Saturday, May 15, 2010


 "Red Couple" by unknown artist

in your absence
in my imagination
i dream of you
i beckon you

you come to me
you enter me
you invade me
you pervade me

and as i lie in the stillness
i feel you inside me
and hear your whispers of
love in my heart


  1. This is a beautiful piece as all of yours are....the second verse, it really speaks....I am once again in awe my friend

  2. Simple and evocative.

    Stillness after making love is something that is absolutely heavenly.

    Hope the weekend is swimming dear Nevine.

    Joy always,

  3. Oh My God!
    That was breathtaking!

  4. I loved the passionate sensuality of this piece, each word is ablaze with the most fiery of synergy. The images conjured are magnificent. Wonderful, wonderful poem, Nevine, as always.

  5. That was so simplistic and so powerful. Being consumed by someone in that way is an amazing thing. Even with them gone they are there. Beautiful.

  6. I loved the poem! And the picture matches so well!

    Gros bisous et bon dimanche,
    ma belle et tendre poétesse*******

  7. What a BEAUTIFUL descriptive--pervade me...OH!

    I figure you're either writing about the Holy Spirit here, or if not...well, I ain't gonna touch (Oooops, bad word here--grin!) this, except to write that ummmmmm, well--HOLY MOLY, BATMAN!

  8. ooooooooo... direct me to that cold shower

    simply superb!

  9. Proof that two can become one, instinctively meshing between layers of consciousness.

  10. Your poetry always filled with emotions Nevine.
    Have a great day.

  11. Simple yet very powerful! I loved the raw emotion in it.

  12. It was easy to imagine a diaphanous form floating through the air and entering, invading, pervading. This is worth reading repeatedly to catch the sensual nuance.

  13. Great emotions, Nevine! The power of the mind/imagination or love could effortlessly take us anywhere. Then "your absence" turns into presence.
    Excellent choice of words!
    So meaningful poem; Love it!

    B xx

  14. Steven – Thank you for sharing your preferred verse. I appreciate that a lot!

    Susan – Yes, it was simplicity I was after, this time. Sometimes it’s the perfect antidote, isn’t it? And the weekend is lovely, so far. I’m just going to allow today to stretch out as long as it wishes… :-)

    Nancy – And your comment made me catch my breath, too. Thank you!

    Sam – You used the word “synergy.” I like that. You always say something meaningful and in the most eloquent of ways. It is much appreciated, Sam, as are you!

    Eva – It’s true that when two are so connected, even when they are away from one another, the absence is but an illusion. I’m happy you liked it, Eva.

  15. Crémilde – My dear, you’re ever sweet and kind. And my dimanche is filled with smiles, now. And I know of another tendre poétesse who lives on the other side of the world… who dazzles with her photos and her words. You know who you are, my dear friend. ;-)

    Steve – If you wish this piece to be about the Holy Spirit, please, take it and fly. And enjoy your most sacred company. :-)

    LW – Cold shower right around the corner… Always one handy. Thank you, LW! You rock!!!

    Martin – You read the inside of what I’m trying to say. That is why I so appreciate your readership. “… instinctively meshing between layers of consciousness.” I don’t think I could’ve described my own writing in those words. Thank you, Martin.

  16. Costas – Human emotion drives the world, I think. I try to capture some of it here. A beautiful day to you too, Costas!

    Nes – Thank you for those very sweet words. I truly do appreciate them. And raw emotion is true emotion, I think. And I think you might think so, as well.

    Felicitas – That word – like a capsule. Thank you!

    Judy – I was trying to create that feeling that we sometimes get when we are not with someone but we feel their spirit pour over us. I don’t have those moments often, but when I do, they are quite the experience.

    Betty – I like how you said “your absence turns into presence.” That’s absolutely right! That is exactly how it happens, isn’t it?

  17. Such things - such feelings - get lost in the shuffle of the everyday - the helter skelter of living in the rush that is forced on us as we try to keep up. It is good - it is SO good - to quietly contemplate those feelings - again.

  18. Elegantly simple, but lovely hidden depths too.

  19. That pictue to start with is awesome and so suitable they go with your subtle and at the same time clear words. Short is not synonym of simple here. sensual, loving words to say hummmmm and sigh



  20. A gorgeous piece of prose! I love the beat and simplicity. The photo is also perfect too!

  21. Lou - You really have a point, there. We get so carried away by everyday life, we sometimes forget the most precious of moments. But still, when we're sitting there in the silence, with ourselves, they fall on us like gentle rain.

    Mme. DeFarge - Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed its different facets.

    Dulce - Isn't that the most amazing image? I wish I knew who the artist is... I would so have liked to credit him or her. But I agree that short is not always bad... though I sometimes struggle with saying what I need to in few words. I suppose I challenged myself a little with this one... And I'm so happy you liked it, Sweetest!

    Erin - Thank you much, and I do so love that elegant piece of artwork, too.

  22. Absence makes the heart grow fonder ?

    A lucky man to be thus dreamed of...

  23. i love this piece... short and crafted so lightly to carry a powerful message. of course, you already knew i was inclined to short poems. :)

  24. One of your shortest entries, and yet one of your more intense ones, Your husband must be a happy man, or should I say, satisfied man. :-)

    Brilliant. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  25. A wonderful sentiment to take into my week, which will be one away from my love; thank you, Nevine.

  26. this is the most dear desire of my heart - to have this experience.

  27. Owen - You got that right! Absence does make the heart grow fonder, though if it were up to me, I'd rather leave absence out of the picture completely. And thank you for sharing that song, Owen. I'm always delighted by these little "gifts!" As for luck, I consider myself the lucky one, truly.

    Kim - Yes, I knew that you and others do like the shorter poetry. And I have to admit I'm a bit challenged by being brief and to the point... I'm quite the rambler. But this is a good way to challenge myself. So, every once in a while I'll post a shorter piece.

    Cuban - It is my wish that my husband be both happy and satisfied. And I do like the word "intense" because I was hoping for short and simple and intense all at once, and I wasn't quite sure if I was getting that effect. So thank you for letting me know, Cuban!

    ConTemplate - I wish you beautiful dreams while you are away from your love. And may your brief absence from one another's arms kindle a stronger fire for the both of you.

    Adriana - I hope you realize this dear desire. I truly truly hope you do. I can almost feel the intensity of your wish... and I wish it for you, too. Hugs to you, Adriana.

  28. ah, the bitter sweet sorrow and beauty of absence in its own way - however, i am with you, wanting never to experience the absence if possible - sigh -

    simply sensually spiritually beautiful, nevine - and the image, perfect!!!

    another beautiful gift from you! thank you!

  29. :D

    things cooling off here, rain on the way... again!

  30. Bard - Sounds like satisfaction to me!

    Jenean - And thank you so much for always being so kind. I loved the alliterative "simply sensually spiritually". That was quite poetic in and of itself.

    LW - It's so nice of you to stop in again... rain on the way, yes!

  31. So that's in to wishin! Hmmm why does she lie still? ~rick

  32. Why does she lie still? Because he's not there... so she's just dreaming him... :-)

  33. Nevine,
    What a beautiful calling....even the deafmost ears can feel their yearnings.
    All in bare whispers, such is the voice of love...all in bare whispers!

    have been missing you Nevine!

  34. So delicate and at the same time passionate words! It's really beautiful and breathtaking!

  35. COL – You, the eternal poet, describe it better than I ever could have. “Bare whispers” is such a perfect expression. And subtlety makes even the dullest metals shine. :-)

    Viktory – Welcome, and thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed this piece. I hope you will visit me often.


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