Sunday, January 10, 2010


i beseech you
in the darkest hour
in the deadest silence
if the snow should whisper to you
if you should hear my soundless cry
if i should not return
feel my absence
think of me


  1. 'feel my absence'

    i sometimes wonder if my absence is felt.

    you have captured this thought with fragile strength.

  2. i love IF now ... i was starting to develop a perjudice against this word ...
    now i see this alive again .
    thanks Nevine !

  3. It is amazing how in such a short verse you have captured such longing...

    I am truly in awe of you my friend;)

  4. It's like an ominous message that you are disappearing. Please don't disappear!


  5. eloquently succinctly beautiful, nevine! as always, your words are sublime! and the image perfect!

  6. I can read this up down,or down up... it is as good one way or the other to me ... that's what I call Sweet and intelligent Poetry, my darling...

    I don't want to feel your absence any more... You already had your holiday- stay where you are and keep writing- ok?

    Ps. and ignore the *disgusting* comments, (or do not-)everything is welcome, yes, and it's a free world and lucky us.

  7. I suspect it's your presence that's always felt, Nevine, even when you're absent.

    Steph x

  8. Just to have one's spirit felt is such a basic need in all of us.

    As usual, a thoughtful and heartfelt poem Nevine. Thank you.

  9. I've come to thank you for your kind encouragement. I was down and broken when you thought of me and I shall never forget it.
    ...And fret not for I would 'feel your absence'
    It is a lovely poem and I thank you for sharing it with me.
    A lovely week to you my dear.

  10. The snow will whisper to you and i shall never forget you....

  11. A petition? Angst verse of a questioning and equally longing heart. I feel the subtle chill and desolation softly spoken like petals drifting across a wintry landscape of desire. Yes I agree with the previous comment. This can be read top to bottom and vice versa and still sound just as poetic. A great observation.

  12. "If I should not return..."

    But you shall return, and we will think of you, absent or present... always... once tasted, one cannot forget certain flavors...

  13. i once heard the essence of hell described as being forgotten by God...

    this is beautifully written, Nevine

  14. Claire – I think we all sometimes wonder that. How needy we are! Thank you, Claire, for joining me.

    Caio – “If” is such a word! How can you be prejudiced against it? It allows us so many possibilities. I’m so happy that it lives for you once more!

    Steven – I tried something short, and I guess it worked. Thank you for the very encouraging comment, Steven.

    Secretia – I’m not disappearing anywhere any time soon, you wonderful one!

    Jenean – Thank you, you mistress of perfect images, for your always perfect words.

    Dulce – That’s why I love to hear from you… you see things I don’t see. Up down or down up… I never would’ve thought. And no more holidays, for the time being; I’m staying right here. And, thank you for your sweet support with that whole other “disgusting” business. What would I do without you, Sweetest? :-)

    Steph – What a wonderful thing to say. That’s very heartwarming.

    Martin – As always, you do understand just what it is I mean to say. Thank you.

    Simone – You can always count on me when you’re down and broken. And I know I can count on you to always be so kind. :-)

    Reaper – I’m smiling at you, wherever you are… :-)

    Erin – If we are not urgent with our deepest desires…

    Sharla – You felt the “desolation softly spoken”? Thank you, Sharla. I felt it softly in my heart…

    Owen – Why are you so sweet, always? And yes, I shall return. My thoughts just ran away with me…

    Kim – How deep and painful a hell it is to be forgotten by any. Thank you so much, Kim.

  15. oh sublimely sad.
    my problem is the opposite... my absence is felt too painfully by the one who desperately loves me. The absence a person creates can leave a space filled to the brim with emptiness.

  16. what a call... one i certainly could never ignore.

  17. In the darkest, deadest, whispered soundlessness, I'd wonder where are you? And my thoughts are of my emptiness...and of you.

    As you can see...I LOVE your words here Nevine.

  18. 'think of me'. If there's an aspect of human nature that we will always hold on to, is the act of being remembered. Have you ever come across an ex- with whom you had a good relationship, and looked in (in my case) her eyes? You still want to see that spark of acknowledgement there. The 'I rocked your life' look, the 'you turned my life upside down' attitude. No matter if you're both with other partners now, you want that other person to 'think of you' if only in a platonic, fleeting, superficial way.

    Brilliant poem, as usual. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  19. Beautiful! Short or long, your words wrap my heart and fly into your intentions with them.

  20. Nevine- ya know-why is that so important to us? I agree it is. To think one I loved may not even wonder of me is crushing. Pride? I don't know. But it hurts. Lovely piece of hand, here. ~rick

  21. I think the finest trait a writer can brag, is the leftbehind yearning which oozes out of the words. And while reading this piece, I was awed to wish for eternity of words well on their way of extinction. In a nutshell, *thumbs up* =)

  22. Something for which we all yearn, to be noticed when we're not there. This sums it up perfectly, the sense of longing and the suspicion that we are rarely missed as much as we want to be.

  23. Khulud - Absence is just a very lonely place to be, no matter what side of the fence you're on, I suppose, and no matter which way you look at it.

