, thought provoking, in the best sense.

    PS I almost forgot to answer the earlier question raised in a roundabout way... my eyes are green... with gold flecks... (really) But my knuckles have no scars from pounding walls in late night fits of jealousy driven rage. Your earlier piece there is really something. Jealously is a poison, a poisonous drug that many are addicted to. And I'm not aware of any "Jealousy Anonymous" groups...

  22. It sounds like it has a song quality to it like you could change the words just a very small amount and turn this into a rock song... I can amost put the music to it as well.

    Kindest regards,
    Tom Bailey

  23. Nevine.Came by to say THANKS for your great comments.I really appreciate this coming from a great poet and friend like you.
    much love and
    massive hugs

  24. Owen - Oh, Owen... what do I say to this beautiful and heartbreaking piece of wisdom you have written? Can I say I'm sorry I've triggered such thoughts? Or should I be flattered? Or should I just say we are humans and were born to think and fight and live and love and try to free ourselves from our often self-imposed bonds, often not so self-imposed? There are no certitudes that I know of, Owen. Every day in life is a day lived as it comes; we take it and do what we can, you know. Well, you do know. And, what of the beggars and outcasts? Can they rise? They always face the heaviest of challenges, but I'll be optimistic and say that they can. And your eyes of green with gold flecks, Owen... I might have guessed. I'm glad your knuckles are clean of the scars of jealousy. Yes, it is a poison, although a poison that in small doses might be a good vehicle to keep the love burning. But, when one is sick to his bones, like my character with his green eyes with flecks of gold, well, that's a different matter. And speaking of "Jealousy Anonymous" I say that's a capital idea to create such a group. I mean, there are anger management classes, but they focus on anger as a fully boxed element, and not on what triggers the anger so much. Jealousy is often a trigger. Owen, why do you make me think so early in the morning? Je t'envoie des gros bisous! :-)

    Tom - Would you put the music to it, Tom? I hadn't thought of this as a rock song. What ideas I get, here. This is why I love doing this. Fantastic idea, really!

    Betty - No no no, Betty. I reserve the last thanks as the thanks from me to you. You are kind and special and creative and sweet and artistic and so much fun! And I'm glad to have "met" you! :-) Hugs back at you!

  25. Nevine , i knew so well this feeling . and the rising ... i am knowing now .
    you were so direct and precise , like a bulet .
    i don't know why i missed this post again . if you didn't comment on my blog , i would never know . i think your posts aren't apearing on my dashboard . but i am going to be aware .
    all my good feeling for you Nevine . have a great weekend , be happy and keep cute .

  26. Caio - Oh, relax. Don't worry about it, Caio. I'm happy you enjoyed!

  27. So beautiful I can hardly stand it. 'In an instant, We are light.'I just love it. Thank you for sharing your words with me.
    Warmest Regards,

  28. I always need some quiet time to read and enjoy your posts. So when ever I see that you have something new I try to find the perfect time..Thanks..

  29. Simone - Welcome and thank you for your lovely comment.

    Turquoise - What a very very nice thing to say! I'm happy you enjoy reading my writing in "the perfect time". :-)

  30. well, dearest kindredspirit! and what could i possibly say that has not already been said several times over - except that i find your words as always more than mesmerizing - they are all-knowing all-feeling all-seeing! and we are all grateful for your generosity of spirit!

    as an aside, the past week or so has found me distracted and sidetracked with the ups and downs of familial and other issues which have taken me from my usual time and energies on my own blogs and those of dear friends such as you - also i'm working on a couple of large art pieces with imminent deadlines - so please forgive my seemingly "irreverent" attention here and know that my lack of postings and comments in no way reflects my anything except that which it is - peripheral things to which i must attend for a couple of weeks - but i'll be back and forth as i can so please check over at my place at your leisure, as i, of course, will yours! with much affection - jenean

  31. Jenean - Thank you so much for your very kind comments. And as it concerns checking in, please don't feel any pressure. This is such a busy time of year, and I know that I also feel in a bind at times. Just know that I understand completely if you can't visit as often as you'd like, and I wish you the best of luck with everything you're doing. Believe me, I'm in much need of a break myself, and I'm seriously considering taking a few days to just unwind. But sometimes, writing is the way I do that best. We'll see... Thank you for stopping in, Jenean!

  32. Hi Nevine, yes, darkness, secrets have a
    tendency to unfold. like the mind, which
    I feel unpeels like an onion.

    Nevine, please stop by and read a dialogue
    with the poet Michele Battiste and leave
    a comment, thank you.

  33. There is a dark side that i am familiar with. This which you wrote is simply outstanding.


  34. Sorry for commenting relatively late. Life in the way.

    I enjoyed this. I find that there are times when I wake up and wonder if the previous nights actually happened. It seems like a different life to the one I've woken up to. There are things that I wouldn't say or do at any other time. Night seems to bring a different quality to life and your poem captures that perfectly.

  35. Cynthia - Thank you for your comment, and I will definitely be by later today to read the interview and leave my thoughts.

    Silver - Welcome! I don't believe you've visited me here before. I think we can all relate to moments of darkness in our lives; we've all experienced them. But then, most of us have risen from them, as well. Thank you for stopping in, Silver.

    Mme. DeFarge - Life is in my way, as well, these days. I'm trying to catch my own tail. Night time, for me, has always been a time of renewal. I'm a sleeper, but only after I have burned a lot of the night oil just working through things. And yes, I know the feeling of waking up and feeling like everything is different. Sometimes that feeling is awkward, but most times it is rejuvenating. No pressure on the visits, Mme. DeFarge; just drop in when you feel you have the time.

  36. i came back and lingered for the longest time. I read some of your much older posts which aren't poetry- and am totally mesmerized with the flow of your leading.. don't get me wrong. i love poetry.. just better when it comes to non-poetry kind. (coy smile!) Excellent!


  37. Silver, you're welcome to linger whenever you so please. Your visits are a pleasure!

  38. nimble nevine fingers still cast their mesmerizing spells, so well...

  39. Why, thank you, laughingwolf! ;-)

  40. love this. to paraphrase leonard cohen, it's the cracks that let the light in. i want to stick this poem in my back pocket - to remember to reach.

  41. Joaquin, I'm floored by your comment - really. Coming from you, that means a lot. And you may stick my poem in your back pocket if you so desire... :-)


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