Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Waiting for Summer's Flight

Summer's End by Marion Rose

I have sat here before
and watched the summer days
falter before my eyes
and have seen their short-spanned lives
suck the last sweet breath
from between the lips of the sky
as globes of sunlight
peach-orange and golden-yellow
crept upon rolling waves
one by one

And one by one
I took my breaths
swept life off her feet
and into my quickening lungs
and listened as my pulse rushed
silver inside my veins
while the cobalt-blue waters
watched me clasp my craving arms
around my singing bones
and tremble in summer-love’s orgasm


If I waited long enough
I would hear the copper wail of fall
coming from afar
stumbling upon its own feet
charging across the drought
of this glaring ground
tossing red and gold gifts
to whomever wished to receive
twining its throbbing legs
with the awaiting earth

Thrusting its fluttering arms
into all things far and wide
and today I sit
still and statuesque
tranquil and beautiful
open and serene
waiting for summer’s flight
to stretch itself
about my quivering silhouette
and touch me

one last time.


  1. Well done dear,

    I like it even though I'm not a big fan of the summer months. Autumn is my favorite season with Spring coming in a close second.

    Kindest regards,

  2. you capture the moment to perfection my dear friend.

    many hugs

  3. Sensuous. Very sensuous. Gives me goosebumps.

  4. As I watch the autumn sun take its final dive for the day, I too wish for the same. Once!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. La fin de l'été t'a inspiré un bien joli poème! J'ai adoré! Bien que je préfère la fin de l'hiver;o)

    Big BIZZZOUZZZZ et belle journée, ma belle****

  6. Loss is a relentless predator.

    One that always wins in the end.

  7. Your blog brings such peace into my mind. This piece is as beautiful as the rest.

  8. OBOY, Nevine, I used to feel like this, dream these things, do these things, waiting for summer's touch one last time. Now it is summer most of the year--here. And I LOVE it!

    This lines grabbed me: "...the...waters watched me clasp my craving arms around my singing bones and tremble in summer-love's orgasm" OOooooh!!! Nature's pleasure so well-documented. Thank you, Nevine, still the Que...well, YOU know!

  9. Ah, what joy for those who can actually watch seasons fading and giving way to another. In spite of not being able to experience the change, I am joyed to read your joy. Being born in the fall, I take a special fondness for this time of the year. Winter is not far behind.

    Joy as the fall begins, dearest Nevine.

    Hugs and peace,

  10. Coucou ma belle!
    Je suis venue te lire dans TNL au son de la musique de Vivaldi!
    Il y a des souvenirs qui resteront toujours des mystères! J'en ai un, je ne sais toujours pas si je l'ai vécu pour de vrai ou tout simplement rêvé!

    Big BIZZZOUZZZZ et une excellente fin de semaine****

  11. "... the copper wail of fall ..."

    Simply brilliant.

  12. Mike - Thank you. I find myself picking favorites as the seasons come and go. It seems every season is my favorite, with its arrival. I just think change is such a wonderful thing, and it's quite a joy to immerse oneself in it and appreciate it.

    David - :-)

  13. Lou - You always recognize the sensuous in my writing, so thank you Lou!

    Blasphemous Aesthete - And once is enough, isn't it, lest we suffer from too much beauty! Thank you for stopping in.

  14. Mildred - Moi, je ne sais plus ce que je préfère. Je crois que j'adore tous les saisons de l'année, chacune pour elle-même. Je suis avide! He he he... Gros bisous, ma belle!!! SMACKS!

    Martin - Thank you. I think it's the season that's sensuous...

  15. Jason - Indeed!

    Eva - Oh, peace! Don't we all need it sometimes? After turmoil, there is always the need for peace. Thank you for the thoughtful words, Eva.

  16. Steve - So lovely to see you here. And your thoughts are always so heart-warming. Nature is the beautiful thing, and my words can barely scratch its surface. But... I try. I'm so happy to know this brought back fond memories. Thank you for the very kind words...

    Susan - Yes, it seems we have a special fondness for that time of year in which we were born. And, when was the last time any of us were able to experience all of life in all of its beauty? Sometimes... many times... the experience is a vicarious one. I'm so glad you lived this experience with me, dear Susan. Hugs back to you.

  17. Cremilde - Oui, je connais les souvenirs qui sont peut-être des rêves, peut-être des réalités. J'en ai beaucoup aussi!!! He he he... Merci bien pour tes visites et pour ta gentillesse, ma belle Cremilde. Je t'apprécie!!! Bises!!!

    Judy - Thank you, Judy. I appreciate that.