    Shadow - I think we all make that call, sometimes? And I could never ignore it coming from somebody, either.

    Steve - Your emptiness? You're so sweet... Don't I always tell you that? You're just so sweet. Thank you, Steveroni!

    Cuban - I hear where you're coming from. I think that one of the deepest human needs is for us to have someone to worry about us if we should not come at home when expected... you know what I mean. I think it's elemental to human nature to feel needed and loved, and like you said, even if it's only superficially.

    Cat - Your comments are always beautiful, too. They always make me smile... :-)

    Rick - Well, welcome back. And it's about time you showed yourself again. I was like, "What the hell? Where did he go?" And I'm not sure this feeling is about pride, either. I think it's just more about need. So happy to see you back, Rick!

    Fareed - Thank you much.

    Mme. DeFarge - It is such an aching suspicion to have, isn't it? To wonder if we are being missed? I do agree.

  24. It reminds me that love is comprised of two very different things. Two things that aren't often dissected, separated, or understood. Two things that don't have to be present in equal measures.

    The first is desire/appreciation for a person for who they are, regardless of whether they give you the time of day or even acknowledge that you exist. The seoond is the witchery, affirmation, and dark adrenalin you get when another person loves you. This poem is rich in the second.

  25. Tender and meloncholic.

    Lovely lines of longing dear Nevine.

    Joy always,

  26. You are exquisite at breaking hearts, Nevine!

  27. Jason - We do feel right in ourselves, and charged, when another loves us, don't we? How well you put that!

    Susan - Thank you for the "tender and melancholic". I felt it like a whisper inside myself.

    Rick - Oh, I did not mean to break hearts, here, Rick. But, oh well... I'll take some credit, just this once! :-)

  28. This poem made me catch my breath. It also made me think of lots of other poems or pieces of art that express this wish, to be remembered. Like that song 'Remember Me' from the film 'Troy'. The film was terrible but the song was gorgeous.


  29. Very powerful. Feeling is such a powerful thing!

  30. I was ready to say the same words with Steven.
    I'm adding something more. It felt to me like i was crying out my need to be loved and not to be forgotten.
    love you Nevine, you 're just a great poet!and i'm proud to be your on-line friend!

  31. Jai - There must be countless poems and other works of art that express our need to be remembered. It's such a basic need...

    Mark - Thank you for the "powerful". :-)

    Betty - I don't think any of us ever want to be forgotten, do we? Love you back, Betty. Hugs.

  32. Beautiful Nevine,
    Your poem is musical, like lyrics to a sad song. Lovely to see you again.

  33. I heard the Phantom of the Opera song when I read this, Nevine. Think of Me.

    There is immense vulnerability in admitting the need. A beautiful soreness in such fragility. I can't decide whether it's strength or weakness that makes us reach. What other legacy do we really have in life but to touch others, and be remembered? We are all supplicants in the darkest hours.

    That photo, coupled with your spectacular poem from two posts ago, made me think of The Purple Rose of Cairo. :)

  34. I love the picture. And the writing... well that blew my mind. You should visit my screaming whispers blog when you get a change. I have an award for you. I love your blog.

  35. hahah!! the if is most part of the time as an excuse to do nothing or complain about life ...:
    if i had done that in the past ....
    if she liked me ....
    if i had more money ....
    if i lived in another place ....

    is a cowards word ...
    no , let me correct this .
    is a word that opens us to many possibilitys , but is used by cowards as excuse for the personal falure ....
    but you saved this word to me !!

  36. goodness gracious...almost feels like I have wandered into wonderland, what with the delirious art and architecture around...not to mention your writing...this is downright awesome! :)

    wishes for CoN and thanks for the comment!!

    Scribblers Inc.

  37. Absolutely beautiful writing! I followed you from Eva's blog and I will definitely be back to check out more of your postings!

    Thanks for sharing!

  38. Jo - What a sweet comment. You've just made me smile.

    Sarah - The Phantom... ahhhhh... I remember going to watch this in London in the late 80's... when I was a teenager... and being just mesmerized. I remember... And the Purple Rose of Cairo? What a movie! I'm happy you enjoyed both of those pieces of poetry, Sarah. And I do think it's a mixture of both strength and weakness that makes us the vulnerable people we are... :-)

    Eva - I'm just honored by this, Eva. And I don't know how to thank you. That's too sweet for words, and very much appreciated. Thank you, is all I can say.

    Caio - You're so honest, but that's what makes you Caio. Stay who you are, and I'm so happy to have saved "if" for you! ;-)

    Scribblers - It's my pleasure to comment on any good writing. I wish you the best with the Clarity of Night contest!

    Kristi - Welcome! And thank you for the lovely comment. I'll be looking forward to your visits, and I'll be stopping in to visit you soon.

  39. Nice poetry!!, i love the vilot rose!!!
    Osk from Argentina

  40. Hey, Osk! Where've you been? Thanks for stopping in, and for the sweet comment, too! :-)

    A KISS!!!

  42. Enjoy your time with Nick, then! Good things, always!!! ;-)

  43. Some day, your come here!!!


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