  18. I missed your poetry so much, my ambrosia. It is breathtaking to experience swimming in the essence of life fascination through your feminine sensuality. Enormous pleasure to read and be transported into your body sensing the contours of such exciting beauty in your existence. You poses a most rare gift

  19. Coucou Nevine!
    Effectivement nous nous sommes croisées sur l'autoroute du virtuel avant hier! He he he! Et peut-être qu'un jour nous nous sommes croisées sur une route réelle sans le savoir;o)
    Et on finira, si notre destin le veut bien, par nous rencontrer un jour;o) Qui sait?
    En attendant, c'est toujours avec autant de plaisir que je viens te lire et profiter de tes sourires;o)

    BIG BIZZZOUZZZZ et merveilleux dimanche, ma belle****

  20. Lolita - So wonderful to be graced by a visit from lovely you! Thank you for your warm, delicious words. You are the true sensualist, and I am honored to be considered such by you. Hugs, my dear!

    Mildred - He he he... oui, on finira bien par nous rencontrer... un de ces jours. ;-) Merci, ma belle amie. Je t'adore... et je te souhaite une bonne semaine. Bisous bisous!!!

  21. Ah, faltering summer days... how we feel them, how they ache.

    I long for longer summer, am not ready to head back into winter's long dark days here already. We are past the equinox, the days get shorter fast now into December's darkest hours. Soon the sun will pale, the wind will chill, and night will fall at the end of the afternoon. How I long for a tropical island. Your words have sent me there...

  22. so beautiful and sensuous!
    i love the sentiments expressed metaphorically in this poem.
    loved this one a lot; the more you read it the more it grows on you!

    gorgeous write!!:)

    hugs and hugs
    betty xx

  23. Owen - Yes, the days do get shorter. But oh, every season has its beauty, and what joy to experience that beauty... even when it challenges us. For some reason, I feel a certain romanticism in the air as the winter chill begins to color it. But, that is probably just the dreamer in me...

    Betty - Thank you, my dear. So lovely to see you back in Blogland. And you can read as many times as you wish. ;-) Big hugs to you.

  24. Beautiful Nevine I always get the blues at the end of summer - til I adjust to the glory of those deep dark nights and the mysteries contained therein. Love this poem - grazia.

  25. Stranger in a Strange Land: ditto here! :-) Autumn and spring rock!

    Nevine, I loved the poem, but what I loved above all was the sense of abandonment. I can never wait for autumn to arrive. In fact, as I write I'm in the middle of penning a column about one of my two favourite seasons.

    Greetings from London.

  26. Steppenwolf - Thank you so much for the very kind words, and how wonderful to see you here. It's always a pleasure to share your thoughts. Thanks for swinging by, Steppenwolf.

    Cuban - Abandonment. Yes, I do love that, too.

  27. Coucou ma belle!
    Je suis venue te lire dans TNL!
    Comme j'aimerais moi aussi pouvoir écrire dans mon journal que ce que je fais est "mon métier de rêve"! Je le croyais pourtant avant de commencer. Hélas, je me suis vite rendu compte que c'est un métier bien difficile parce que les temps ont bien changé et que l'enseignant a perdu l'aura qu'il avait. Les pressions viennent de toutes parts. Et puis toujours des doutes quand à la façon de procéder et beaucoup de difficultés à appliquer des directives que l'on trouve parfois complétement idiotes!!!

    J'ai beaucoup aimé ta petite promenade dans les bois. Un pur moment de plaisir que j'aimerai revivre aussi;o) Bientôt peut-être!?

    BIG bizzzzzouzzzz et BELLE journée, mon amie***

  28. Cremilde - Je suis d'accord avec tu ce que tu as dit! C'est bien pour ça que je me suis finalement dite, "J'en ai marre!" J'étais persuadée qu'il y avait autre chose pour moi. Donc... bien. Mais je te souhaite toute la patience qu'il faut pour vivre avec les réalités de çe métier. Bon courage... et merci bien pour ta gentillesse. Big big bisous, Cremilde!!! :-)

  29. This poem is so beautiful and a joy to read, Nevine! Thank you for sharing :)

  30. Coucou Nevine!
    Je viens de te lire dans TNL. J'ai beaucoup aimé et je me suis demandé si c'est ce qu'on appelle un "haiku"!
    En tout cas, moi j'aurais plutôt envie de dire: "I live life, inside the clarity, of rickety geometry!"
    He he he! Mais est-ce vraiment différent?

    Gros bisous, ma belle* Et une fin de semaine merveilleuse et reposante***

    ps: Donne le bonjour à qui tu sais;o)

  31. Urban butterfly - Thank you!

    Cremilde - Ah, non! C'est pas un haiku. En faite, j'aime lire les haikus mais je n'aime pas du tout les écrire! He he he... Ce que tu as écrit... oui, c'est vrai que c'est pas différent! ;-) Merci merci et gros bisous, ma belle... et... je lui donnerai ton bonjour!!! :-)


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